The Corner of Fifth Street

18 years, 365 days in a year, the same cycle. Until 1 late November day throws Lily’s perfect cycle off course. Was he really there? Who was he? Is she safe?

*contains mild language and threat. some things can be triggering. story deals with mental health*
Copyright © 2016 by bella zaffino
Copyright © 2016 The Corner of Fifth Street

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


3. Chapter Two: Uni Unites

Chapter Two: Uni Unites

Two weeks had passed since the incident at the mall and the summer was coming to an end and in two days time I’d be going off to the local uni in our small town with Meg. The family event was over and time continued to pass me by quickly whilst I continued to stand still in time thinking about the mysterious lad, wondering when I’d see him next. He was constantly in the back of my, his sparkling smile and ocean blue eyes. It felt like an obsession, but I wasn’t sure whether it was my heart, my eyes or my mind that had the obsession. Nothing wanted to rest until I’d see him again. I tried everything to take my mind off of it yet nothing was working so I phoned Meg and explained everything. “I think it’s just your mind over thinking and wanting to know more so it continues to think about it, you haven’t really gotten answers so I can imagine it’s hard,” she said confidently. She always did give the best advice, I’ll give her that. “You need to rest,” she continued, “I’ll see you tomorrow so we can go over and unpack everything in our dorm. Get some sleep and we’ll talk about it all tomorrow.” “Alright Meg,” I said as I sighed, “thank you for helping and goodnight.” “Goodnight Lil,” she yawned, hanging up the phone on me. I laid in bed, thinking and thinking until my brain finally shut down all the thoughts of the guy on the corner of fifth street and my eyes shut - leaving me to finally get some sleep.  


“Morning sleepy,” I awoke to Meg’s familiar voice, “You ready to go party, experience freedom, tough love and rough sex?” she said smirking. “Go away!” I said, still half asleep while throwing the pillow beside me at her. “Not going anywhere until you get your lazy self up from this bed and ready to go to uni! So get up! Get up! Get up!” she chanted as she flipped me off of the mattress, leaving me to flop on the floor.

You bitch, that’s gonna leave a mark.” I looked up while saying in an annoyed yet amused tone, “Let’s just get this unpacking and traveling day out of the way.”

And with that in mind I got up getting myself ready while Meg made some breakfast for the two of us to eat. As we finished our bacon sandwiches we began to say goodbye to our families, thanking them for all of their help and for loading the car for us while Meg and I ate.

“Goodbye Lily, be good, be safe - and I don’t just mean sex wise - don’t look at me like that, I know what you’re like Miss. Mischief. And goodbye to you Miss Meggy Moo, I’m so proud of both of you.” Mom finished her little speech as she began to tear up, “I love you both.” 

“Bye Mrs. Collins, thanks for everything, mom will be back from work around 3 so she’ll pop by short after to keep you company and all that. Thanks again!” Meg said with the biggest smile on her face.

And with our goodbyes and love yous behind us we finally left. The whole drive down I couldn’t help but think of the mystery man. Who was he? Why was he here? How was he just coincidentally there to just save me like that, that day at the mall? The endless questions were giving me a headache but what else could I do other then think and listen to music. Meg was too busy concentrating and following the sat nav and I was too busy over thinking to sleep.  


As we pulled in and parked, one of the many campus guides and sign in contacts, introduced herself - Sarah - asking for our names and giving us our dorm keys. And thats when all of a sudden, I saw him, I saw him in the corner of my eye talking to another one of the campus guides. 

“Meg, that’s him, here’s here, why’s he here?”

“Who’s here Lil?” she asked confused until it clicked, “oh, oh my God, go talk to him then!”

“What if he doesn’t remember, it’s been a few weeks and plus I can’t just walk over casually, I have too many questions!”

“Well, it’s now or never,” she said smirking.

“Oh what the hell, your peer pressure is deadly Megan Mae Jones.”  

And with that said, I made my way toward the guy from the corner of fifth street.   

“Hey!,” I shouted “Hey! Please wait!”

“Sorry do I know you?” he asked sheepishly. His voice was low and yet even when seeming unsure he still sounded so confident and sort of sexy to be honest. Hearing his voice made my heart flutter and I couldn’t understand it.

“Y-you, um, you helped me a couple of weeks ago at the mall.”

“Oh right, you’re the one lacking the intelligence to leave the douchebag, yeah?” 

“Lacking the intelligence?! You’re the one lacking the intelligence to do your research, he’s not and never was my boyfriend you prick” I snapped back.

“Jheez, someone should keep you on a lead, you’re quite the feisty one aren’t you?” He said smirking as if he got the answer he was hoping for.

“Well nice to meet you too asshole,” I said laughing, “I just wanted to thank you for the other night, um…” 

“Harry,” He said “my names Harry.”

“Well thank you Harry, you saved my face from a lot of damage.”

“Well, you’re welcome, but it probably would’ve made an improvement if I had just let him punch you,” he teased. “I’ll see you around.” He said smirking as he turned around and began to walk away.

“Yeah… see ya... asshole” I shook my head laughing quietly to myself.


And with that, I walked back to Meg and told her everything as we unpacked everything into our dorm and ate our take out. We had talked about it all, eaten, unpacked and gotten ready for bed, and by the time we finished, the minute our heads hit our pillows we fell asleep instantly.

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