The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


150. 150

The deck of The Scorned Mare was brightly lit by magical glass globes of light and sunstones were embedded everywhere, the different coloured gemstones looking like Hearth’s Warming Eve lights as they twinkled in the approaching dusk.

“I’m a little scared… not of what is about to happen, but of the wolves,” Thistle said as she stood on the wooden deck.

“Most of the wolves on this island died,” Bucky announced. “There’s a few left, but not many. Lyra shadow warded the cabin. They can’t shadow-wink inside. The worst they can do is come up here on the deck and scratch at the door, but the lights will burn them a bit. They will not be able to teleport away if they do come up here. Worst comes to worst, I kill them from inside the cabin if we have visitors.”

“It is good we are testing this,” Berry stated. “I mean, I trust your magic, but still, peace of mind,” she continued.

“So beautiful, I love the lights. Makes me think of winter… of Hearth’s Warming… I so want to give you a nice holiday,” Derpy said to Bucky.

“You know, I’ve done the measuring, the cabin space just for our family is larger than Derpy’s house, but not by much. That’s not counting the crew quarters. We could live here… if things in Equestria don’t pan out when we go home,” Berry said in a sad voice. “We could have a nice holiday here.”

“Going to be strange sleeping in a bed with no foals,” Derpy said.

“Going to be even weirder not having Lyra’s lyre. I hope that Bucky is right. We could have a long night if things get chilly or fearful,” Berry stated.

“I could teleport us inside, but it would be unpleasant,” Bucky said. “It would make all of you sick, but we’d be with the others. There are methods of escape.”

“I would be happy with this as my home,” Thistle said as she sat down, easing her rounded pregnant body down to the deck gingerly. “The beds are nice, it is cozy, there are all kinds of little nooks and places to curl up comfortably and read a book or watch the foals play. Bucky and Berry both put so much thought into making the cabin nice.”

“The stairs are barely one pony wide,” Derpy said.

“Well, he had to save space,” Berry replied with a chuckle.

“But Thistle has to squeeze her way down the stairs,” Derpy answered. “And she is going to get bigger. We’re all going to get bigger.”

“We’ll have to manage,” Berry stated.

“I haven’t watched a sunset in a while,” Derpy said. “I hope it is safe to stand out here just a little while longer,” she added wistfully.

Bucky shifted his weight, moving from one haunch to another. He was missing flesh from both and he could feel his bones pressing into the wood painfully. The sun would set soon. He could feel it. His vision was growing sharper. His sense of smell seemed to be stronger as well. He could smell all kinds of things on the breeze.

“Ever notice that Twilight Sparkle has five friends and the six of them are a group with shared destinies?” Berry Punch said in a berry serious tone of voice.

“I have,” Bucky replied.

“Well, there are five of us and you Bucky,” Berry said. “You and Lyra sort of knew each other in school. Derpy and I have known each other for so long. Lyra and Bon Bon came together by sheer chance. And then you, you bumped into Derpy. Somehow, we all ended up here, and now, there is Thistle. There is your whole screwed up destiny thing going on. But we’ve all come together and such wonderful and terrible things have happened. We share a tighter bond for all of our suffering and endurance.”

“Feels funny not having Bon Bon and Lyra here for this,” Derpy said.

“Well, somepony has to watch the foals, and little Harper needs to feed,” Berry replied.

“One day soon, we will all be in a position where we will have moments like this one all together, we won’t need a night watch or a day watch, and we can try to figure out how to be a somewhat normal family,” Bucky stated.

Berry Punch snorted, an equine sound of derision. “Who wants to be normal? We’re a herd, we’re already well outside of normal for most ponies. We’re a unified tribe, we have unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies, which is outside the realm of normal for most ponies.”

“And Thistle,” Derpy added.

“And one kelpie, with more on the way hopefully,” Berry said.

“I want me some kelpie foals,” Bucky announced. “And I am ready to screw Thistle senseless to get them.”

“Oooh!” gasped Thistle. She took a deep breath and squeaked.

“Thistle, you know that was meant as teasing, right?” Bucky inquired in a gentle voice.

“Yes, but I think I kinda want to be screwed senseless,” Thistle confessed in reply.

“Oh… I am glad to hear you say that,” Berry Punch whispered into Thistle’s ear. “You… I am going to make you my plaything,” she breathed seductively.

The kelpie’s breathing quickened and she heard Bucky chuckle. Her cheeks blazed with inner fire. She felt her heart beating, thudding away in her barrel. She also felt emboldened. “We’ll see about that Berry Punch… I’ll sweet talk Bucky into helping me and we’ll make you our plaything,” she threatened in a timid voice.

“Oh hey! She’s learning!” Berry crowed.

“From you,” Derpy grumbled. “She was so sweet,” she said regretfully.

