I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you

Before you read this you should just know that this story is a girl X girl story. you have been warned.

Amanda is an 8th grader and it's about to be summer holiday, and the 8th graders is going to sing a summer-song to say goodbye to school. Then she meet's a shy girl named Felicia and helps her with singing, later on Amanda get's thought's of Felicia. She has fallen for Felicia, she begins to kiss Felicia sometimes and she doesn't mind until......


7. My friends are always there for me

“Here you go kids” Said the teacher. It was after school, me and my two “old” friends were going to just play a little, it has been like forever since we last played in the music room. “Man, it’s been too long” Lou said “Yeah” I said “Okay what should we practise today?” Alex asked “Hmm...Maybe the summer-song?” I asked “Sure” Lou said “We haven’t seen nor talked with you much, it’s because of her….Felicia? Was it?” Alex said “Yeah, I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you much” “Hey, no worries it’s fine. But you seem to care much about her” Alex said “I-I do?” I said with a flushed face “Yeah, well anyway it’s fine. Don't worry too much about it, come on let’s practise” Lou said, we practised a hour or two “Hey, Manda?” (That’s my nickname btw) “Yeah?” “Do you like….have…..uhm...like have feelings for Felicia?” Alex asked “W-what makes you think that?!”I asked nervously ‘shit did he see that I kissed her!’ I thought “Well I’ve heard that if a person hangs around only one other person all the time, it could mean that he or she likes that person. We don’t mind if it’s real or we just misunderstand it, you're still our good old Amanda” Alex said “You guy’s” I said “Well I...I don’t know” I said a little unsure “So you think you have feelings for her?” Lou asked “I-I don’t…..Maybe….Yeah?” I didn’t know what to say, on one hand I would like to tell them everything but on the other hand I don’t know if they would understand. “UUUUUuh! Girl! I’m so happy for you! I guess it make sense, ‘cause you were not attractive to that many guys, but I guess you are more to the girly side then” Lou said “What do you mean by that?” I asked “....I don’t really know, just know I’m happy for you and that I’m totally okay with it. Like I have your back if something happens” Lou said “I am too Amanda” Alex said “SO have you kissed her?” Lou asked, I didn’t say anything but apparently from my face expresion Lou could tell that I had “Oh my god, you totally DID!” Lou said loud “Would you mind keeping your voice down?” I said “So. What did she say about the kiss?” Alex said a little after “Well….I don’t know, I just kinda walked over and did it and then I just ran away. So I didn’t hear what she thought about it” I said “Way so you kissed her and didn’t say that you liked her?” Lou asked “Well yeah…” “That’s so…..hardcore, girl!” Lou said “It is?” “Yeah, because you left her at a cliffhanger. Like if she want’s to only be friends she would say so and if she also wants to be with you then she probably demands more kisses” Alex said “Oh” Was the only thing I said *Knock knock* “Hey, you kids done? ’Cause we're closing up now” It was the teacher that had let us in from before “Oh yeah, just a sec” Lou said, we packed all our things and walked home. “So tell us, what is Felicia like? What is it about her that you like?” Alex said while Lou and him looked at me in a curious way “Aw, come on guys can’t you give me a break?” “Nope, not if you want help to win her heart and there is no fun in hearing about it and teasing you” Lou said “Urgh! Fine” I knew if I said no they would just ask me over and over again until I said okay. As we walked home I told them everything about Felicia and why I felt how I felt about her.

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