The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


205. 205

Bucky’s mind reeled with everything he had learned. It was a lot to take in all at once. He thought about the necromantic spells that had popped up several times in his mind. The knowledge of the death spell that had sprung into memory during the signing of the treaty. Bucky realised that things had been whispering in his ear already, knowing that he was a powerful conduit of magic. He silently resolved to never use the foul magic and to have a long talk with Lyra about her curiousity.

His mind drifted and he thought of Lyra’s repressed memories. He thought about the words she had said that day when they had hunted the undead. He shuddered, suddenly understanding what necromantic death cults were really doing. Releasing demons into the world.

He stared at the now empty chair where Luna had been sprawled out, and wished that she hadn’t needed to leave so soon. He had questions.

The door opened and he heard the sound of little hooves on the stone floor. Dinky and Piña came into his field of vision and hopped up on the bed with him. Behind them was Derpy, returning to her spot on the bed.

“Celestia made us stick our hooves in plaster,” Dinky announced.

“She has your hoof print in plaster,” Piña said to Bucky as she flopped over near Derpy.

“She has hoofy prints of ponies she knows are going to change the world,” Dinky said as she crawled over her mother and then settled on her mother’s back, resting her head upon her mother’s withers.

“This is gonna sound stupid, but having my hoof dunked in plaster actually made me feel a little better about everything that happened on the isles,” Piña said.

“That doesn’t sound stupid,” Derpy said as she pulled Piña closer and drew the foal into her forelegs. “You want something to show for what you had to go through.”

“Yeah. Maybe I do,” Piña said as Derpy stroked her tummy.

“Piña and I are going to keep Equestria safe… Celestia is going to hire us for some big important job later when I am older,” Dinky announced.

“Oh my,” Derpy said, her voice a little nervous.

“She promised me that I would never have to hurt a pony. Just keep them safe and save a few lives,” Dinky said reassuringly to her mother.

“And we get to work as a pair. I am happy about that. I get to be Dinky’s researcher,” Piña quipped, her tone excited. “Celestia is going to give me books about library science so I can learn how to be a better scholar and archivist. She wants me to be the best researcher I can to help Dinky.”

“I am proud of both of you,” Bucky said.

“So what did Luna want?” Derpy asked.

“I had myself a little magic lesson,” Bucky replied.

“Stay in school daddy,” Dinky said, reaching out and gently prodding her father on the neck. “You study hard or you will get such a scolding…”

“Yes Dinky, I understand,” Bucky answered with an amused grin.

“You better get good grades mister,” Piña warned.

“Speaking of good grades, are you girls going to be ready for school?” Bucky questioned.

“Um, maybe?” Dinky said hesitantly. “My feelings go back and forth. I dunno how I feel.”

“If I go back to school I am going to be forced to learn boring stuff that they think earth ponies need to know. I won’t be reading magic primers,” Piña said petulantly. “I’ll be taking stuff like “agriculture and why you belong in the dirt” and all the stuff that has no meaning for me.” The earth pony foal scowled and folded her forelegs over her barrel.

“You stay in school Piña. You make friends. It isn’t wasted time. I will make sure that you are taught what you need to know, but you need to trust me and stay in school. At least for now,” Bucky commanded.

“I will do as you ask, but I don’t have to like it,” Piña grumbled.

“No. The system is unfair and biased. But that old system is now torn down. A new system is going to be made. And you need to endure and be patient,” Bucky said in gentle tones.

“Yes father,” Piña said, accepting her fate.

“Berry Punch worked hard to educate herself. She endured through all of the useless drivel in primary and secondary school. She probably had to learn a lot of the boring things that earth ponies are required to know. She stuck it out and then went to university,” Bucky said soothingly. He watched as Piña’s scowl softened.  

“Berry Punch is a smart pony,” Derpy said to Piña.  “And so are you my little foal. But you are going to have to work for what it is that you want.”



Shining Star looked upon the ponies sitting on the couch with a mother’s eyes, trying to understand them all. She saw her son, who was sitting tall and proud, and three fillies that she now called her daughters. She realised that her son was now a stranger to her. Her son had left, and somepony else had come back in his stead. Her son had been soft spoken and a little shy, what the school counselor had called a cautious extrovert. Her son was gentle. Careful. Her son had been the sort who had never hurt a thing.

Her son was now a hardened killer and a living weapon. The long talk with Raven, Princess Celestia’s personal assistant, had been a real eye opener. Her son could destroy the entire town of Ponyville in the blink of an eye. Her son would forever have to watch his temper.

Yet for all of her fears, she had hope. Her son was a good husband, attentive and devoted. She had noticed when her son had helped Loch Skimmer up on the couch. She was still limping on a leg that had been broken and was now weak. The way her son reached out and tried to soothe Sparkler when she succumbed to terrible spasming she was now afflicted with. The soft and gentle way he touched Ripple, trying to be affectionate to her even though there was an insurmountable gap that existed between the two of them.

