The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


122. 122

“I can’t believe I was afraid of that,” Loch Skimmer said in a loud voice.

“I can’t believe we just did what we just did in a deserted library with no books,” Sparkler said.

“It was quiet and secluded,” Rising Star said breathlessly.

“It was until Loch started to whinny,” Sparkler replied as she began to giggle.

“I could feel that little ring of his banging into my bump,” Loch tittered. “Berry was right about mares mounting stallions.”

“So, uh, what do we do if there are foals?” Sparkler said.

Rising Star groaned, rolled over, and buried his face into Sparkler’s side. The cold stone floor beneath them felt good on his skin. “Bucky said he wouldn’t be upset if there were foals,” he muttered into Sparkler’s ribs.

“You used the spells,” Loch whimpered.

“Yes Loch, but we’re in heat. And spells aren’t always effective when dealing with a solar magic induced heat,” Sparkler explained.

“Where do you learn this stuff?” Loch asked.

“They teach fillies these sorts of things in school when they get old enough,” Sparkler replied.

“This morning, I was a colt. Today, I burned down an army of the undead and shagged both of my wives until they made funny faces and their ears went in different directions. I think I am slightly drunk. And tonight, when I go to bed, I will do so as a stallion,” Rising Star announced.

“Hey, you might even be a father,” Sparkler tittered.

“You know, I am strangely okay with that,” Rising Star said, revelling in his newfound sense of self confidence. “We’ll be looked after. We’ll still go to university. We might have to accept some razzing for the help we’ll need from our parents… but I am okay with that.”

“Any of that gin left?” Loch asked.

“No, we drank it,” Sparkler replied.

“I feel light headed… was it the shagging or the gin?” Loch inquired.

“Does it matter? Both make you feel good,” Sparkler said. She lifted her tail and farted.

“I wonder what time it is? There’s no windows in this library,” Rising Star said.

“Oh shite, we’ll scare mama something awful if we’re not back before dark. She’ll think we’re outside with the wolves,” Sparkler said.

“How long have we been here?” Loch questioned.

“I dunno,” Rising Star returned. “A while. Long enough for me to give both of you a proper case of the shudders,” he said with a chuckle.

“Shite!” Loch hissed.

“Do you think we’ll have time to head to the lake and take a quick dip so we can clean up?” Sparkler said, now actually concerned and full of worry.

Rising Star rolled to his hooves and then lifted Loch Skimmer up on three wobbling legs.

“I’ve been shagged too well, I can’t walk,” Loch said as she almost fell and leaned into Rising Star.

“I think we’re drunk,” Sparkler announced.

“You’re drunk!” Loch accused. “I’m tipsy. That’s it.”

Rising Star pulled Loch Skimmer up on his back, where she proceeded to grind her filly bits against his croup and squeezed his neck with her good foreleg.

“I’m mounting you… yeah… you’re mine now,” Loch said lewdly as she scratched her itch against Rising Star’s backbone.

“Oh this is such a turn on… can we stay just a little longer?” Rising Star asked.

“No!” Sparkler snapped. “We don’t know what time it is!” she exclaimed as she rose to her hooves.

Rising Star exited the library, pushing open the door and exiting the room. His horn was lit to keep away the darkness. He moved down the hall at a swift trot, wobbling somewhat unsteadily. There were lewd wet sounds as Loch continued to grind away on his back.

“Oh that’s hawt,” Sparkler said as she followed along behind the pair.

As he trotted down the hall, Rising Star felt Loch Skimmer tense up and go still. She squeezed him painfully and he felt her body stiffen into total hardness, just as she had done not that long ago.

“Wait, Loch, did you just… did you just do what I think you did?” Rising Star asked as he felt damp dribble running down into his dock and his tail.

“Somehow she didn’t whinny,” Sparkler quipped.

“No I had to grit my teeth together,” Loch said. “Oh this is nice, we need to do this more often, Berry was right, this is a lot of fun!”

“She’s gone from being shy and skittish to being a total pervert,” Rising Star said as his hooves clattered over the stone floor.

“I’m no pervert, I’m a pegasus, hear me whinny!” Loch shouted, her voice echoing through the hall.

“Ahead there will be a window I think, I think I saw one,” Sparkler said.

