I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you

Before you read this you should just know that this story is a girl X girl story. you have been warned.

Amanda is an 8th grader and it's about to be summer holiday, and the 8th graders is going to sing a summer-song to say goodbye to school. Then she meet's a shy girl named Felicia and helps her with singing, later on Amanda get's thought's of Felicia. She has fallen for Felicia, she begins to kiss Felicia sometimes and she doesn't mind until......


10. Is she gonna miss me?

The next day was our last day of school, and the day we were going to sing the summer-song. Our normal classes were cancelled and we had music class the whole day, because we were going to practice on stage the whole day until we were going to show it. “Aw man! I’m already shaking” Lou said “You’re gonna do fine Lou. Don’t worry too much” Alex comfort her. When we were done practicing we had lunch, me, Lou and Alex sat at our table and Felicia sat by herself. And without thinking I just said “Hey Felicia, wanna sit with us?” And Alex and Lou just looked at me like “Oh you actually gonna try?” “Oh...Uhm...S-sure” She said, she took her lunch and took a chair. We began to talk with her and slowly began to split up in two groups like: Alex and Lou talked and then it was me and Felicia that had to talk. “S-so...How's it going at home?” I didn’t really know what to say “I.It’s going fine...You?” “It’s fine” “....” Shit, this is not good. And then the bell rang, we were going to sing the summer-song on stage now. “Alright everyone, we are meeting in the music room” The teacher said, we packed our lunch and walked down to the music room. “Alright everyone! Don’t chicken out, remember, after this you are going to do what you want for a bit before you can go home. Okay?” We all stood on our places and was getting ready to sing, then the music began and we all sang. I looked at Felicia, she kinda calmed me down. And at the point where there were a hill she didn’t stop she kept going. When we were done we walked up to the classroom again and just talked and played some games and stuff, then the bell rang and we began to pack our things. “Okay class, Thank you for today. I hope you will have a good summer holiday” The teacher stood before the door and waited for everyone to go out. As we walked down we talked about what we had planned for summer holiday “Well I’m going to Egypt with my mom, dad and little sister” lou said “I’m going to see my grandparents, they have this cool house and stuff with pool” Alex said “I don’t really know what I’m going to do nor go on summer holiday” I said “What about you Felicia?” Alex asked “I-I think I’m just gonna stay home and stay with my mom, I haven’t seen her in a while” Felicia said “Are your parents divorced?” Lou asked “Yeah, but it was when I was 4 years old so I don’t remember much. So it’s fine” “I’m sorry to hear that” I said “I-It’s fine don’t worry” “Okay….” I said, we walked out and said good bye. When I walked home my phone rang “Hello?” “Hey Manda” “Hey Lou, what’s up?” I asked “Nothing much, I just wanted to talk to you” “Okay?” “Do you think Felicia is ever gonna like you?” “...I hope so, or else I’m pretty useless” I said “Well, that might be true. Do you think she will miss you when summer holiday really starts?” “.....” “I hope so, not because I want her to suffer from missing me, but from that she cares and misses me being there…” “And kissing her?” I could just see it for me that Lou had the biggest smirk on her face right now “Maybe…” “Do you miss her?” “...Yeah…” “I hope she misses you too” “....Yeah….” “....” “Well...that was all I’m going to hang up now, you can call me if you wanna talk. Okay?” “Okay” “Bye” “Bye” *Bep* When I got home my mom, dad and brother wasn’t home so I had the whole house for myself for a couple hours, I layed down on our couch and just stared off to mid air “Why does everything have to be so complicated? Why does it have to be this way?.....” And then I kinda doze off, I guess it has been a long day. When I woke up I saw my brother sit at the end of the couch and read “Hey, you’re awake” He said “...Yeah….” “It’s not like you to doze off in the evening, it must be a pretty tuff last day huh?” “....I guess so…” I just sat there and doze off into space “Hey, are you okay?” “Yeah I’m fine, don’t worry about it….” “You know if there’s something you want to talk about you can always talk to me, and we can always keep it as a secret from mom and dad you know” “Yeah...Thanks…” “Want a glass of water?” “Sure….” ‘What if I talked to him about Felicia? Will he think it’s weird? What if he tells it to mom and dad?! But….what if he understands?’ I thought for a long time, and by the time I had come to an end of thinking and was going to tell him he had already came back with a glass of water and begun to read again. “Hey….bro?” “Yeah?” “Is mom and dad home?” “Nah, they are first home at like 8 or so” He said “K…” “Why are you asking?” “Well….It’s because I have this question that I don’t think they will like or something like that…” “Yeah? Ask, I’m not going to tell them” He said, even tho he’s an idiot and unfair sometimes he is really caring and kind I like that about my brother. “W-what do you call two guys that love each other nor dating nor kiss?” I was going smoothly I wasn’t asking directly hehe “Well two guys who love each other is called gay” “And what about if it’s girls?” “I think it’s lesbians” “Do you have anything against it?” I asked ‘If he has something against it then I won’t say that I’m a…..Lesbian’ “Well no, I support it but in secret ‘cause if mom and dad finds out they are gonna be so mad at me. You know ‘cause their religion and stuff” “Okay….What there was a gay or lesbian in our family?” I asked, now I was sure I could talk to him about it. I needed to get it out “Well I think it’d be cool, and I surely support them” “K…” “Do you know someone in our family that is gay or a lesbian?” “Well…...I-I do” I said, the truth was out in the open in just a second “Who is it?” “......” There was silence for a long time, I couldn’t say anything I was frozen “I….I-it’s...uhm….” I was about to say “Me” but “Are you talking about you?” My brother asked lightly “.....” Even more silence ‘Why isn’t it as easy as it was when I told my friends? Is it because he’s my family?’ I thought. I nodded “.....” ‘Why isn’t he saying anything?’ I looked up and he had a little open mouth “Don’t give me that look...Say something…” He didn’t, he just grabbed me and pulled me close “Sis….I don’t know what to say…...I will not tell a word to mom and dad. I will support you and protect you no matter what” It made me so happy that my own brother actually supported me, and not my parents. Isn’t it one’s parents that should also be there for one? We sat there and hugged for a long time and it felt nice, it had been a long time since I last got a hug from my brother. We were just home and enjoying ourselves two weeks, because my dad had some work to get done. I spend the days laying outside or inside thinking about my feelings for Felicia and if she thought of me too, I was just kinda trying to figure everything out in the summer. I called Lou many times and talked with her, I also talked with my brother many times and asked him what to do and he just said “Don’t worry, I think she will come to you, just give her time” But how long is that? I can’t wait forever. It was almost the last week and I got a message it was from…….Felicia!? I sprung up and called Lou “Hey, what’s up?” “LOU SHE JUST SEND ME A TEXT!” “OH MY GOD REALLY?! HURRY, WHAT IS SHE SAYING?!” I opened the text and it said:

Hello Amanda

I’m sorry I acted like that on the day before summer holiday, I would like to see you the day before we are going to school again. It’s the place where we practiced the summer-song, so if you could meet with me there that would be great.

And maybe we can talk things out, or get a drink again.

I hope I see you there.

Oh my god, text back hurry!” “Yeah yeah okay. jezz”


Hey Felicia.

It’s been a long time, I would like to go and talk.

I’ll take my own money with me if we’re going to get drinks.

I’ll see you there.


Good! Was it all? Nothing talking about feelings or anything?” “Nope, it was all” “Cool, okay. Bye” “Bye” *Bep* I just lay in my bed and looked at the selling ‘Maybe I do have hopes?’ I just couldn’t wait till that day, I was already super hyped about it. I wanted to see her now.

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