“We could work together and make Bucky our plaything,” Berry suggested.

“I… I like that idea,” Thistle replied. She licked her lips fretfully. “We could screw him senseless,” she said nervously.

“If you sound nervous it isn’t scary,” Berry said helpfully. “We’ll work on it together,” she offered warmly to Thistle.

“I plan to love Thistle gently,” Derpy announced. “All this talk about screwing a pony senseless,” she muttered and then snorted.

“There are three of us now, I bet we could take the pegasus,” Berry said as she licked her teeth.

“Berry, don’t make me wrangle you in front of Thistle and spoil her night,” Derpy warned. “Saucy earth ponies need to know their place.”

“Aw nuts… and this is why you don’t mess with the alpha,” Berry grumbled.

“The sun has just hit the horizon,” Bucky announced, ignoring the playfully squabbling mares. “We should get indoors.” Bucky’s insistent suggestion silenced the playful banter and the four ponies all exchanged a glance with one another.



Bucky gently laid Thistle down in the bed and then backed away. He had carried her though the door in his magic, as he had once carried Berry and Derpy to the bed one night so long ago that it now felt like a lifetime.

Thistle looked at Bucky longingly as he backed away, giggling nervously, and she waved her hoof at him. “I hope you enjoy the show,” she whispered nervously.

“You know Thistle, I don’t have to watch if you are nervous. This is a very intimate act and it is okay to be shy,” Bucky gently replied.

“But I want you to watch… I’ve had daydreams about this for a while now,” Thistle said.

“So what is the plan?” Berry asked.

“We gently introduce her to our ways,” Derpy replied.

“But go easy on me… I… I don’t think I am ready for more than one pony at a time,” Thistle whispered timidly.

“It is only a good time if everypony is having fun,” Berry stated. “As much as I want a go at Thistle to make her squeal, I think I’ll stick to watching for tonight. It has been a long day for all of us, she’s pregnant, and we have the rest of our lives to spend shagging one another silly.”

Derpy eased herself into the bed beside Thistle and began to kiss the kelpie along her neck. Thistle responded by going limp and closing her eyes. Thistle giggled and her tail of living greenery flicked against the blanket.

Bucky backed himself into a small cushioned cubby in the wall and settled in. The room was dimly lit, and Bucky ignited the compressed peat bale sitting in the small cast iron stove that was in the rear of the room.

Berry shoved her way into the cubby with Bucky and squeezed herself in beside him. The cubby was intended for a single occupant, but the pair made it work. Berry ground her plot up against Bucky’s balls, flexed her cheeks to spread them, and then gave his scrotum a playful gentle pinch as she squeezed her cheeks together. She then farted, causing Bucky’s balls to vibrate pleasantly. “That’s my vibrating plot trick,” she whispered.

The pair watched as things begin to heat up between the pegasus and the kelpie. The couple lay belly to belly, with Derpy pulling Thistle closer to her body. She used a wing to stroke Thistle, dragging the tips of her feathers over Thistle’s ribs, which made Thistle giggle and squirm.

“Thistle, I am going to kiss you… all over… and down there,” Derpy whispered heatedly in Thistle’s ear. She slid a hind leg between Thistle’s hind legs and rubbed, feeling a faint hint of moisture. Derpy felt Thistle tense and the kelpie’s moans inflamed her desire.

“Mmmmm okay,” Thistle moaned in reply. She threw her head back as she felt lips moving down her neck in slow kisses and nibbles. The feeling of Derpy’s soft silken pelt against her own body made her feel hot and she felt her teats growing hard.

Derpy worked her way down slowly, and then lingered at Thistle’s navel, the peak of her belly. She gently stroked the large rounded stomach of the kelpie, and whispered wordlessly to the foal inside as she kissed in slow circles around Thistle’s navel. She pushed Thistle over on to her back and pulled her legs apart.

“Oh Bucky look… she’s winking,” Berry whispered excitedly as she ground her own winking flesh up against Bucky. She felt something prodding her backside and turned her head toward Bucky. “You know, if you work out your frustrations now, you’ll last longer for Thistle,” she suggested.

Bucky grabbed Berry by her hips and pulled her closer. “You haven’t been properly warmed up, are you sure?” he asked.

“Derpy and I can finish anything that you start,” Berry replied as she eagerly watched Thistle in the squirming throes of pleasure. She heard a loud wet sounding swishy noise as Thistle’s legs were spread even further apart, followed by a titter of embarrassment.

Bucky licked his lips. Thistle was a delightful lurid shade of pink. He watched her whole body tense as Derpy ran her tongue over a stiff protruding teat. He shifted his body along Berry. She was laying on her side, he crawled atop of her, and then he carefully pushed one of Berry’s hind legs up to Berry’s barrel, leaving her spread and ready to be stuffed.

