The Chase

Bucky Bitters struggles to escape the airborne affections of Derpy Hooves after a chance encounter caused them to bump noses together. His real mistake was trying to comfort the mare after the snoot-bump. Little does the poor stallion realise that their meeting was only the prologue to a journey that will change not only his life, but the lives around him forever.

This story is a sequel to The Catch


121. 121

Immediately after landing, Bucky was approached by a pegasus and told that Keg Smasher needed to see him. Bucky was sore, exhausted, and on the verge of falling apart. But he agreed to see Keg Smasher right away, knowing exactly what Keg Smasher needed to know.

He slipped away from his own family, who was eager to see him, and was led to Keg Smasher’s quarters. Keg Smasher was awake, sort of, he looked almost delirious with pain. Winter Wheat was close to his side, and there was a pegasus mare that Bucky did not know with him.

Starting with their landing in the port town, Bucky told Keg Smasher everything, from the first encounter with the undead pony to the last encounter, the battle at the large farmhouse. He reassured Keg Smasher that all of the undead abominations were gone, and that Keg Smasher could rest easy. He also told Keg Smasher of the foal. The unicorn foal. He explained that Lyra was currently caring for it.

Afterwards, Bucky seemed to run out of things to say. The two stallions sat in silence, the two mares saying nothing, and Bucky found absolutely nothing interesting to stare at on the walls. There were things that needed to be said but Bucky didn’t know how to say them.



“So… those things... they’re all gone?” Keg Smasher asked again, seeking assurance. His words were slightly slurred and would have been difficult to be heard had it not for the oppressive silence.

“Petrified, burned to ash, or shattered into thousands of tiny pieces after being frozen solid,” Bucky replied, his eye finally resting on Keg Smasher.

The big pegasus took a deep breath and sighed. “In a day or three, I will want Sparkler, Rising Star, Lyra, and Bon Bon brought before me,” Keg Smasher said in a weak wavering voice.

“I can do that,” Bucky said, wondering why Keg Smasher might want them. He did not press the issue, knowing that he would find out soon enough.

“I’ve never been this close to death before… my thinking feels so clear but so muddled at the same time,” Keg Smasher said. The pegasus whimpered as he shifted in the bed, trying to get comfortable.

“I felt the same way,” Bucky admitted. “I had some days where I had this amazing clarity of thought. I began to understand what was important to me. I felt some gratitude for things I hadn’t felt grateful for.” Bucky shifted. Sitting on the stone floor was causing him to ache. “Look, about the foal, Lyra is taking care of it, but I need to know what you want done with it,” Bucky asked in a strained voice. “Before Lyra gets strongly connected to it.”

“Keep it safe… and take it with you when you go. Get it away from these wretched isles,” Keg Smasher whispered.

“But you need unicorns here,” Bucky protested.

“Yeah we do… and I’d say in about a year or so there are going to be plenty of foals being born. A year from now when the wolves are gone and the isles are safer,” Keg Smasher replied.

“Keg, look, I already have Sentinel… being what I am, I feel funny taking more foals,” Bucky explained. “I am glad that you seem confident that I will exterminate the wolves,” he added.

Keg Smasher glared at Bucky and drew in a deep breath. “You’re my best defender. You are my knight, and I don’t know what else you might be implying. I require my nobles to look after orphans and widows. With the wolves, that unicorn isn’t safe. I already have a couple of little unicorns locked up safe and secure within this castle… but those have parents. This one doesn’t. So I am trusting you with its care. I am not in the mood for arguments… my word is law,” Keg Smasher said weakly. “Do not defy me Buckminster Bitters.”

“This castle… can the wolves get in here?” Bucky asked, changing the subject.

“No lad, and I don’t know why… I do wonder sometimes. I’ve seen them right outside the gatehouse, pacing, blocked by some kind of invisible barrier. The guards go out and taunt them sometimes. This castle is almost a thousand years old and was actually built by the noble of House Avarice who was exiled to these isles for marrying an earth pony. Story has it, he built this castle out of a love for his bride, and he made it to keep her safe. I don’t know how true it is, but I find it a touching story. The stories say that after the exile, House Avarice sent assassins to kill him and his bride, but none could make their way inside this castle. They both lived for a long time, and had many foals together,” Keg Smasher answered.

“I still feel funny about the foal,” Bucky mentioned in a soft passive voice.

“Damnit, you’re still going on about that?” Keg Smasher snapped in pain filled anger.

Bucky hung his head and his mane fell down over his face.

“Look, you look like you’re about to fall over… go get rest,” Keg Smasher ordered.

“I definitely need to,” Bucky agreed. “By the way ma’am, I don’t think we’ve met before,” he said to the pegasus mare.

“I am Meadowlark,” the pegasus replied. “I married this big dumb lump.”



Bucky staggered into his room, crossed the room with his hooves dragging, and collapsed on the bed. He lay where he fell and did not move. He was quickly swarmed by a number of ponies, who approached him in silence, most of them little and rather foal sized.

Lyra was on the bed resting, the newborn nestled at her belly, and it was feeding noisily.

There was a tingly feeling of magic all around him and Bucky felt himself being pulled to the middle of the bed where the foals around him scrambled to resume their positions. Bucky groaned as he tried to kick his his hind legs out to a more comfortable position and his head felt swimmy.

“Father?” Sentinel asked, looking very concerned. He spoke in a hushed whisper, his eyes darting to Lyra and the foal.

“Yes Sentinel?” Bucky replied. “How are you Sentinel? Feeling better? How is your back?” he inquired.

“When I was saluting today, I pulled the skin. It hurts… but I will endure. How are you?” Sentinel answered, his voice full of worry.

“Yeah, talk to us, we’re worried,” Piña said.

“We were sleeping most of the day,” Dinky said.

“Rising Star and Sparkler went off to the dining hall with Loch, they didn’t look very good,” Ripple said. “I’m worried,” she stated.

