Psychic or psychotic?

Quick little one shot


1. Psychotic or psychic?

I've always been able to see things others couldn't, things that couldn't possibly be there. Yet they were, glowing portals stretched between the two trees across the street; strange tentacled creatures living in the canal under the bridge, and then there was that man with seaweed growing from his ears...

Then I met this girl. She told me I wasn't suffering from psychosis but was actually gifted with psychic powers! Brilliant! There are more of us, she told me. Great! I'll finally fit in, be normal! Things were looking up.

That is, until we realised that half the stuff I could see really wasn't there. Portals? Don't be stupid, there's no such thing. Tentacled canal dweller? Yeah he's real enough. Mr aquatic plant ears? Nope.

Turns out I'm psychic and psychotic. Just perfect...

Now I'm off because there's a man with a beak pecking at my door. Or is there? I've no fucking clue.

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