“Oooh, kinky, this is a new position,” Berry purred. She watched as Derpy continued to tug and nibble on Thistle’s teats, pinching them gently between her lips, tugging on them, and stretching them out a bit with gentle pulls, letting them slowly slip free from her lips with a wet sounding pop. Berry shifted her hips and writhed beneath Bucky. She felt him shift and settle his weight and then she felt him pressing up against her already damp flesh. He was quick now, knowing full well what he was doing, Berry felt him part her, sink in slightly, and then freeze in place. She hissed, then moaned, it still stung. Bucky’s girth was considerable and she could feel her skin stretched tight around him. She clenched her plot cheeks and gave him a loving squeeze, and she could feel him easing his way inside of her.

Behind her, Derpy could hear a hiss, a moan, and then the wet slick sounds of clinging mareflesh being parted. She gave a final stretching tug on a now rock hard teat, then a final parting lick, and then she scooted her body further down. Thistle had a different scent wafting from her marehood. Derpy knew what her own smell was like, and what Berry smelled like, and Thistle was very different. Derpy wondered if it was Thistle’s diet.

Derpy gave one experimental lick and felt Thistle jump. She smacked her lips. Thistle was really salty and tasted a bit like Bucky’s kisses did after he had been eating fish. It was an odd flavour, and Derpy wasn’t sure what she thought about it. She gave another lick, starting low, and running her tongue along the entire length of Thistle’s parted cleft.

“Mmm mmmm mmmmm mmm,” moaned Thistle as she wiggled her hips and kicked her legs. Thistle could feel Derpy’s tongue teasing over the folds of her flesh. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. She could feel cool air mingling with Derpy’s hot breath upon her moist flesh, and it made her whole body tingle. She could hear Berry’s soft moans and Bucky’s well timed grunts. Thistle briefly recalled the pain of her first time, and then pushed it out of her mind. This was so much better and she didn’t want to waste time thinking about the past.

Derpy gave a careful lip nibble to Thistle’s winking button. It was tiny and bright pink, and it had a part running down the middle of it that made it look somewhat heart shaped. She felt the kelpie go stiff as a board and a soft cry of need escaped Thistle’s lips.

Berry lifted her head and bit down on her bottom lip as she felt Bucky spear her and go balls deep for the first time. He had been making little gentle thrusts so far, going in only half way to work her up into a frenzy, and now she could feel his balls pressed up against her plot cheek as he remained buried deep inside of her holding himself in place. She felt Bucky’s warm fetlock sliding down between her legs, and then she felt pressure on her little berry. He was mashing her between his fetlock and his cock. She felt him ease out and then thrust back in, squeezing her clit as he did so. She squirmed and Bucky pushed her hind leg up closer against her barrel, making it easier for him to reach between her legs and plunge even deeper.

Derpy could hear Berry mewling with each squelch. Unable to resist, Derpy penetrated Thistle with her tongue, going deep inside of Thistle’s searingly hot folds. Thistle gushed a bit in response and then made pleading cries.

“I feel too hot…” Thistle gasped.

“You need release,” Derpy whispered from between Thistle’s legs, her breath blowing over Thistle’s flesh. She rose and stepped over Thistle, and then lowered herself down, pressing her own mareflesh over Thistle’s, straddling her scissor legged. She ground her filly bits against Thistle’s and grunted as she watched Thistle squirm beneath her. She braced her front hooves on each side of Thistle’s barrel and bore down on the kelpie’s slick folds and Derpy could feel flaps of her own flesh slipping in and out of Thistle’s slick silken snatch.

Bucky watched as Derpy and Thistle ground against one another and his thrusting grew frantic. Berry was bleating now as he rammed himself in deep. Taking her while she was on her side was a good idea, he could shift his weight down upon her cutie mark, push her leg against her barrel, and make Berry feel extremely tight around his thrusting cock. He squeezed her nubbin between his fetlock and his cock, and he could feel his ring banging against the flesh behind her clitoris, which created pressure from all sides. Berry had came quickly and Bucky took mental notes to perfect his technique.

Thistle could hear Berry bleating and something about the sound excited her. She could hear Bucky’s grunting. She could hear Derpy’s heaving breathing as the pegasus continued to grind against her. Something was happening, and Thistle had no idea what it was. Her muscles twitched, spasmed, and tightened. She could feel her pucker clenching as she felt dribbles of moisture trickling down around it. She could feel the folds of her filly bits catching and tugging on Derpy’s sopping folds as they continued to rub together. Each breath felt like fire entering her lungs. She felt her little hypersensitive nubbin slip into Derpy’s searing hot slit and something broke as she felt Derpy clench around her and suck her even further in. There was an almost crushing amount of pressure, and it felt as though Derpy’s marehood was suckling on the little hard knob of flesh, trying to draw it even further in as though the hot snatch hungered and sought to devour Thistle’s fleshy button for a snack.