“And what about the foal?” Dinky asked.

“Yes, what about the foal?” Lyra repeated in an exhausted voice.

“Dinky, Piña, Sentinel, Ripple, all of you have a new sibling,” Bucky replied in a low tired voice. He heard a gasp from Derpy and a moan of relief from Lyra. “You’re not off the hook Lyra, you still owe me one foal,” he said with a half hearted laugh. He heard an odd sound coming from Lyra and he felt a bit of panic. “Lyra, are you choking?” he asked, lifting his head in worry.

The green mare was crying and rubbing at her golden eyes with her forelegs. Bucky wanted to go to her and comfort her, but he was currently buried under foals and wasn’t sure he could move even if he wanted to. His bones ached from exhaustion.

Instead, it was Bon Bon who went to Lyra’s side and settled into the bed beside her, and she began stroking the emotional unicorn, trying to sooth her.

Finally, Derpy could take no more and she tumbled into the bed, squashing Dinky and moving to Bucky’s side. “You smell like smoke,” she commented as Dinky tried to escape from beneath her.

“I’m probably filthy,” Bucky said, now feeling some worry about the state of the bed’s cleanliness.

“Mama, you’re smooshin’ me,” Dinky protested from beneath Derpy.

“Good. Take note Lyra, when they get big and squirmy, foals must be sat on,” Derpy said, giving advice to the new mother and trying to cheer Lyra up.

“Today was so awful,” Lyra whimpered. “I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but I need to get some sleep so I can resume my watch tonight,” she said as she cried.

“Bucky, you look like you could use some shuteye,” Berry said, looking Berry worried as she said it.

“Yeah Bucky, you take a nap. And when you wake up, I’ll have you a fish waiting,” Thistle offered.

“Mmm… that sounds incredibly good,” Bucky said.

“Okay, every foal must go,” Derpy said as she rolled away from Dinky, freeing her.

As the foals scrambled from the bed, Bucky felt himself being dragged by magic over the bed and closer to Lyra. She had rolled onto her back, and the foal was curled into a little ball on her belly, the foal’s head resting near Lyra’s teats. Bucky couldn’t help but notice that Lyra was opened and exposed in this position, and for a brief painful moment, he had a reminder of his old life. He felt a stinging sense of embarrassment seeing Lyra supine and recalled the night that Berry Punch had exposed herself to him while he was in the bath tub. Bon Bon was resting her head on Lyra’s barrel, and the foal was but a short distance away from her face.

The foal, now cleaned up and no longer bloody, was a faded indigo colour, and tufts of frizzy bright orange mane stood on end.

The door clicked shut but Bucky barely noticed. He was overwhelmed by too many feelings to comprehend at once. He could smell Lyra… there was the faint smell of her heat. There was the sweet smell of her milk. He could smell the salty smell of her sweat. And all of these scents made him feel something different. Mostly, what he felt was protective. A strange new feeling crept over him and it made his flesh tingle.

“So what do we do if she pees? Or worse?” Bon Bon asked.

“Oh bother,” Bucky said in alarm. “No diapers.”

“It is a problem, but I don’t think the ponies here use diapers,” Lyra said. She yawned. “We’re going to need straw. And then we put the foal in the straw. And when the straw gets messy, we change the straw. And meanwhile, we hope that the foal doesn’t soil us too badly,” she added.

“But we have no straw,” Bucky said.

“And no cradle,” Bon Bon added.

“So reach out with your mind and summon up some straw,” Lyra said in an exhausted voice. “And for now, we’ll just pile it up by the bed. And then the foal and I will sleep in the straw.”

“I could try transmuting diapers,” Bucky said.

“Straw. Now. Daddy will do what he is told or there will be trouble,” Lyra warned. “I’m sleepy. Want to sleep. Sleep. No more talk.”

Bucky concentrated, thinking of straw, knowing it was all over this castle. He didn’t want to take anypony’s bed, so he focused on finding the largest mass he could find, which he reckoned would be the source. He latched on to it and tugged it through the aether, causing it to pop into existence in the corner of the room near the bed. There was a very large pile. Using his magic, he pushed a portion away from the main mass, what he hoped would be a big soft pile.

Lyra eased herself from the bed and into the pile of straw, holding the foal in protective bubble of magic the entire time.

The unicorn seemed comfortable as she settled in.

“Look, about earlier, and the whole pelvis shattering thing,” Bon Bon began.

Bucky raised his head and looked at Bon Bon. She seemed upset.

“I wanted to say I am sorry… I don’t know what’s come over me lately. I even made a pass at Berry Punch and I think I might have upset her, I don’t know. I’m not myself,” Bon Bon explained.

“I doubt Berry Punch would ever be upset over something like that. Don’t worry about it Bonnie… just wondering though… you let me have it for saying “screw” the other night but you seem pretty comfortable with swearing,” Bucky replied.

The earth pony blushed. “You’re a unicorn noble… like it or not, certain things are expected from you. Somepony has to hold you to certain standards. I’m an earth pony. Ponies expect nothing from me. I have no societal obligations,” Bon Bon returned.

“Shut it, sleep now,” Lyra insisted from the straw pile.

“If I am a unicorn noble and you are my wife, then I would say certain things are expected from you, Lady Bon Bon,” Bucky said teasingly.

“Oh don’t you dare throw that up in my face,” Bon Bon retorted.

“You know, this double standard does not suit you Bonnie,” Bucky said, his tone a bit more serious.

“All killing and no sleep makes Lyra a cranky pony,” Lyra singsonged.

“Hey, as a unicorn, you don’t get to talk about double standards,” Bon Bon snapped.

Bucky felt the sting of Bon Bon’s words and recoiled. “Yeah. I get it. Canterlot. The city built on a foundation of double standards,” he grumbled.

“Sleep!” Lyra begged.