Her son had left home as a colt, and in his stead, a stallion she did not know had returned.



“You kissed me.”

Sentinel cringed, knowing this moment would come. Moonbow’s words almost sounded like an accusation. He waited, not knowing if he would be pounced or not. He braced himself in his chair and looked at Lyra pleadingly.

Lyra, who ignored him and went back to rocking Harper, who had finally stopped crying.

“That was very sweet of you,” Moonbow whispered, standing next to his chair.

“I don’t know what came over me. I was overcome with emotion,” Sentinel said as his ears ignited. His still healing ear burned painfully. He looked at Moonbow. The filly had reared up on her hind legs, braced her forelegs on the table, and now looked him in the eye.

“I like knowing that you are pleased with me,” Moonbow said.

Sentinel waited, now worried. Moonbow was being entirely too submissive all of a sudden. They had a well defined predator versus prey relationship. She was the predator, and Sentinel understood that he was the prey. He could feel her breathing on his neck. She had no concept of personal space. He could hear Bon Bon and Yew playing with Peekaboo, but he couldn’t afford to be distracted at the moment.

“I am not going to pounce you, I promise,” Moonbow whispered. “Well, not this moment. I will do so later. But there is something I want from you my noble squire.”

Uh oh Sentinel thought to himself.

“Will you please sit on the couch with me? Together? I just want some of your time,” Moonbow asked.

Sentinel took a deep breath and relaxed. He thought for certain that Moonbow was going to ask for something else. All she wanted was some time with him. He could do that. He took another deep breath and turned his head to face her. “I can spen-nnnnnfmph!”

Sentinel was caught quite off guard when Moonbow pressed her muzzle against his. She wrapped one foreleg around Sentinel’s neck and squeezed gently. Sentinel started to fall over off of his chair and Moonbow pulled him back, drawing him closer. It was a soft gentle kiss, nothing more than two pairs of lips pressed together, and it remained quite innocent. Finally, she pulled away.

“Come sit on the couch with me and read to me,” Moonbow requested as she pulled away.



“Son, you won’t need to worry about a place to live. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you have one less thing to worry about. Besides, your room at home is small. And your bed is meant for a single pony,” Galaxy Guide said to his son.

“Oh small beds are no problem! We like sleeping in a pile. Well, Sparkler and I do, Ripple still gets a little icked out when Rising Star rises to greet the morning,” Loch Skimmer said with a broad grin.

Sparkler tittered softly when she heard Rising Star’s embarrassed groan.

“I cause him to have uncontrollable boners. It is a pegasus thing I think,” Loch explained.

“Boners happen dear. Probably the best part of being married… waking up and knowing that you husband loves you and desires you… and having the proof poking you,” Shining Star said, now quite relaxed and talking openly, much to Rising Star and Galaxy Guide’s dismay.

Rising Star covered his face and wondered if it was embarrassment or magic that was causing his skin to burn feverishly. He didn’t know what to do with Loch Skimmer, but some kind of revenge was in order. More than anything, right now at this moment, he wanted to be back in Crush’s forge, carefully tapping away on metal in slow careful strikes.

“Boners are like the greatest thing ever,” Loch Skimmer chirped. “I used to be really scared of sex… Berry Punch helped set me straight and Rising Star has been such a good husband.”

“I worked very hard to raise my son well,” Shining Star said. “And I understand why you were so afraid. After speaking with you, it is easy to see why you were afraid. No filly should ever have to go through what you to two had to go though.”

“I was so scared and relieved when Bucky came to rescue us,” Ripple said.

“Don’t go into the details again,” Shining Star said soothingly. “It left you so troubled to tell us the first time.”

“Both of you are so kind to us… I don’t know what I expected,” Ripple said.

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure how you two would take it. I’ve been worried about this for a long time,” Rising Star admitted.

“I am just happy to have daughters! And one that is still just little enough that I can spoil her just a tiny bit,” Shining Star said.

“We’re going to have to go soon,” Galaxy Guide said. “As much as we want to stay, we have a job to do and there are a lot of hungry ponies to feed. We’re needed.”

“Dad… father… if there is one thing I understand, it is duty,” Rising Star said.

“I know son,” Galaxy Guide responded.

“When we get back to Ponyville, maybe we could help you,” Sparkler offered.



Bon Bon leaned over closer to Lyra and gave her mate a nudge. She made a careful gesture towards Sentinel and Moonbow, who were on the couch together. Sentinel was reading her a newspaper. After making her gesture, Bon Bon stroked Harper, who was sound asleep in Lyra’s embrace.

“Our little colt is growing up,” Bon Bon said.

“No…” Lyra moaned. “I am not ready for this stage of motherhood Bonnie.”

“Look at them, she’s stopped being such a brute for a while. They’re necking,” Bon Bon said.

“My little colt is not necking… he’s… Moonbow is just… they’re just… nuts…” Lyra stammered. “You know they can hear us, right?”

“Oh, of that, I am certain,” Bon Bon whispered.



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