The Vampire Diaries and Divergent

A story where Damon, Stefan and Elena, characters from the CW show 'Ths Vampire Diaries', get hopelessly lost and find themselves stranded in Candor Headquarters. They are forced to take the truth serum and a lot is let out. This takes place in season 3 of 'The Vampire Diaries' and it focuses on mainly Delena, sorry Stelena fans! :)


4. Where do you think your going


Stefan is now sitting in the wooden chair, sweating and breathing heavily. I am slightly angered by this. "What are You doing to him?. I say, straining my voice. "Like I said, it's the truth serum, he will now answer everything I ask him truthfully. Oh no, I think, this is not going to end well. I sigh and Elena watches Stefan worriedly. I watch the man strap Stefan's arms with restraints that will probably do little to help if he goes all 'crash ripper Stefan' on them. But oh well. "Ok," the man clears his throat. "What's your name?" He inquires. "Stefan Salvatore," Stefan says, it's daunts Damon how quickly he was to oblige. "Ok, Stefan Salvatore, how did you get here?" Stefan is panting, but in between short breaths he manages to say, "We we're lost, then your guards found us." Elena has a look of worry imprinted across her face, as she gazed at Stefan, her brows furrowed. "Hmm," the man replies. "And, just who are these people to you?" He asks, motioning towards me and Elena. I instinctively step in front of her, as if him waving a hand towards her was a threat. "My . . . brother," he says, panting, "and . . . my," he takes a deep breath, "My ex girlfriend."

Elena seemed shocked at this, that was the first time he had referred to her as that, was that really true? The man seemed interested now. "Ex, huh?" Stefan nodded, swallowing heavily. "And what broke you two apart?" This is gonna be bad. Because the reason they broke up was, "Because I'm a ripper." Stefan blurted out uncontrollably. "Ripper?" The man asked, now seeming somewhat interested. "A . . ." I can tell Stefan is trying his hardest to not say it, he can't, but the truth serum seems really powerful. "A vampire . . ." Stefan says, and the whole room seems to look at them with new found shock and disbelief. He heard many whispered comments like, "Liar!" "How can he be lying." "Vampires? But vampires aren't real!" But what he heard most was a term he was unfamiliar with, "Divergent!" "He must be divergent!" "The only way he could lie was if he was divergent!". Divergent? I think, what is divergent? I am about to ask when the man laughs and says, "A vampire, eh? Wow most divergents can hide it a little better then that." Suddenly his tone goes serious, "You're coming with us, Stefan Salvatore." He reaches out to grab Stefan, but I'm much faster. I vamp speed over to the man, knocking him onto his back, and pinning him against the floor in a matter of seconds. I lean in close to the man, who's eyes are now wide with shock and terror. "Don't. Touch. My. Brother." I say dangerously. The man nods. Seeming so much less powerful then before. I stand and look around the audience, who is now gapping in horror. I pick the man up off the ground and compelle him to forget quickly. It takes me and Stefan, who I've now freed from the chair, a while to compelle everyone, but we do. "Now," i say, "continue." As much as i don't want to go through with the whole truth serum thing, I know it's better then having everyone know what we are, so I take a seat and watch as they continue. He asks Stefan a few more meaningless questions, but then he comes across another dangerous question, but they are not in the same danger as before, it's more, personal. "Who do you love the most in this world?" The man asks Stefan, and I can see him contemplating it. He opens his mouth to speak, but when he does, it's something neither me or Elena could have predicted. "My brother." He says, looking me in the eyes. I nod my head in agreement and smile slightly, but it is masked by a frown, I am confused, I though he would say Elena for sure. They finally take the restraints off Stefan, after what felt like hours, but as he began to walk towards me and Elena, the man stops hi, by grabbing his wrist. Stefan turns to him. "What?" He asks. "Where do you think your going?"


Okay, so lots of Stefan and Damon brotherhood bonding in here, but that's unimportant for now, because the next few chapters will be overloaded with Delena. Yay! Anyways thanks so much for reading, I would appreciate comments to give me advice, and follows or likes are always appreciated. I will be posting again very soon. Thanks again, bye!




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