“Look, Lyra is right… we need rest. I am cranky and cross. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I said, I was in the wrong. Forgive me?” Bon Bon said.

Bucky gently kissed Bon Bon on the cheek. “Please hold me to higher standards,” he whispered. “Somepony has to, I find myself stooping lower and lower and it worries me.”

“As much as I want to shag you right now, I am going to settle with cuddling you instead,” Bon Bon said. “Get over here,” she commanded.

Bucky felt a strong foreleg hook over his barrel and drag him over the bed. He felt Bon Bon pressing up against his back. She was a lot like Berry Punch, solidly muscled with a heavy bone structure. One foreleg was wrapped over him protectively and Bucky felt secure in her embrace.

As he lay there spooning with Bon Bon, the final sounds he heard were the snuffling sounds of a tiny foal breathing, and he felt better about the miserable day.



“Rising, talk to me, you haven’t said anything,” Loch Skimmer insisted. The filly was frantic with worry and her wings fluttered as she pranced around on three jittering hooves.

“I’m okay I think,” Rising Star replied. He felt tired. His head hurt a bit, and he was hungry, even though he had eaten in the wagon on the way back home. He eyed the jug that had been left on the table for him. Using his magic, he pulled it close, uncorked it, and took a sniff. He didn’t know what he was smelling. “What is this?” he asked.

“Gin,” Loch Skimmer said. “I think,” she added nervously.

“Ah, well then, gin,” Rising Star said as he lifted the jug. He took a long swallow like he had seen Bucky do and immediately wished that he hadn’t. The faintly blue liquid burned like fire going down and when he pulled the jug away some of it dribbled from his chin. Even with the painful burning, he felt better. His head hurt a little less and some of the horror of the day faded from his mind.

“Gimme some,” Loch begged, using her nose to point to her leg in the sling.

Using his magic, Rising Star lifted the jug, held it up to Loch’s lips, and then tilted it slightly. It was not a well practiced gesture and a sip turned into a big swallow. Loch took it down bravely, her teeth gritted and her wings shot straight out from her sides. She banged her good front leg down on the table, her hoof making a thudding sound that echoed in the dining hall.

Sparkler took the jug next and took down a long pull. She coughed and sputtered for a moment, and then took another drink. After swallowing and composing herself, she looked sorrowful. “The sound,” she muttered.

“Sound?” Loch asked.

“The sound of her ripping open,” Sparkler replied.

Rising Star felt his heart drop. “Sparky, now isn’t a good time,” he said gently.

“I keep hearing it though. I keep seeing it too… well, not actually seeing it, I did close my eyes just like father said to do, but I can see those two little legs poking out. And then he told me to close my eyes. After that, there was that sound. He pulled her wide open with his magic. And then I realised that I could do that to a pony… not that I would want to do that to a pony, and nothing feels right on the inside,” Sparkler said in a dull monotone.

“Sparkler, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but as type threes, we need to find a way to keep our selves held together. You and I both. We accepted this. We chose to do this so we could help these ponies. And today, we made a difference. You carved a path for Bucky to follow and because of you that foal lives. You think it is any easier on him? I know it must be tearing him up inside, even if he is doing a much better job of hiding it than we are. At some point it will come to the surface and he will be forced to deal with it,” Rising Star said gently to his mate.

“The fighting has only just started,” Sparkler said. “I don’t know what I expected. I knew it would be bad, but today… today was…” as she spoke her words died and she fell silent.

“Today was glorious,” Rising Star said. “I saw my wife rampage and I’ve never been more in love with you than I was today when I saw you fearlessly rush forward and charge those wolves.”

Sparkler blushed. “Fearlessly? I nearly dropped a steaming load as I ran forward. I was so scared that I turned to stone,” she said in a shame filled admission.

“Doesn’t change how I feel about you,” Rising Star said as he took another slug of gin.

“Thanks, that actually makes me feel better, I mean that,” Sparkler said weakly.

“I wish I could be there with you,” Loch said. “For now, all I can do is comfort you when you get home,” she offered.

Rising Star was in need of comforting, and he was full of liquid courage. He snatched Loch Skimmer in his magic and pulled her to him, and he released his emotions upon the pegasus filly. Her kiss was waxy and slobbery, and he gently held her to him with one foreleg. Finally, he pulled away with a wet smacking sound and dribbles of drool spattered to the floor.

“Och… that doesn’t make dealing with my heat any easier,” Loch said in flustered tones as she fanned herself with her wings.

“I think I need one of those Rising… I don’t know if I can be as enthusiastic, but I want to feel something warm and alive,” Sparkler said as she advanced on Rising Star. Her lips touched his, briefly brushing across one another, and she could feel the waxy residue left behind from Loch’s kiss. She could smell Rising Star, he reeked of smoke and fire. And then after a moment of feeling him close, she was able to let go. Her lips parted and gave him an aggressive smouldering smooch that she knew was making his legs wobble, because she could feel him struggling to stand.

The two pulled apart and stood looking at one another, panting heavily, and Sparkler briefly toyed with the idea of having a foal.

“I think part of me has turned to stone,” Rising Star said with embarrassment.

Even though she didn’t want to, Sparkler found herself laughing at the joke. It started off with a nervous giggle that turned to a titter, and then full blown guffaws. And as she laughed, she felt better about what had happened today. She could feel some of the pressure in her mind being released.

She didn’t feel done though. She snatched Loch Skimmer next and practiced her lip lock techniques on her, following through with her mother’s advice on how to make a pony’s legs go weak. She invaded Loch’s mouth and tried to tickle her tonsils.

Finally, Loch pulled away with her wings now fully erect. “Oh, that felt weird,” she said breathlessly. “I mean, I kinda liked it, but it still felt weird.”

