Can't change Time

It about A girl in her mom want her to be in a tribe so she will be successful in life but something goes wrong.


1. Chapter 1


They first day of the pick I didn't care  what they put me in but that change when they second  day came, by the way, my name Angel Winters  I live with my mom my dad died a year ago I wish he was here now but you no life happen so the names of the tribe are literal, Hikable, Bureaucracy, I wish we don't have the choose but he have to when my name call I look up at my mom but she didn't look at me back when they insert the needle the screen was loading it said I'm in hikable in my soul mate is Zack warner I look at the crowd when I walk down the steps making sure to show a smile in took at seat next to a girl my age. I scan the crowd looking at Zack he has hazel eyes with brown hair he looks so good I have red hair green eyes I wonder If he will like me.

Hey I'm Ashley warner she said

Hey I'm Angel winter you are the girl in my class who sit in the back

Yep that me I'm sorry you have to be my brother soul mate

It ok I said

We talk until it was time to go to our room we will be staying at I was roomie with Ashley so that was good I changed to a tank top in short brush my teeth put my hair into a bun when I came out I saw that Ashley was talking to her brother I look around so they wouldn't notice me but too late. He looks at me while I join they parade I said Hey I'm Angel winter nice to meet you. He answers back in said nice to meet you too he took my hand in kiss the top of it butterfly flow through my stomach I give him a smile in sit down on my bed look at my conductor check if my mom had text me but she didn't I give a loud sigh. I said you to look the same they give me a look like I have two heads they starting talk about how they are not alike I was laugh so much when Zack was gone I give him a kiss on the cheek for goodnight . So I got to bed for the next morning  When we both got up there was a knock at the door it wasn't Zack it was one of they robot who escorted as here it said You will be going to breakfast them you will start training. I went to change brush my hair in teeth in me in here went to breakfast when we walk in everyone stare at me I look at Ashley to see if she noticed but she wasn't ever looking so we got our lunch in went to sit with Zack  good morning he said in sexy husky voice I blush I look at him in smile in said How was your sleep. He looks at me so long that  I can feel my cheeks hurt. The next thing I know he grabs my hand in lead me to a closet he was close to me I would want to kiss him.

So I said 

So he reply 

Why are we here

I want to get to know you a lot better 

Will they be looking for us

No, I told them  my plan

The next thing I noticed I stand on my tip toes in kiss him he kiss back with more force you taste good why did I say that I so stupid he took my hand in his in kiss you taste good too in we just sit they kissing in In cuddle the whole time.





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