The trio hurried forward, moving at a brisk trot down the corridor, laughter peeling from the walls as they all felt the joy of being young and in love, as well as the euphoria of a good and proper shagging.

“Rising, when you run, you’re bouncing me up and down,” Loch panted. “Don’t stop running… I think I’m getting close again…”

“What have we done?” Sparkler questioned as she laughed.

“Bucky said to hang on and try to survive,” Rising Star answered. “Pegasi!” he snorted.

Rising Star skidded to a halt at the window and fear made his balls turn into ice cubes. “Oh we are so dead… it’s dark outside,” he squeaked as his testicles were yanked up into his stomach, through his body, and into the lump he felt in his throat.

“It should be about dinner time, there is still a tiny bit of light, maybe we can run for the dining hall and get there before the rest of them do,” Sparkler said as she took off at a run.

“You stopped running!” Loch shouted in disappointment. “I was so close!”

Rising Star bolted off after Sparkler and Loch began to whinny.



As Rising Star turned the corner, he saw total doom looming before him. A short unicorn with a jagged looking stony horn had come around the other corner, leading a troop of ponies behind him. Rising Star braced his legs and came to a skidding halt and a second later Sparkler crashed into his backside, nearly bowling him over.

“Wow you are drenched back here,” Sparkler said. “Why did you stop so suddenly?” she asked as she regained her footing. She stepped around Rising Star and froze.

“Hi!” Loch Skimmer said cheerfully.

“Hello daughter of mine…” Bucky said dryly.

Rising Star could not help but notice that Derpy and Berry had begun to circle, one taking one side, the other taking the other side. He gulped. Well, it had been nice while it had lasted.

“You stink of gin and nookie,” Berry Punch quipped as she sniffed a bit.

“Yes we do!” Loch Skimmer agreed.

“You scared us,” Derpy said. “We were hoping that you’d show up for dinner… we were worried sick,” she said angrily.

“We were making you some grandfoals!” Loch Skimmer announced.

“Shut up Loch!” Sparkler begged.

“I took your advice Berry… it was great. Now I know what it means to be a mare!” Loch Skimmer said gleefully. “The licking really did help,” she quipped.

Rising Star groaned. He had survived the undead, but he wasn’t certain about his odds with the grey pegasus and the plum coloured earth pony. He heard more hooves and Bon Bon stepped from around the corner, shaking her head.

“Oh shite we’ve stepped in the pony flops now,” Sparkler moaned.

“Other than my filly ribbon breaking, I didn’t feel a thing!” Loch announced. “No wait, I felt all kinds of things… it was great!”

Rising Star dropped his head and tried to look as submissive as possible.

“We’re not mad at you about the sex, we’re mad because you scared us… it got dark and we didn’t know where you were,” Derpy growled.

Rising Star took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“After everything that happened today, we just sort of talked ourselves into it… it made us feel better,” Sparkler pleaded.

“Leave them be,” Bucky commanded. “Stop spooking them. They’ve endured enough today. Let them feel good about what they’ve done,” he said he in a loud clear voice.

“The shudders feel really really good!” Loch Skimmer said as she giggled.

“You smell funny…” Piña said from beneath Bon Bon.

“Yeah, you three stink,” Dinky agreed.

Sentinel nodded but said nothing as he moved to Bucky’s side.

“My sister looks stupidly happy,” Ripple remarked.

“Oh, you have no idea Rippy!” Loch Skimmer shouted. “Hey, did I ever tell you how Ripple got her name?” she asked nopony in particular.

“Oh no!” Ripple said pleadingly. “No!”

“She was in the lake… she was sitting down in the shallows watching our parents fish. I think she had just hit her decade mark or so…” Loch Skimmer said as she squeezed Rising Star.

“NO!” Ripple begged.

“And some of my mothers were on shore, repairing a net… anyway, Ripple farted. So I said, “Hey! You farted!” and she says “No I didn’t, I rippled” back to me and everypony starts laughing at us and from that day onwards, everypony called her Ripple,” Loch Skimmer explained.

Ripple ran around in a circle burning with embarrassment and then finally ran to Bucky. She buried her face into his side and covered herself with her wings.

After a moment, the laughter started.