Sparkler felt much better now. She pulled the jug of gin over and took a long swallow. She grimaced as the fire burned in her throat and then she belched out a thunderous blast. “I think I’m bi-sexual,” Sparkler announced. “Because I really enjoyed that. I wasn’t totally sure… but then Ripple kissed me and now I just slipped Loch the tongue, and I have the biggest filly boner right now.”

“I’ve got something going on,” Loch skimmer whispered nervously. “My wings… stiff as board. And I can feel something throbbing back there,” she confessed.

“Filly boner…” Rising Star said, mostly to himself. “Bucky said to use the edge of your tongue where it is really rough,” he murmured.

Sparkler’s eyes went wide and she froze. She turned her head slowly towards Rising Star, her ears perked forward. “Whaaaaat?” she said slowly.

“Oh nothing,” Rising Star replied. “I was thinking out loud. Never mind. I think the gin is making me feel better. I feel really relaxed. Except for the parts of me that feel really tight,” he explained.

“I heard him too,” Loch said. “I think Bucky has been teaching Rising Star ‘Secret Stallion Sorcery’ so he can subdue us,” the filly stated, the charcoal grey pelt of her cheeks turning purple.

“Secret what?” Sparkler asked incredulously.

“Something Berry Punch said to me,” Loch replied. “She warned me that Bucky might teach Rising Star how to weaken our resolve.”

“I haven’t had enough to drink yet to have this day make sense,” Sparkler said.

“So drink more,” Rising Star said. He lifted the jug and tilted it back, taking a long pull from the brown crockery. He wheezed and sputtered as his throat burned and he set the jug down on the table. “Oh no… here it comes… uncontrollable boner,” Rising Star grumbled.

Sparkler lifted the jug, took a long drink, and then slammed the jug down on the table. “Loch, we should do something about that,” Sparkler announced boldly.

“Oh I dunno,” Loch replied.

“I was old enough to go into battle today. Here I am getting plastered, and I intend to get shagged,” Sparkler insisted.

“This scares me,” Loch said in a low whisper.

“I was scared today too,” Sparkler said. She belched loudly and wiped her face with her foreleg.

“Look, as much as I want to, I refuse to do anything until all three of us are ready,” Rising Star said in a low whisper.

“Rising is right of course,” Sparkler said.

“Let’s go,” Loch said.

“What?” Rising Star asked.

“Both of you faced what needed to be done today, I can do no less,” Loch murmured.

“But this isn’t something that needs to be done,” Rising Star said gently.

“Yes it is… I can’t live in fear anymore… it is hurting me and it is hurting you… you are my husband and we have an obligation to keep each other happy,” Loch said in a fearful whine.

“We’ll need to find a quiet place,” Sparkler said. “Someplace out of the way. Secluded. Here in the castle. There is bound to be something somewhere.”

“My sister said there is an abandoned library in the back wing,” Loch said.

“Sounds ideal,” Rising Star said nervously.

“I’ll grab the gin jug,” Sparkler said.



“There’s no books,” Sparkler observed.

The library was dark and quiet. As Sparker had stated, the shelves were empty. The floor was dusty and there were little hoof prints that could be seen from when little curious fillies had gone exploring. The only light came from two unicorn horns.

Sparkler set down the gin jug after taking a good sized swallow. She felt brave, ready for almost anything. Out of her herd, she was the oldest, and it had always been generally accepted that she was in charge. Even Rising Star followed her lead.

Sparkler’s bravery fled the moment she felt a muzzle push past her tail, slip between her cheeks, and a tongue gave her a curious lick.

“YeeaaaaUUUUGH!” Sparkler grunted as she leapt forward. “Oh gross, it’s dirty back there. I haven’t bathed,” she cried in panic.

“Tastes salty and kinda smokey. Not bad,” Rising Star said.

“But I’ve been sweating,” Sparkler protested.

“So what?” Rising Star said. “Come here filly,” he said boldly, pulling Sparkler in close with his magic. “We need to give Loch a good show,” he whispered. He kissed Sparkler forcefully and he felt her moan into his mouth. Rising Star felt Sparkler take charge during the kiss and he let her, submitting passively to her whims, mindful that Loch was watching their every move.

Sparkler pulled away breathlessly. “Ready to mount me?” she said brazenly.

“No,” Loch said. “Berry said there must be licking… to get us slicked up so it doesn’t hurt,” she said in a timid voice.

“And Berry is right,” Rising Star said as he licked his lips. He lifted Sparkler in his magic, flipped her over, and gently placed her on the floor, belly up before him. He watched as she squirmed nervously. He leaned down his head and his snoot brushed over one of her teats, which caused Sparkler to kick one of her legs out. “Sparkler, just relax,” he urged.

Sparkler closed her eyes took a deep breath. She felt vulnerable and exposed. She spread her legs a little wider, not sure what else to do, and part of her felt that letting Rising mount her might have been easier. She wouldn’t feel so exposed, and parts of her would remain hidden. From this angle, Rising Star could see everything. Her thoughts were interrupted by the curious feeling of two ponies breathing on her. She opened her eyes and she could see Loch’s face inches from her navel.

“I was curious,” Loch whispered. She lifted her head and backed away. “You’re beautiful,” she added.

Sparkler smiled and then gasped as she felt two lips kissing her just below her breastbone. She felt another kiss, and then another, and Rising Star was working his way down slowly. “Rising… I know we shouldn’t rush things, but we need to rush things, we need to be back before dark,” Sparkler whispered.

Rising Star, thankful for Sparkler’s prompting, went right for the prize. He pushed his snoot into Sparkler’s snatch. She was a bit sweaty, but just below the surface she was rather dry. When he heard her cry out, he stopped and pulled away.

“It’s tender… I didn’t expect for it to be so sensitive,” Sparkler explained. “I’m okay, but the feeling of being parted hurt just a little.”