Thistle threw back her head and shrieked as her whole body convulsed.

Thistle’s shriek sent Bucky over the edge and he blew his load, jamming himself in as deep as possible into Berry, making her let out a bleating yell as he rammed his plow into the little stone in her garden furrow. Bucky knew that Berry got off on the sensation of hot seed being spilled inside of her, and he grabbed her around her middle to ram home a few more times as his final efforts, hoping to work out a few more squirts. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and her eyes were rolled back into her head as Bucky continued to screw her silly, his frantic actions triggering another orgasm for himself.

Derpy, who had not yet orgasmed, could hear the sounds of ponies cumming all around her as she continued to grind away on Thistle, knowing that it wouldn’t be much longer. Thistle had covered her face with her forehooves to hide the silly faces that she was making. Derpy could hear Berry’s bleating and the heaving breathless gasps that Bucky made after he blew his load. She knew that there was a creamy mess to be found inside of Berry. The thought proved to be too much and Derpy fell over the edge. She cried out, panting and groaning, and crushed her cooch against Thistle’s in one final frenzied effort. Her wings flapped and fluttered, threatening to go stiff from overheating. She had a second less intense climax a moment later, and then she collapsed gently atop Thistle, careful to not put too much weight on Thistle’s belly. She slid off and lay beside Thistle, pulling the kelpie close.

“I love your cute little silly faces, don’t hide them,” Derpy whispered.



Bucky collapsed on top of Berry Punch and just laid there, enjoying her closeness, his partially erect cock still stuffed inside of her. He wrapped his forelegs around her neck and drew her in for a kiss. A few moments of lip-nibblies, he felt Berry pull away from him.

“I like the new position… we need to do this again,” Berry whispered. “Now cuddle me for a bit before you go and take Thistle,” she added in a pleading voice, rubbing her cheek up against Bucky’s muzzle.

“You came,” Derpy whispered to Thistle. It was not a question. Derpy held the quivering kelpie in a fond embrace and her foreleg wandered over Thistle’s big round belly. She trailed her fetlock over Thistle’s still clenching filly bits and felt the kelpie shudder at her touch.

“Again…” Thistle gasped as she panted, squeezing her hind legs together and feeling her belly muscles tighten up.

“Oh my you are going to be fun to play with,” Derpy whispered. “Do you feel good and slippery? It’ll help with what comes next.”

Thistle thought for a moment about what came next, and for a brief moment, her first experiences troubled her mind. She made the troubling thoughts go away and she snuggled closer to the pegasus beside her. “I had no idea that mares could do that with our parts,” Thistle admitted.

“Berry told me about it,” Derpy replied as she stroked Thistle. “I like doing it… feeling another mare being slurped up inside of me.”

The kelpie lost her composure and began to giggle. “Slurp!” she tittered.

“Berry Punch might be a big pervert, but she knows her stuff. You would be wise to spend time talking to her and listening to her about her perverted mystical arts,” Derpy whispered as she trailed her fetlock along the curve of Thistle’s neck and took delight in making Thistle continue to squirm. “And tell her to be serious so she will behave and not scare you.”

“That kinda tickles,” Thistle said breathily. She looked over at Berry and Bucky, who were canoodling with one another still. “Berry looks so happy,” she stated as she looked at the pair.

“Bucky is the love of Berry’s life. And mine. And now yours. Do you think you can share?” Derpy asked in a low serious voice.

The kelpie nodded slowly, never taking her gaze off of the cuddling couple tucked into the cubby. “I get a lot more than Bucky, I have you and Berry too.”

Derpy nibbled at the edge of Thistle’s ear as she slipped her fetlock over Thistle’s still rock hard teats and she felt a powerful spike of arousal as Thistle stiffened in her embrace for a moment. She gave serious thought to taking Thistle again, longing to feel Thistle’s warm flesh pressed against her own once more.

And then, the troubling thought came. Derpy realised that Thistle was Sparkler’s age, and it slowly sank into her mind what they had done together. The grey pegasus mare felt conflicted and confused. She thought of what Bucky was about to do… she felt her eyes misting over as her emotions began to overwhelm her. She took comfort in telling herself that this is what Thistle wanted and Derpy quietly resolved that she wouldn’t spoil the moment. Thistle wasn’t about to be taken advantage of and then left high and dry, this was a loving dedicated relationship, even if it pushed the boundaries of what society back at home considered acceptable.

Even though part of her wanted to push Thistle away, another part of her wanted to take her again and make her feel good to make up for past hurts as the need for both sex and nurturing filled her mind.

