Vision of Earth

16 year old Kodym seemed like a normal, nice and sweet boy. Until he started to speculate and theorize about who he really is.
There is a secret. Something big happens every 10 years. And Kodym was going to find out what.


2. Chapter 2

He went to grab his sketchbook, but then suddenly.

The light went out. It was pitch black. But something didn’t feel right. All of a sudden, Kodym could see a light blue-ish colored light. A big gasp escaped his mouth. It was almost as if he was breathing real air for the first in his life. He was blinking and squinting. The light was really sharp. When it faded he realized that he was lying down on his back, his entire body was in a straight line. He tried to get up, but failed. His eyes started to scan the area, for something that could come in handy. He only saw that he was hooked up to both EEG and ECG electrodes. And that terrified him. Someone’s making tests on him. “I’m a lab rat!” He thought “No. Keep calm Kodym this is definitely a dream.”

He tried to move, but it didn’t work, he was completely stiff. But he wasn’t going to quit. He kept struggling to get up. But no matter what he did, it still wasn’t enough. He tried to raise his right hand, but failed miserably. “What’s wrong with me!” He thought.

He knew now that there was only one option left. He started to yell for help. But only small breathless shrieks came out. He kept trying, but not one single word came out, only noises, but what Kodym didn’t know, was that those noises were enough to be heard from a distance.

In the room next to where Kodym was lying, was a girl. She heard him and ran as fast as she could towards the noise, but she was tired and hungry. She was in desperate need of vitamin D.

 When she got into the room, she started to walk more slowly towards him, she looked around, and she started to hug herself for warmth. She got chills from that room. It was dark the only light in the room was a light blue-ish colored light, these lights were only used when the power was cut, and some of them weren’t even working, which made the room even darker. This room was exactly the same as the one she was just in. There were six one-person hovering platform/bed with round lids, they were white. Few were open, and there were people lying on them, with electrodes stuck on their bodies. (EEG and ECG electrodes) The platforms that weren’t open, just had the electrodes sticking out, all of the electrodes were hooked to a giant machine in the back of the room. She felt like there should be lights blinking on it, but it was just black.

Kodym saw that there was a girl walking in the room, so he tried to give more sounds from him, she heard him and hurried over. She was shocked. The boy was pale, skinny, almost anorexic, had big long greasy black hair. “H…ee..lp” He said drastically trying to get words out of his mouth. The girl nodded in response. She removed all of the EEG and ECG electrodes from him. She was going to help him up, but suddenly then they heard…

To Be Continued...


Authors Note:

Hello we meet again.

I'm SO sorry again, for the bad writing, cheesy ending and bad grammar. And sorry if you think that my chapters are short, and I should write more. Don't know why you would though. BTW if you don't know what EEG and ECG electrodes are, please google it. Because it is really important to the story, and I don't really know how to explain.So yeah thank you so much for reading.Sorry again. And maybe I'll see you sometime soon. Farewell

Wish you all the best.



P.S please don't be anxious about leaving comments or critics, and please tell me if there is a typo (^ω^)

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