This time, Rising Star didn’t push his snoot down, he extended his tongue and gave a careful lick along the surface, then another lick, and with the third lick, he applied pressure and parted her again. This time Sparkler moaned and squirmed beneath him and ground her hips upwards eagerly.

"More of that,” Sparkler begged.

With Sparkler’s urging, Rising Star prodded her cleft with his tongue, exploring as he gently parted her with each lick. He found a tiny little nub just under a sheath of flesh, and he licked around it in a circle. He was rewarded with a loud moan from Sparkler. She was still felt rather dry, and her flesh clung together rather than sliding around smoothly when manipulated.

“Rising… I don’t have a filly ribbon… mine got busted when I was doing the Running of the Leaves… I was still a young filly and when I saw the blood in my tail... I freaked out… and my mother took me to the doctor… and the doctor said that this kind of thing happens all the time…” Sparkler panted out in warning.

Finding his tongue far too busy, Rising Star did not reply with words. He licked around until he found an inner opening and then plunged his long orange tongue inwards, encountering no resistance. It was salty, sort of smokey near the surface, and he supposed it was meaty as well, but he had nothing to compare it to. Sparkler giggled nervously and then thrust her hips upwards.

“That actually felt really good,” Sparkler said. “You can do more of that,” she added.

As his tongue probed Sparkler’s depths, he felt her begin to moisten. Her breathing was heavy now, and her legs twitched. He was so focused on making Sparkler happy that a sudden touch on his cheek startled him. He pulled his head back and saw Loch Skimmer. She looked frightened.

“I didn’t mean to scare you… don’t magic me,” Loch begged.

“You’re fine,” Rising Star said reassuringly.

“I want to look. At her I mean. Compare her to how I looked when I saw myself reflected in the lake water,” Loch said bashfully.

“Have a look, she’s beautiful,” Rising Star whispered. He lowered his head and shone his light on Sparkler’s now glistening folds.

The flesh was swollen and the puffiness caused Sparkler’s slit to open slightly Loch saw as she studied Sparkler’s filly bits. The flesh inside the parted folds was a deep rich purple. Unable to help herself, Loch extended her wing and drew a feather over Sparkler’s flesh. The reaction was immediate. Sparkler exploded into laughter and tried to squirm away.

“No! Loch! No!” Sparkler begged as she laughed.

Loch prodded her with a feather again, this time near the top of her parted mound, near where the nub of flesh was still hidden. Sparkler squirmed along the floor and tried to escape. Loch delighted in her newfound power to make Sparkler squeal. Feeling curious, she extended her tongue and gave a careful lick.

“That really gets me going… watching you lick her,” Rising Star said with unabashed honesty. “Bucky was right… there is nothing quite like watching two mares that you love making each other feel good.”

Loch licked again and Sparkler gasped. “Blech, this tastes kinda weird,” Loch commented. “Rising, can you give me a drink of gin?” she asked.

Rising lifted the jug of gin to Loch’s lips and then tilted it so she could drink. He watched in awe as the pegasus took down several swallows without effort. Loch pulled away and let out thunderous belch that rivaled Sparkler’s own famous frog calls.

“Keep licking,” Loch commanded. “Your pegasus wife demands more licking take place,” she said as she sat down on the stone floor.

“Please keep licking,” Sparkler pleaded.

Eager to please, Rising Star went to work. After teasing the outer edges for a while, he took a more direct approach and suckled on Sparkler’s clitoral mound. The sound of Sparkler’s mewling cries caused his cock to throb. He was beginning to feel a strong need to bury himself inside of something. He felt Sparkler trying push up against him so he applied more pressure, pressing his muzzle downwards.

Loch extended a wing to tickle Rising Star’s nose, but as she did so, her feathers brushed over Sparkler’s teat. There was a loud cry from Sparkler.

Sparkler tensed, every muscle tightening, she could feel her belly muscles clenching. The feeling of the feather being drawn over her teat had been too much and it had pushed her over the edge. She cried out as her body shuddered and shook. As the wave of pleasure broke over her, she cried out again. Rising Star’s tongue plunged deep and wiggled along the back of her now slick depths, rubbing the tender flesh in the passage behind her clitoris. Sparkler clenched her teeth together and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. The light on her horn flickered for several moments, becoming considerably brighter.

“I need to get off before this boner runs out of skin!” Rising Star said urgently. “I feel like I’m going to split open or something,” he whimpered.

“Spell… protection,” Sparkler murmured. Her horn flashed for a moment, and she struggled to cast the very simple spell that was meant to protect her in times like these. She cast another on Loch Skimmer.

Rising Star cast his own spell, thankful that this spell was incredibly easy. He couldn’t do anything complicated at the moment.

“Lay down on me Rising… just be gentle,” Sparkler said.

Rising Star eased himself down on top of Sparkler and fumbled around, needing to be inside of her. It was a painful urgent need. “I’m not going to last long, I’m sorry,” he said apologetically. “I wanted this to be special, but you don’t know how bad this is,” the colt explained.

“I just had the best orgasm of my life,” Sparkler said warmly. “Just get it out and you’ll last longer for Loch… make it special for her,” she whispered.

After poking around in the dim light for what felt like several painful hours, Rising Star felt something warm, wet, and inviting brush up against the tip of his cock. He prodded a bit, trying to find the inner opening. When he felt it, he eased himself in slowly, giving Sparkler time to adjust. He could feel her squirming a bit beneath him.

“Does it hurt?” Rising Star asked in a whisper.

“Not exactly,” Sparkler said after she took a deep breath. “But I can feel the stretching.”

Loch Skimmer watched with open eyed interest the love making going on before her. In her short life, she had never seen anything like it. Her mouth hung open and her breathing was shallow. She felt a damp moistness down in her own as of yet unexplored folds. She could hear the wet slick sounds of penetration, the soft pleading cries that Sparkler made, and the breathless grunts that Rising Star was making as he slowly eased himself in. There was no violence here, no anger, no dead look of resignation on Sparkler’s face. There was only love being expressed in physical form.