Bucky could already feel himself becoming aroused again. He had slipped free from Berry’s moist folds and he slid himself along her slick entrance, which made the earth pony mare mare moan and wiggle beneath him. He rose, pulling himself away from Berry, and then quietly slipped free from the cubby.

Berry, seeing Bucky departing, reached out and grabbed him by his hind legs, pulling him back. She extended her head and neck from the cubby, slipping between his hind legs beneath him, she extended her tongue and gave Bucky’s cock a long, slow, lazy lick which made the stallion freeze in place. She licked again, savouring her own taste, and she could feel Bucky going stiff with each caress of her tongue. She opened her mouth wide and struggled to get the flared end of Bucky’s cock into her mouth. He was short enough that she could probably take it all in without deep throating him too much, but his girth caused her lips to stretch out as she struggled to take the tip in.

Derpy and Thistle both watched as Berry sucked on Bucky’s cock, and they clung to one another as they watched the brazen display of affection. Derpy licked her lips, glanced at Thistle, and then back at Berry. “I didn’t think it would fit into her mouth,” Derpy whispered to Thistle.

“It’s big…” Thistle gasped.

“Berry says he is hung like a barrel,” Derpy said with a fillyish giggle.

“It’s fat,” Thistle repeated. “The last one was long and skinny.”

“Some mares want a scratching, others want a stretching. I like a good stretching,” Derpy whispered.

“That’s going inside of me?” Thistle gasped in alarm.

Derpy stroked Thistle soothingly and ran her fetlock along Thistle’s breastbone. “You can always wait… you don’t have to do anything,” Derpy murmured. “Now do you understand why I was so concerned?”

Thistle nodded as she watched Berry struggling to take in more cock. Berry’s cheeks were puffed out and she had only the tip in her mouth, and her lower jaw didn’t look like it could open any further. “It is like a pony’s leg,” Thistle mumbled.

“And it feels really good when it stretches my pucker,” Derpy whispered.

“What?!” Thistle hissed in an alarmed whisper. “You’ve had him go there?!

“He was gentle and we were careful… it feels so good. I could play with your pucker and you could get an idea of how good it feels,” Derpy offered in reply.

Thistle’s eyes went wide. She wasn’t even aware that something could go in there. Or that a stallion would want to go in there. She looked at Derpy, who was staring at Berry and her efforts to get as much of Bucky into her mouth as she could.

Berry finally tapped out. Her lower jaw ached. She pulled her head away from Bucky’s now fully erect cock and wiggled back into the cubby to rest her head and neck upon the cushion. She panted, out of breath, and licked her lips. She looked up and gave a final parting pat to Bucky’s balls and then slapped him gently on his hops plant cutie mark to send him on his way.

Derpy pulled away from Thistle after planting one final parting kiss on Thistle’s lips. “Just try to relax. And if you get scared or want to stop, say something. Don’t be afraid. One of us will scratch his itch and we can always try again later,” she said, trying to comfort the wide eyed kelpie. She slipped off the bed, approached Bucky, kissed Bucky passionately, and then stepped aside. She took a final glance at Thistle and then made her way to the cubby to squeeze in with Berry.

Thistle tensed as Bucky slipped into the bed with her. As he cuddled up beside her, she could feel something prodding her hip. She melted when she felt his foreleg wrap around her and then felt his lips on her neck, working upwards towards her ear. “I think I’m ready,” she whispered. She felt a gentle tug on her ear as Bucky took it between his lips and pulled. Electric tingles coursed through her body and she could feel little shivers traveling up and down her spine. “So how are you going to take me?” she asked.

“I am not sure yet,” Bucky breathed into Thistle’s ear. “I don’t want to hurt you or my foal and I want you to be comfortable… I know how your back hurts.”After speaking, Bucky could feel Thistle relaxing against him.

Berry snuggled against Derpy and kissed her mate softly. “You know, I just kinda want to watch those two… I’m feeling sappy witnessing this tender moment,” she confessed.

“You sound like Rainbow Dash,” Derpy replied as she situated herself belly to belly Berry Punch. She could feel Berry’s teats against her own and she realised that Berry was leaking a bit. “Are you full of milk?”

“Yeah, and it kinda hurts,” Berry answered.

“You know, Bucky would help you with that if you let him,” Derpy whispered.

“Have him milk me again? I hate to admit it, but I really like it when he does that,” Berry answered.

“No, I mean have him suckle at your teats. It might be nice for him. It could be a very special intimate moment between you two, if you don’t ruin it by being a crass horseapple head,” Derpy suggested. “You should try it with him sometime.”

Berry did not reply and fell silent. She thought of an earlier conversation where they had wondered if Bucky had been teat fed. Berry tried to understand the scope of the act. In her mind, it might just be a moment even more intimate than sex, and something about that idea both scared her and titillated her a great deal in equal parts.

