Traveling Abroad: Return to Paradise

Seoul, South Korea is the place Amber and Emily have deemed paradise. The two visited last year and had the time of their lives. They were able to explore a new city outside of the United States, made friends, and got boyfriends. Not to mention they were able to hang out with Amber's awesome cousin Nari, who also snagged a boyfriend. Now, as their boyfriends are rising in fame thanks to being in the group BTS, how will their relationships hold? Will this summer in paradise be even better than the last?


7. Parent's Opinion

*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~*

          “Nari, we are back!” I shout into the apartment, giggling as Taehyung places kisses on my jaw. “Stop,” I step away from the crazy boy.

          “But I love you and want to kiss you,” Taehyung makes grabby hands for me.

          “In a second,” I smile.

          “Is Nari here?” Emily asks, releasing Namjoon’s hand.

          “She should be,” I glance at Seokjin who is standing by like a gentleman.

          “Maybe she didn’t hear us,” Namjoon offers an explanation. “Let’s head in and see if she’s jamming in the kitchen.”

          The five of us slip our shoes off before walking father into the apartment.

          Nari enters the living room from the kitchen as we enter form the front room.

          “Surprise,” Emily and I grin.

          “Oh,” Nari confusingly looks around at everyone. “Jinnie,” her face softens and she walks over to Seokjin, embracing him in a hug.

          “Nari,” Seokjin returns the embrace, kissing the top of her head.

          The two talk briefly in Korean, but I tune them out to give them a sort of privacy.

          “Ah, I didn’t give you one of my t-shirts,” Taehyung whispers right into my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

          “Don’t worry,” I turn to face my boyfriend. “I’ll steal one another day, and maybe a sweater.”

          “Just give me kisses,” he leans down and pecks my nose in a quick kiss. “Then I will give you anything you want.”

          I run my hand through his hair, “I better start giving you more kisses.”

          “So, where are the other boys?” Nari speaks, still using her Korean tongue.

          “They said we deserved some alone time with our favorite girls,” Namjoon answers. “And, it was short notice, and that would be a lot of food to make.”

          “Another time then, for sure,” Nari has a smile in her words.

          “So, why didn’t you answer Amber’s call for you?” Seokjin asks.

          I turn to look at my cousin, “Yeah. What were you doing?”

          “Well, I started on dinner when I got a phone call,” Nari sighs. “From your parents. I just got off the phone with them.”

          “What did they say?” Emily asks.

          “Boys, do you mind staying in the living room as us girls talk in the kitchen?” Nari sweetly smiles.

          No one objects, and Emily and I follow Nari into the kitchen.

          “Is it bad news?” I fall right back into speaking English.

          “Let me start from the beginning,” Nari checks her pots on the stove.

          “Sounds good,” Emily tugs my arm so I sit down at the table with her.

          “Well, they called about twenty mines ago, making sure you made it and all,” Nari turns to face us, side-stepping so she can lean against the counter. “I filled them in, saying you two made it and are unpacked.”

          “When did you tell them of our boyfriends of almost a year?” I blurt out.

          “Amber, deep breaths,” Emily pats my shoulder.

          “That I brought up next,” Nari crosses her arms over her stomach. “They asked a lot of questions, and I had most of the answers. Before they could even say if they approved, I dove into a speech about how happy they make you and how they are good boys. Just did all I could so they could see why you are dating them.”

          “I am on edge, like when I watch baseball,” I bite my bottom lip. “What is their stand?”

          “They want to talk with them at some point,” Nari smiles. “But, they are totally okay with it. They think it is great you are finally in relationships. I hope that makes you happy.”

          “Are you serious?” I pop out of my chair.

          “Of course,” Nari laughs. “Do you want to go tell them?”

          “Taehyung!” I exclaim as I rush into the living room. “Babe, good news.” I vault the couch, ending up by Taehyung.

          “Whoa,” Taehyung chuckles. “Hi jagiya.”

          The excitement running through my veins has my confidence soaring. In a moment, I am straddling Taehyung’s lap, holding his face in my hands.

          “Ah, what is so good that I get this treatment?” Taehyung’s tongue glides across his bottom lip, hands grasping my waist.

          “My parents, they are okay with us.” I crash our lips together.