And Loch wanted it desperately for herself. She hoped that her fear would subside.

Rising Star eased himself in and out of Sparkler, and could feel her hips thrusting upwards to meet him. He picked up the pace, feeling an urgent need to blow his load. He held back a little though, hoping to make it last as long as he could, but he wasn’t able to hold it back much longer.

Sparkler wrapped her forelegs around Rising Star and held him close, feeling warm in the afterglow of her own orgasm. She could feel him breathing heavily against her neck. With a sudden jerk, Rising Star tensed up and thrust himself deeply into her. She felt what was almost painful pressure as he buried himself and then she felt a curious wet sensation deep inside of her. It took several moments to realise that Rising Star had gone off and left his seed inside of her. She felt his body go limp and he collapsed on top of her, panting heavily on her neck. She squeezed him and kissed his ear.

Rising Star finally summoned up enough strength to roll off of Sparkler and he lay on his back on the floor, trying to catch his breath. He felt proud of himself. He had made Sparkler go off at least once, which he felt was pretty good for his first attempt.

Sparkler rolled and rose into a sitting position. She took a long drink from the gin jug and then helped Loch Skimmer down a few swallows. Sparkler felt damp and sticky, and when she moved she could feel her breath catch in her throat as her sensitive skin tugged and pulled around her overstimulated nubbin just beneath her folds.

As Rising Star was laying supine, something warm touched his belly. He looked up and saw Loch Skimmer smiling down at him.

“It’s kinda long and skinny,” Loch Skimmer observed as she checked out the goods on Rising Star. The opportunity was too good to resist so Loch Skimmer extended a wing and ran her feather tips along Rising Star’s shaft, starting as his balls and ending at the tip. She felt a thrill of exhilaration as Rising Star squirmed and moaned beneath her touch. Loch realised that she had power in her touch and she did it again. This time, Rising Star made a series of pleading whimpers. Her third stroke caused Rising Star’s cock to twitch.

“Loch, if you keep doing that, I am going to have to find some way of paying you back,” Rising Star muttered.

Loch tittered and stroked the wiggling appendage once again. This time, Rising Star threw his head back and cried out.

“Oh wow, he’s getting hard again,” Sparkler observed.

“I need more gin,” Loch said.

Sparkler raised the jug and both fillies took turns having a drink. The crockery was nearly empty now.

Rising Star pulled himself into a sitting position, took a deep breath, and then killed off the gin jug. He gasped, shook his head, and shuddered.

Loch Skimmer eased herself down upon the floor and rolled over onto her back. “I’m so scared,” she whispered. “I am so very afraid.”

“It will be okay Loch,” Sparkler said soothingly. Sparkler rose, took a step, and then stood over the frightened filly that was her fellow-wife. “He was so very gentle. I had a moment where it sort of hurt, but it passed. Just say something when it hurts.”

“I don’t want him on top of me… I don’t want to be pinned down,” Loch whimpered.

“Okay,” Sparkler said.

“Berry said that I could mount him,” Loch said in a fearful whisper.

“If that is what it takes to put your mind at ease, I’ll lay on the floor and we’ll try it that way,” Rising Star offered in gentle tones.

“Thank you… I think I’m ready now,” Loch said as she closed her eyes. “Now get to lickin’,” the filly said bluntly.

Sparkler lowered her head and took one exploratory lick, curious about flavour.

“SPARKLER? IS THAT YOU?” Loch shouted. Her voice echoed in the empty library.

“Yes Loch,” Sparkler replied.

“Sorry, that felt weird. It spooked me,” Loch whispered. “Well, don’t stop licking… I’m a scared pony and I need to be slicked up so I need to be licked,” the filly insisted.

Sparkler shrugged and continued licking.

Rising Star felt himself hardening even more.

“Licky slicky,” Loch said. Afterwards, she giggled.

“Hey, stop hogging the snatch,” Rising Star said. He pushed his muzzle down next to Sparkler’s and stuck his tongue out.

Loch felt the distinct tickle of two tongues lapping at her outer folds and she burst into laughter. She melted into the floor and allowed the moment to happen. She was still afraid somewhere deep inside, but it was hard to feel her fear at the moment.

Rising Star enjoyed the feeling of his tongue brushing up against Sparkler’s as he went to work on Loch’s unexplored recesses. The worry and stress from earlier in the day were now completely forgotten, and all he could think about was the slightly drunk giggling filly on the floor.

Loch rested her bad leg on her barrel and drifted away on a current of bliss. Part of her was still weirded out about the idea of Sparkler licking her. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it, but it was hard to think about at the moment. She felt herself being parted gently and then felt two tongues ease their way in, teasing just below the surface. There was a moment of pain, which made her tense, followed by a moment of panic, but it passed quickly and Loch relaxed.

“Go slowly Rising,” Sparkler said as she pulled away. “Did you feel that?”

Rising Star lifted his head. “Yeah I did,” he said.

“Hey…keep licking… I’m okay,” Loch Skimmer said to her mates.

Sparkler was the first to lower her head and explore a little deeper into Loch’s quivering mound. A moment later, her tongue was joined by Rising Star’s tongue, and she followed his head as he began to delve for a little nubbin of flesh that was hiding somewhere.

Unable to stop herself, Loch let out a shrill whinny when she felt two tongues brush over her little fleshy knob. Her ears splayed out and her hind legs kicked out straight. She felt her wings snap out to her sides.

“I dunno what just happened, but please keep doing that!” Loch begged.

Rising Star obliged the flailing pegasus. Loch’s wings fluttered along the floor and her legs were kicking with each lick. He felt Sparkler's tongue move away and work its way downward, deeper into Loch’s slit, and Sparkler’s wet cheek was pressed up against his.