“He could rest his head upon your thigh and just have a quiet moment of bonding with you… you could stroke his head or something. Give him something his bitch of a mother failed to provide,” Derpy whispered with a faint raspy growl in her voice.

“Wow, I think you hate her just as much as I do,” Berry whispered as she watched Thistle enthusiastically making out with Bucky.

“I don’t know how I feel and I don’t wanna talk about it,” Derpy grumbled as she gave Berry a crushing hug to relieve her frustrations. She could see Thistle’s winking fillyhood. It was no longer pink, but red, and her lips were swollen with desire and need.

“Thistle, are you comfortable on your side?” Bucky asked in a heated whisper. He was almost completely overcome by need and he found it difficult to speak or concentrate.

“Yes,” Thistle gasped in reply. Her own need was painful. She needed something to happen, even if she wasn’t sure what it was that she needed.

“I am gonna roll you over onto your side, and then I am gonna spoon against your back. I am going to take you from behind and I promise to be careful and slow. I don’t want to put my weight down on our foal and I don’t know what I am doing because I’ve never rutted anypony fat with a foal before,” Bucky explained.

“Just no going in my pucker!” Thistle begged.

“What?” Bucky asked.

“Derpy told me she likes it right up her plot hole,” Thistle replied.

“Yes, she does. And I only slipped it into Berry’s plothole once and that was an accident. I didn’t know what I was doing,” Bucky answered. He realised he might have made a mistake when Thistle tensed.

“Just so long as you plow into my filly bits carefully,” Thistle whispered nervously.

“Want me to spend some time nibbling on you?” Bucky offered.

“No, I just want to know how this is going to be… I think I’m good to go,” Thistle responded in a panting reply. She began to twist and roll over onto her side and then scooted her plot up against Bucky.

Bucky found Thistle’s body to be quite arousing in this position. She was smaller than him, and Bucky finally discovered what it felt like to be a larger stallion with a smaller mare. Or in Thistle’s case, a filly. With Derpy and Berry, they were roughly the same size as him, even though he was only slightly larger.

But Thistle was small. Something about her drove Bucky wild and triggered his protective instincts. Her barrel was slender under his foreleg, and her form was delicate. The only thing large about her was her belly, which was a big as a giant pumpkin and she was only about halfway through her pregnancy now. He nuzzled her ear with his snoot and let out an excited whinny. His foreleg traveled along her side, over her sleek ribs, and his fetlock rested on the widest part of the belly. He pushed his hips forward as he pulled her to him and pushed her downwards towards his cock, which was throbbing with need. He felt a damp warmth and gently pushed her downwards onto himself as he carefully thrust upwards.

Thistle parted with a small cry and Bucky held himself in place, going no further. She wiggled in his grasp and worked her way free, which made Bucky slip out of her.

“We can stop any time Thistle,” Bucky whispered. He kissed Thistle just below her ear and rubbed her softly with his snoot.

“I won’t lie, that hurt a bit,” Thistle said with a tearful sniffle.

“I am so sorry love…” Bucky said apologetically. He lifted his foreleg from her and began to squirm his way out of the bed.

“What are you doing?” Thistle asked.

“Leaving you be,” Bucky replied. “This was a mistake, perhaps Derpy was right.”

“No!” Thistle retorted. “You get back here and screw me gently!”

Bucky went still, not sure what to do. He remained in the bed beside Thistle. The kelpie began to wiggle up against him and then wiggled her hips into an inviting position.

“You finish what you started right now this instant mister!” Thistle demanded. “Just go… just go really slow…” she continued in a halting fearful voice.

Bucky wrapped his foreleg over Thistle’s barrel and pulled her close.

“He’s in trouble,” Berry said to Derpy as the two remained snuggled together belly to belly, laying on their sides, legs entwined in a tangle.

Derpy sighed, not sure what to do. She wanted to shout and make this stop. She wanted to break free from Berry’s embrace and then run over to comfort Thistle. She clung to Berry and felt a worrying sense of conflict.

“Derpy, if you interfere, she won’t forgive you for a long time,” Berry whispered after she picked up on what Derpy was thinking. “She’s stubborn, and she is going to see this through. And Poor Bucky looks like a kicked foal right now.”

Derpy buried her face into Berry’s pelt and let out a faint sound of pain.

“Foal birth is going to hurt her even more Derpy, you’d better learn to deal with this now,” Berry whispered.

Bucky rubbed his tip against Thistle’s folds, took a deep breath, steeled his nerves, and once again, he pushed his way into her. She was tight. He could feel her stretched tight all around him, and it felt like he had wormed his way into Derpy’s crushing pucker. She wiggled, writhed, and squirmed her hips, nearly causing him to slip out. He slid one foreleg, the one he was laying on, under her neck and pulled her head close to him, cradling it on his leg as he kissed her apologetically for hurting her again. He waited patiently, even though part of him wanted to bury himself deep inside of her repeatedly, over and over again, until he achieved release.