          Taehyung’s grip strengthens and he smiles into the kiss.

          “Wow, looks like Amber is going to get some,” Emily teases. “But, you heard her. Our parents are happy for us.”

          “Hey baby,” Namjoon says. “Maybe I can get a kiss for the good news.”

          I slowly pull away from Taehyung, “That was amazing.” I look at Emily, “Kiss your boy, it’s wonderful.”

          Emily walks around the couch to be in front of Namjoon. “This is my first kiss.”

          Namjoon stands up, wrapping an arm around her so she doesn’t fall. “Just follow my lead.” He slowly connects his lips with Emily’s.

          “You go girl,” I chuckle, feeling Taehyung’s hands travel up my sides.

          Namjoon and Emily separate after a few more seconds; Emily’s face is the reddest I have ever seen.

          “It was wonderful,” Emily lazily smiles.

          “I hope we aren’t moving too fast,” Namjoon kisses her forehead.

          “Just perfect.”

          “What is going on our here?” Nari’s voice shocks me.

          “Celebrating,” Seokjin’s Korean reminds me to switch languages.

          “Looks to be more for Taehyung there,” she chuckles. “Enjoying yourselves?”

          “Amber got into this position on her own,” Taehyung defends himself.

          “Calm down, Tae,” I kiss his forehead. “She’s teasing, and trusts us.”

          “Do you need help with dinner, dear?” Seokjin stands up.

          “Just finishing up, but sure,” Nari smiles. “I love your help.”

          Seokjin follows Nari out of the living room with a smile on his face.

          “Jagi,” Taehyung’s voice pulls my attention back to him. “If you ever feel uncomfortable, tell me. I love you so much, and don’t want to mess this up because I wanted something too fast.”

          “Don’t worry, Tae,” I lean in so our noses touch. “I’ll always let you know.”

          “Are you coming to the studio tomorrow?”

          “We have schoolwork to do,” I press my lips to his for a second. “The day after though, we will be going. We can’t distract you, so you’ll have to focus.”

          He slides a hand into my hair, “It’ll be hard, as you are just so beautiful.”

          “Ah,” my cheeks heat up in seconds. “I am beginning to believe that now because of you.”

          “It’s true.”

          “And you are so handsome,” I rest my hands on his shoulders.

          “Jagiya,” he smiles. “You are so sweet. I love you,” his box smile makes an appearance for a few seconds. “I want to spend so much time with you.”

          “You will,” I ruffle his hair. “We will spend a lot of time together doing a lot of different things.”

          He traps his lower lip between his teeth before speaking again. “As long as I am with you.”

          “I don’t mean to interrupt the cutest couple ever,” Emily speaks up. “But, our parents approving is only half the battle.”

          “Shit, you’re right,” I climb off Taehyung’s lap. “Big Hit has the last say, really.”

          Taehyung puts his arm around me and pulls me close. “We will tell them tomorrow, no reason to push it off.”

          I look over at Namjoon and Emily, who are not seated on the couch.

          “I’m okay with that,” Namjoon nods. “I still think we should keep our relationships on the down low.”

          “That is a good idea,” Emily says. “Give some time before it is exposed by the media.”

          “My glasses,” I exclaim, frantically touching the areas around my eyes. “Did I leave them at the dorm?”

          “Your sweatshirt pocket,” Taehyung pats my head.

          “When did I take them off?” I reach into my sweatshirt pocket, feeling my phone and glasses case. “Thank god they are in there.”

          “Man Amber, you are a wild one,” Namjoon chuckles.

          I blush in embarrassment and slouch into the couch. “My dumbass brain is to blame. Some things don’t work the way everyone’s does.”

          “Totally fine,” Emily smiles. “We love you the way you are. Right?”

          “That was a bad thing to say, I’m sorry,” Namjoon says. You are wonderful just the way you are.”

          “Yeah, jagi,” Taehyung kisses my temple. “Perfect in my eyes.”

          “Thanks guys,” I tenderly smile.

          “Dinner is ready,” Nari’s voice travels from the kitchen. “Come and eat!”


​A little later than I wanted to get it out, but here it is! Sorry I haven't posted a chapter in a little bit. I've been busy doing things. Hope you enjoyed it! I always welcome feedback. :D

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