Sparkler probed deeper into Loch’s now swollen folds and savoured the flavour of what she found. She called up her magic and made her own little nubbin begin to vibrate, just as she had done in the shower so many times. As she worked her way in, she encountered resistance, unable to find the inner opening. She pulled back her head.

“Loch has a filly ribbon,” Sparkler said in concern. Her spell ceased, and the pleasant thrum in her nethers ceased.

“Mmmm,” Loch moaned, feeling fear and apprehension.

“Loch, I think I can help you… I’ve been working myself to orgasm all by myself for many years. I have a very gentle touch with my magic. I think I could push down on it until it breaks,” Sparkler said in gentle tones.

“It is going to hurt, isn’t it?” Loch asked.

“Maybe,” Sparkler said, not wanting to lie to Loch, not during a moment like this. “But if we get it over with now, by the time you and Rising Star join with one another, if there is any pain, it should be over,” she suggested.

“Okay,” Loch said in a fearful whimper. “Get it over with,” she begged.

Sparkler leaned her head down and gently parted Loch with her muzzle. It didn’t take her long to find what she was looking for. She rested her chin just below the ribbon of flesh and gave it one final parting lick. She summoned her magic and began to bear down.

Loch felt pressure on her folds as she was parted and the faint tickle of Sparkler’s soft pelt on her delicate inner skin. She felt Sparkler’s warm tongue drag along her inner depths. And then she felt pressure. There was a sudden sharp stabbing pain…

Sparkler applied pressure, adding just a little more every few seconds. Suddenly there was a wet popping sound followed by the faint sound of flesh tearing. Loch Skimmer shrieked in pain and tried to crawl away, all of her good legs kicking, and even her wings trying to pull her over the floor.

“Loch, it’s okay, Loch just listen to my voice,” Rising Star said soothingly to the filly.

Loch bawled and tears trickled down the sides of her face.

Sparkler took Loch in her forelegs and pulled her close. She felt Loch cling tightly to her, and she could feel the plaster cast pressing into her withers. “Loch?’ Can you say something Loch?” Sparkler begged, seeking reassurance. “We can stop if you want to Loch. We can do this another time,” she said.

“I’m okay,” Loch sobbed. “It really hurt… just hold me,” she requested.

“It sounded thick. Some fillies have really thick ribbons… your poor filly bits… I would never want to hurt you,” Sparkler promised.

Loch sniffled. “Okay, the worst has passed. I’ve come too far to quit now. I think my fear made it worse somehow,” she said.

Sparkler nodded and gave Loch one final squeeze before letting go. She looked over Loch’s filly bits and saw a rivulet of blood. She wiped it away with her foreleg and she felt Loch shiver as she did so. “Rising Star, she’s all yours. Try to replace the pain with something she’ll want to remember,” Sparkler instructed.

Rising Star lowered his head and planted a loving kiss on Loch’s navel. The filly let out a nervous giggle and he saw her wiping away tears with her good leg. He saw more blood dribbling out, and, not knowing what else to do, licked it away. It was warm, salty, and rather coppery. He felt Loch shudder as he licked. He eased his tongue in, tasting blood and feeling her quivering inner muscles flexing as he prodded past the outer entrance.

Loch felt her pain subsiding and her fear melting away once again. “I love you Rising,” she murmured.

Rising, hearing her words, started down low with his tongue and worked his way upwards in a long slow motion, ending with the rough edge of his tongue sliding over her quivering nubbin. He heard Loch hiss and felt her shiver. He started low again, teasing the flesh as he lingered over every wrinkle and fold, and pressed his long tongue in a little deeper as he worked his way up. He tried to recall everything Bucky had told him during their long talk. With his next lick, he prodded at at Loch’s perky pegasus pucker before working his way up. The rubbery texture felt strange on his tongue, and the flavour he wasn’t too sure about, but the delighted squeal coming out of Loch made it the slightly uncomfortable experience worth it.

Sparkler watched with great interest, her magic once again buzzing on her little filly knob. She was sitting on the floor with her legs kicked out to the sides, and her eyes were half closed. She felt euphoric. A jolt of pleasure spiked through her when she heard Loch make a happy squeal and she could see Rising Star gently lapping at Loch’s stormy grey pucker.

Loch had no idea that something could feel so good. She closed her eyes and she felt as though she was floating. She could feel Rising Star’s tongue lingering over all of her secret places and loving every inch of what she kept hidden from the world.

“Go inside of me,” Loch begged.

Rising Star, hearing Loch’s request, did as she asked. He plunged his tongue down deep and waggled it inside of her. He saw her back arch and her legs kicked on either side of his head.

“More of that!” Loch demanded.

Rising Star felt a strange perverse pleasure in watching the pegasus warm up to his affections. He was throbbing now, desperately needing a release. He began thrusting in and out with his tongue and Loch made little squeals and squeaks in time with his pumping.

“Oh something is happening,” Loch squealed. “My button needs loving,” she demanded.

Rising Star smiled broadly. The pegasus had let go and was now thoroughly enjoying herself. He took her delightful little button into his lips and suckled, giving it a gentle tug with strong suction. Based on the reaction he was getting…

Loch began to whinny fiercely and her wings became useless and stiff. She felt a hot gushing sensation down below as Rising Star squeezed her most tender part between his lips and tickled it with his tongue. Her ears were on fire. She bucked and snorted as she continued to whinny and nicker. She clenched her hind legs together, trapping Rising Star in her filly folds, and she realised that she was having an orgasm.

The first wave of euphoric joy washed over her and was just beginning to wear off as the second wave hit. The second wave was almost too much to bear. She squeezed down upon Rising Star with her thighs and let out an equine scream of passion.

Rising Star let go of Loch’s button and tried to let the filly recover, fearing that his head was going to be crushed. The pressure was already almost too much to endure. He realised that Loch’s strength dwarfed his own. She was a titan with wings and he was completely at her mercy. The thought made his cock twitch with need.

