Living Like This

Disclaimer: This is a very serious story and I don't want anyone taking this as a joke.
17 year old Jason Franks has a pretty bad life. He has: asthma, migraines and a high blood pressure. He is also permanently in a wheel chair after a mugging severely injures his legs, but with the help with his best friend Ryan, girl friend Asha and his loving family he has gotten to terms with his health. But after a blood transfusion goes wrong and Jason is told he is HIV positive, he needs all the help he can get to do the things he always wanted to do
warning contains: Strong themes, Medium level course language, sexual references


1. Prologue

“Hello my name is Jason Franks, please pay attention as I will explain everything and will not miss out on anything at all” says a man of 17 years old in a circle of people, possibly a support group for people who are dying of some kind of disease. He’s the only person who is in a wheel chair and no one seems to mind it. The man breathes in and speaks up.

“I was 4 years old when I had my first asthma attack, I checked with a doctor and he said I have severe asthma and I need medical attention, two years later I was diagnosed with a high blood pressure and migraines. I take pills for both problems every four hours. And as you can see I’m also dead in my legs after an operation failed to fix my legs after I was in a hit and run mugging around two years. But that’s not the reasons I’m here, the reason I’m here is because around 3 weeks ago, my doctor told me I am HIV positive. Apparently something bad happened when I did a blood transfusion to try and save my friend from a fatal injury. That was horrible news especially because I’m only 17 years old and I haven’t even done the things I’ve wanted to do but that’s not the worst part. The worst part I had to go through was telling that news to my girlfriend Asha Kingsley after her seventeenth birthday a couple of hours after. I think you would know how that went. So yeah that’s my sad life story”

The man wheels back to his position as the other people applauded his bravery and honesty. He gets some pats on the back for support and some “good lucks” as well. But that won’t change anything, he was stuck with what he had and there was no word that could help him. He was stuck and there is no way out.


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