Who Is He?

Dan is a well known actor who is loved by everyone- well everyone but Phil Lester.


2. not again

Phil's POV

“Peej, just because you said you’ll be my best friend for life for like the millionth time, doesn’t mean I’ll go with you.” It was about 2 pm and PJ decided to drop by to bug me about going on set. Even if we were to be able to get near the set, I bet that someone would catch us trespassing; besides I’m not good at running if we were to get caught.
“Okay how about we have a bro’s night out? We haven’t had much time to hang out lately, so what do you say? Bro’s night out?”
“Peej, you’re over at my flat almost everyday, what do you mean we never get to hang out- okay whatever bro’s night it is. So what did you have in mind?”
“How about we-“
“No we can’t sneak into the set.”
“Okay how about-“
“Fine, uh let’s go get some food then maybe watch a movie?”
“Better. So when do you wanna go?”
“Right after your shift. I’ll wait for you, it’s only 2 more hours.” He told me with a smile. I just rolled my eyes and continued with my shift.


“Peej, wake up, I’m ready to go.” PJ had fallen asleep and was snoring so loudly some people we begging me to kick him out. He must’ve had an all nighter last night which is probably why he was actually awake at 5 in the morning today. He was probably searching up videos about Chris Kendall or maybe he was writing his paper- nah, he was definitely editing a PJxChris video… again.

“Mum please 5 more minutes; I’m about to kiss Chris Ken-“
“Phil! I’m up I’m up! Let’s go.” He said standing up and walking straight out the door.
“Um aren’t you coming?” He asked me poking his head through the door. I just shook my head and pointed to his black sneakers.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I laughed as he looked down and realized he was missing his shoes.
We walked inside the closest burger place, which was 20 minutes away, and decided to sit near the back.

"So as I was saying, I have this annoyingly long assignment due soon and I haven’t even attempted to make an effort to start the bloody thing. I don’t even want to be a lawyer; law is so dry.” PJ never wanted to be a lawyer, he’s always been interested in being a film director but his parents would never allow him to be anything but a lawyer. His parents want him to have a “real” career but I’ve seen what Peej can do, anyone would be lucky to be in his films.
“That’s because you always procrastinate and only work on that short movie of yours.” I said
“Hey! I happen to be very proud of “PJ, Tiny Planet Explorer.” It’ll make me famous someday.” Pj defended.
“I believe in you, Peej.” We laughed until the waitress came to take our order.

“So what movie did you have in mind, you know, for later?” I started up once the waitress left.
“It’s a surprise Philly boy!” I cringed at the nickname but shook it off since every time PJ has a “surprise,” it doesn’t end well.
He once threw me a surprise party and lets just say, there’s still pieces of cake scattered around the entire flat.
“PJ, you know I hate your surprises-“
“Shh Philly, you’ll like this one.” He said as the waitress came with our food, thank god, I was hungry.

After we finished our burgers, PJ insisted on having a race to see who could finish their drink the fastest which resulted in a losing Peej needing to urgently use the restrooms.
“I’m go pee real quick, here’s my money, go pay please.” He told me making a little jumping dance whilst holding his crotch.
“Okay go before you piss yourself dude.” And with that, he left whilst I asked the waitress for the check.
Just as I was about to get up, I bumped and fell onto some guy.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going-“ I said attempting to get off this guy.
“Clearly you weren’t.” he remarked, that’s when I realized it was the same asshole from this morning.

What was his name again? Ben? Dennis? No that’s not it, um, Dan! HIM.

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