Berry watched as Bucky held himself in place and she felt proud of him. She could see him sunk in only an inch or two into Thistle’s glistening folds. She could see that Thistle was stretched tight around the shimmering wet looking skin of Bucky’s mottled pink and brown cock. Thistle appeared to be stretched nearly to the point of breaking, and Berry felt some concern. Given enough time, things should loosen up a bit. Berry could see that Bucky was sweating, straining, fighting back his obvious need. Berry knew that most stallions would have gave up all pretext of being gentle and would have plowed onwards, not caring about the damage that they might do or the agony they might cause, and that many stallions were actually aroused by a mare or filly’s cries of pain. Berry had experienced a couple of rough tumbles in the hay. Bucky looked afraid and a little disgusted, perhaps with himself, Berry supposed. Thistle had a look of pain upon her face and her muzzle appeared to be scrunched up in intense concentration.

Derpy could no longer bear to watch. She was feeling entirely too motherly and her emotions drove her to distraction. She hid her face in Berry’s pelt.

Thistle braced herself and then pushed herself down a bit on Bucky, causing him to slide in deeper. She sucked in a deep breath and held it for as moment, and then let it out in panting gasps. As painful was it was, it wasn’t as painful as the first time she had been taken, and there was no violence this time. She could feel herself stretching a bit, but her skin still felt as though it had been stretched thin around her fleshy opening. She could feel Bucky trembling and she knew just enough about rutting to know that he was struggling to hold back. She could feel his hips twitching with an instinctual need.

“Thank you,” Thistle squeaked.

“For what,” Bucky gasped.

“For everything,” Thistle replied with a breathless moan. She pushed herself down a little more and took more of Bucky in. Reaching down her with foreleg, she stroked her nubbin with her fetlock, trying to make herself relax.

When Bucky heard Thistle moan and felt her shudder from her own touch, he nearly broke. The urge was painful. He ached with his repressed need. Thistle was so delightfully tight around him. He reached around her belly and stroked her teats, which caused her to make hitching shuddering gasps that only further inflamed his desire. He pulled out a tiny bit and then pushed in a tiny bit, feeling himself slipping in and out of her tight silken folds. She felt as hot as the steel foundry against the flesh that he had penetrated her with. The rest of him could feel cool air blowing over his sopping skin. He wanted to be warm, to be buried deep within her, but that would betray her trust of him. He wasn’t even ring deep within her yet.  

Bucky drew a deep shuddering breath and squeezed Thistle gently. Her small body filled him with all kinds of protective urges that conflicted with his need to rut her silly. He felt confused. Her soft cries of pain both filled him with desire and the need to comfort her. He didn’t know what to do.

Thistle wiggled her hips, sliding herself around on Bucky’s  flared tip, causing it to wiggle around inside of her. There was pleasure buried in the pain, and the pain was easing slightly. She came to a profound understanding of Bucky’s love for her. This must be just as painful for him, and that brought her comfort. She had an idea. She squirmed and let Bucky slip free from her folds, but she did not release him. She caught him between her thighs, squeezed, and then rocked her hips backwards. She felt him shudder behind her and heard him groan. She smiled. She could feel his cock slitting along her filly bump as it slid between her sopping slick thighs. She felt clever and proud for enduring and then finding a way. She could feel Bucky releasing his aggression as he thrust himself between her clenched thighs, and Thistle felt incredibly aroused by his grunting and heavy breathing in her ear. Each frenzied thrust slid along her winking nubbin and filled her body with crazy pleasurable sensations. She arched her back against Bucky to encourage him to let go. She could take everything he had to give this way.

“Interfemoral intercourse,” Berry whispered to Derpy. “She’s a smart filly.”

Derpy opened her eyes. “What?” she asked.

“Thistle has Bucky trapped between her thighs and she isn’t letting go. And from the looks of it, they are both enjoying it a great deal. I think she’s gonna cum from the faces she’s making,” Berry said as she watched the rutting going on in the bed with great interest.

Derpy allowed herself to look over at the rutting couple. Thistle no longer appeared to be in pain, and Bucky was screwing her three ways to Sunday. She could see Bucky’s cock sliding in and out between Thistle’s thighs and she could only guess at what it must be rubbing up against. She watched as Thistle squeezed her legs together even tighter, actually crossing them and hooking one hock over the other. The wet slurping sounds of sloppy shagging could be heard as Thistle clearly began to enjoy herself.

