After Olympus//The Prophecy


1. Percy


Percy couldn't believe it was all over. I felt like yesterday he was fighting Kronos and now he had finished of Gaea too! He found it hard to believe he might actually have some peace. He imagine the gods laughing down at him and saying "keep dreaming" but it was truly over.

"Hey seaweed brain!" Annabeth called from across camp. She told Percy yesterday about how she had decided to attend collage and take a break from camp.

" Hi" Percy said as Annabeth came over and kissed him. She started talking about what collage she planned to attend.

"So when are we leaving?" Percy asked

"We?" Annabeth replied wide eyed

"You didn't truly believe that I would let you go off to collage and forget me wise girl?"

With that she squealed and hugged him. Percy smiled at the thought of finally having a normal life.

Piper and Jason walked over and they started talking. When Percy told them about how he would be going to collage with Annabeth and they smiled and said congratulations but Percy could tell they were distracted. They hadn't been quite the same since Leo disappeared. He couldn't blame them. He didn't want to picture losing Annabeth or Grover.

"So" Piper began "Where are you guys going?"

"I don't know I was thinking Harvard or Yale" Annabeth said

"Wait a second! How do you expect me to get into YALE!!" Percy asked and Annabeth laughed

"Ok fine. How about somewhere in new Rome"

"I like that idea a lot better" Percy replied

He was suddenly cut off by a satyr entering camp with a new half blood. She looked about 15/16 ish. She had dark brown hair well the rest was hard to tell considering she was unconscious.

Percy, Annabeth, Piper, and Jason made their way over.

"What happened?" Annabeth asked

"There were a few monsters that attacked. She attacked one but another snuck up behind her." The satyr replied the he took her off to the hospital wing.

"That was odd" Piper said

"Yeah we get new arrivals all the time but they usually aren't dragged in unconscious after fighting monsters."

"I wonder who it was" Percy said

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