After Olympus//The Prophecy


2. Annabeth


Annabeth wondered what had happened. It was perfectly normal for demigods to attract monsters but I wasn't normal for them to attract as many as this girl had. That meant one of two things. She was either extremely powerful or she would be extremely important.

"She's awake!" Someone yelled from the Apollo cabin

"Let's go" Jason said. He was visiting from Camp Jupiter

They all went into the Apollo cabin.

The girl sat up and looked around confused "What happened?"

Annabeth tried to think of a way to explain everything to her but Piper budded in. She would probably be better for it since this was her last year. Maybe not knocked out but dragged here and clueless.

"What do you remember?" Piper asked

" I was going on a walk when a weird goat man approached me. I told him to get away but he said we needed to get to camp half blood before it was too late."

" We were walking until we reached a hill and started to climb up but were surrounded by monsters. I took one out but then everything went black and now I'm here."

" Ok what did the monsters look like?" Annabeth asked

"They were green with snakes for their hair."

"Gorgons!" Annabeth replied

Percy suddenly looked nervous " I thought I defeated them!?"

"They must have reformed" Annabeth replied seeing that as the only logical explanation.

"Wait! Gorgons as in Greek myths?!?"

Piper jumped in again"This is going to sound crazy but Greek myths are real and you were brought here because your parent is a Greek god."

The girls brown eyes widened "What!?" "First of all how do you know I'm a demigod and how do you know who my parent is?"

"We know your a demigod because of the scent you give off. That's why the Gorgons attacked you. And there is no way to know who your Godly parent is until your claimed"

"And how do I get claimed?"

"You should be claimed soon."

"Ok well I'm going back to sleep because my head is killing me but before I do what are your names? We didn't actually say them."

"I'm Annabeth and this is Piper,Jason, and Percy. What us your name?"

"My name is Elizabeth Constance Jones"

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