Bucky thrust himself in and out from between Thistle’s silken thighs. He could feel the hot wetness of her slick slit rubbing along the top of his cock, and he could feel a little hard hot knob of flesh rubbing up against his ring with every pass. He held nothing back and gave it to Thistle hard and dirty, somehow knowing that going at it roughly was the only way to give Thistle enough stimulation to go off.

And he intended to make the filly cum to show her how much he loved her. She was clenching her hind legs together and it produced the most wonderful feeling of friction against his stabbing thrusting cock as he slipped in and out of her silken embrace. Her ear flickered against his snoot and suddenly, he could not hold her close enough. He squeezed her as much as he dared as he continued to give her the most enthusiastic boning he could muster. He kissed her frantically just behind her ear.

Thistle felt her body tense and she cried out. She could feel each thrust teasing her feminine folds and the hot feeling of Bucky’s plunging flesh lingering over her own little pebble hard knob of happiness. She felt too hot, and she felt wet down there. She could not contain herself and she continued to cry out as her body twitched and spasmed.

Bucky smiled when he felt Thistle climax and kept going. He was pent up, but he had a ways to go. His frenzied thrusting continued unabated as he attempted to screw Thistle senseless.

“See, everything is fine mama bird, love found a way,” Berry said as she watched Thistle make silly faces. The kelpie’s eyes had crossed and her tongue was lolling out as her nostrils flared. She kissed Derpy warmly on the lips and went back to watching the show.

“We have a really good husband,” Derpy whispered softly after the kiss she had with Berry and she squeezed the earth pony close to her. “And look at her face… I wish I had a camera.”

The two mares cuddled together as they watched Thistle having the time of her young life.

Finally, Bucky could take no more. He wasn’t quite sure what to do, release was imminent. “What do I do?” he grunted. “This is gonna make a mess!”

“Ease it inside of me… gently,” Thistle said. “Just the tip. I want to feel it,” she begged as she opened her legs.

Bucky didn’t need to be told twice. He parted her once again, and found that it was a little easier this time, and upon entering her steamy recesses, he lost control of himself. With a jerking series of convulsions, he sent his seed spattering into Thistle as the kelpie let out a few gasping cries. He tried not to thrust inwards any deeper as he blew out several spurts of cum into Thistle’s overly tight snatch.

“That didn’t hurt too much,” Thistle panted as she felt Bucky pull out of her. She squeaked as Bucky roughly pulled her close, crushing her to his body and she could feel his lips traveling down her neck, causing cold chilly tingles which made her flesh turn to goosebumps. She could feel the tips of his fangs pressing into flesh faintly as he continued to kiss her and work her over. She slid her slitted mound over his now softening cock, relishing the feeling of it against her. She heard a savage growl from behind her as she felt herself being turned over. In a moment, she was belly to belly with Bucky, and he was still crushing her close, he was snarling, and his muzzle connected with hers.

The couple exchanged a smolderingly hot kiss before pulling apart breathlessly.

Thistle saw the drowsy look in Bucky’s eye and felt relieved. He hadn’t been sleeping well lately and she wanted him to sleep. “Sleep,” she whispered. “I’m a very happy filly,” she cooed. She heard hoofsteps and then felt another body climb into the bed, and then another. Thistle felt Derpy settle in behind her, and she watched as Berry Punch eased herself down beside Bucky.

“Was it everything you hoped for?” Derpy asked in a low whisper.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Thistle answered honestly.

“You make the most adorable faces when you have the shudders,” Berry teased. “I can’t wait to have my fun with you.” The earth pony yawned and then rubbed Bucky, whose breathing had slowed.

The earth pony’s yawn was contagious and Thistle yawned as well. She could feel Derpy’s warm body pressed against her back and she was sandwiched between the pegasus and the unicorn she loved.

“No foals in the bed… as alpha I claim the morning shag,” Derpy said cheerfully.

“You didn’t get to have Bucky love you,” Thistle said with a sudden realisation.

“No, but that’s okay. As a herd, it is all about give and take. There are four of us now. We can each satisfy one another. And come morning, I just might have another go at you as well you little minx… how would you feel about giving Bucky a nice show with Berry and I?” Derpy replied.

“I’m not sure,” Thistle said in an uncertain voice.

“We’ll move along at your pace,” Berry said reassuringly.

“Thank you,” Thistle replied and then she yawned again.

“He’s out,” Berry announced. “Sounds like a good deep sleep too, not the twitchy whimpering and kicking sleep he’s been having. I swear, he goes to sleep now and immediately begins to have bad dreams or something.”

“Maybe we need to wear him out nightly,” Derpy said in a serious voice.

“Good form of stress relief,” Berry responded.

“He does so much for others… we owe it to him to keep him happy,” Thistle stated.

Derpy nodded and squeezed the kelpie one last time as she yawned.

“I feel sticky,” Thistle announced.

“Thistle, have I got a story to tell you about our first night together…” Berry said.









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