Try to survive Rising Star remembered painfully. Bucky’s words rang inside of his head.

Finally, Loch let let go and Rising Star pulled his head free.

“We need to finish this,” Loch demanded.

Sparkler felt herself approaching another orgasm. “This is hawt,” she murmured, not caring if anypony heard her.

Rising Star eagerly laid down on his back and made himself as comfortable as he could on the stone floor. He had needs and the lusty pegasus seemed sure to please.

“I can’t get up,” Loch cried. Her wings were too stiff to allow her to roll over.

Rising Star lifted the filly into the air, flipped her around, and lowered her on to his belly. Loch straddled him, balancing herself with her one good leg.

“Be careful,” Rising Star warned.

“No,” Loch Skimmer growled.

“Be gentle?” Rising Star pleaded, suddenly aware that he was not rutting Loch Skimmer, she was rutting him.

“We’ll see,” Loch Skimmer grunted.

Loch bounced around on Rising Star’s belly. She could feel what she wanted, but couldn’t seem to get it in. She growled in frustration and bared her teeth.

Sparkler, seeing the struggle, used her magic to ease the tip into Loch’s eager snatch.

Loch felt herself parted and eased herself backwards. About halfway in she paused, feeling some pain but not feeling any fear. She was still sore inside from where she had been torn. She looked down at Rising Star and snarled. Her head darted downward and she kissed him, a violent needy kiss that left waxy drool all over Rising Star’s muzzle. Loch could taste her own juices and it inflamed her mind.

Sparkler came rather suddenly as she watched the change come over the pegasus. Loch was a savage feral creature now. Sparkler felt incredibly aroused as she watched Loch’s tail slash through the air. Loch’s head lifted and she thrashed it about, causing her mane to whip around. Loch was beautiful and it filled Sparkler’s heart with desire.

No longer feeling pain, Loch began to rock her hips back and forth, feeling Rising Star’s fleshy ring rubbing up against her nubbin with each pelvic thrust. Her frenzied motion soon caused her to have another explosive climax. She laughed after the wave broke, feeling free, feeling as though she was flying. She loved the unicorn beneath her and she was no longer afraid. Her manic pelvic jerking caused Rising Star’s penile ring to keep rubbing over her now swollen and throbbing nub.

Rising Star felt nearly delirious. He had no control as he was being rutted silly. He couldn’t even see straight anymore. He dug his forelegs into Loch Skimmer’s hips and held on. None of Bucky’s advice had prepared him for this. Finally, he wrestled some control from the filly and began to thrust his own hips upward, feeling a need for release. He felt Loch climax once again and she eased off, becoming a bit more passive and letting him work out his own frustrations. Rising Star let go completely and shagged the needy pegasus with everything he had, and he was pent up. Seeing her long tongue dangling from the corner of her mouth and flapping around pushed him over the edge. He thrust upwards and held her in place, releasing his load and gritting his teeth as he felt himself pumping out seed into her volcanic valley. He gave a few final pumps and then lay still.

Loch Skimmer ground her hips a few last times, grimaced, and then rolled away. She collapsed on her back beside Rising Star and let out a few final whinnies.

Sparkler eased herself down beside her herdmates and fanned her over overheated filly bits with her hoof. “I love both of you so much right now,” Sparkler whispered.

“I can’t believe I was afraid of that,” Loch Skimmer said in a loud voice.



Keg Smasher looked up at the grey pegasus mare by his bed. This was the last pony he expected to see in his current state. Wheatberry was currently hugging her leg and the grey mare smiled pleasantly.

“You wanted to see me?” Keg Smasher asked weakly.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay,” Derpy replied. “And maybe talk a moment,” she added nervously.

“I ain’t going anywhere, we can talk,” Keg Smasher said in a low raspy voice.

“I wanted to apologise. And say thank you,” Derpy said in a low voice.

“For what?” Keg Smasher answered.

“Things got out of hoof between us. We don’t see eye to eye. I’ve been feeling some regret. And I wanted to say that I am sorry. Can we be flockmates?” Derpy said cautiously.

“I did something bad and you called me on it. I should be thanking you. I make mistakes, and I need honest ponies to call me on it. I need ponies that will take me to task,” Keg Smasher wheezed.

“Maybe so, but I feel bad about it. You’ve given us so much… you’ve given us Thistle. And Sentinel. I, uh, I love them more than anything. They both mean the world to me. I can’t actually express with words how much I need them in my life,” Derpy said, baring her soul to the mutilated pegasus in the bed before her. “And now, the foal. You have no idea how happy you’ve made Lyra. That unicorn is full of darkness… something bad has happened to her but nopony seems to know what. And when she was feeding that foal, I could sense the joy coming from her.”

Keg Smasher smiled weakly and took comfort in knowing that he had done the right thing. The pegasus’s words did more to make him feel better than all of the whiskey he had been drinking.

“And I wanted to say thank you… you’ve given us family. That is a rare and valuable gift. We appreciate it,” Derpy said warmly.

“I owe you so much more… you have no idea what your husband and your herdmates gave me today. I feel better knowing that I managed to give something back for all you and your herd have offered me,” Keg Smasher said, his eyes filling with tears.

“I will leave you be… you look like you need rest. We will talk again though. And Wheatberry is always welcomed with us,” Derpy said.

“If I… look, when she is older, if I wanted to send her to the mainland, for a visit, to learn about the outside the world, the good parts of the outside world, would you look after her for me?” Keg Smasher asked hesitantly.

“Of course,” Derpy offered. “I am honoured that you would trust me with your foal,” she said.

“Lass, I can’t think of a safer place for my foal. I’ve never had a soldier who can throw a punch as hard as you can,” Keg Smasher replied with a weak smile.

Derpy blushed. “I really am sorry about that,” she said.



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