It started with a giggle, then a titter, followed by a few chuckles, until it was finally guffaws and Berry Punch had fallen to the floor to roll around and clutch her sides. Even Sentinel was laughing.

“We need to do more of this,” Derpy said. “Laughing is good for us,” she said as she wiped a tear from her eye. “We forgive you for scaring us. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we hope you enjoyed yourselves. Now let’s go to dinner, they're probably waiting for Bucky since Keg Smasher will not be there.”

“We left the gin jug back in the library,” Loch Skimmer announced.  



Bucky nudged Derpy and gestured at the giggling freshly consummated trio. “Look at them, look how happy they are,” he said in a low voice. “And everypony keeps looking at them. Everypony knows what they have done.”

“They stink,” Derpy said. “Our wedding night… and the following morning, we stunk up the house. We need to do that again.”

“Wait for a heat and then have a marathon of sloppy shagging… with Thistle,” Berry suggested.

“Oooooh,” Thistle moaned.

“I gave her that kiss like you told me,” Berry said.

“Oh?” Bucky asked in a low voice.

“Derpy and I pinned her in a threeway smooch,” Berry said.

Thistle blushed and covered her face with her forehooves.

“I never did get my fish,” Bucky said in a worried voice.

“I had them put it on ice,” Thistle said from behind her hooves. “They’ll bring it out with dinner.”

“She’s so adorable when she tries to look innocent,” Berry said.

“Lyra, how is the foal?” Bucky asked.

“She’s fine,” Lyra said. She was holding the foal in a bubble of magic as she sat at the table.

“She’s been bleeding,” Derpy said in a worried voice.

“The cord keeps dribbling a little bit,” Lyra said.

“Lyra, while that is the herd’s foal, you are her mother. Please give her a good name,” Bucky instructed in gentle tones.

Lyra blinked a few times and then burst into tears. “I’m sorry,” she said softly. “I’m so emotional right now… Bon Bon help me,” she pleaded. She leaned into Bon Bon’s embrace and fell silent.

“Lyra is emotional… and let’s face it, she’s just as troubled as I am. She is going to need our patience and our help. Please, all of you, be extra considerate of her needs,” Bucky said to his herd. He tapped his horn with a hoof. “Unicorn problems cannot be faced alone. Unicorns need a herd to support them.”

“I think it would be wise to get another mare’s milk started,” Bon Bon said. “While I would suggest myself, I keep the same schedule as Lyra. We might want somepony from the daywatch.”

“That seems wise,” Derpy agreed.

“Derpy produces pegasus milk, I say we lay the magical whammy jammy down on her,” Berry suggested.

“There is a difference?” Bucky asked. Quite without meaning to, he licked his lips.  

“Pegasus milk is really thick and creamy. I mean, really thick. Frothy. Bucky, are you drooling?” Berry inquired after she answered.

“No!” Bucky retorted as he slurped and then wiped his chin with his foreleg.

Berry Punch narrowed her eyes. “You’re drooling… does baby want a teat?” Berry teased.

“Berry… do you know what they make the cheese and the butter here from?” Bucky asked.

“Of course I do you numpty… did you just find out or something?” Berry returned.

“You knew and you didn’t tell us?” Bucky cried.

“Knew what?” Derpy asked.

“Berry, want to tell them?” Bucky asked.

“No,” Berry said, pulling her head back and sitting up straight, which was a defiant posture. Her eyes widened and her ears perked forward.

“Derpy, that butter that you like to slather all over everything, do you want to know where it comes from?” Bucky asked.

“You fool,” Berry hissed.

“A goat? So what?” Derpy said dismissively.

“Bucky don’t, mainlanders are happier not knowing!” Bon Bon begged.

“You knew!” Bucky said accusingly to Bon Bon. “You knew and you said nothing as I ate wedge after wedge of delicious cheese, gratin potatoes, and butter over everything!”

“Knew what?” Derpy said in confusion.

“Bucky knows and now he hungers,” Berry said in a low voice. “You were drooling…”

“He’ll be after our teats,” Bon Bon warned. “The unicorn knows and now he hungers.”

“What is all of this silliness?” Derpy demanded.

“The cheese and butter all comes from mare milk,” Berry Punch said to Derpy in a low voice.






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