Not Yours, Not Mine, But Ours

They had both loved her. They had both tried to save her. Now that she is gone, a best friend and an older brother have to work together to raise the children that she left behind. As Shemar and Dr. Scotland "Scotty" Fields figure out how to be instant parents they find themselves falling in love.


2. Chapter Two

Scotland had to lean against the wall to keep herself from collapsing. "When and how?"

Shemar spoke in a very monotone voice when he finally responded. "After she got out of rehab I brought her home to live with me. I tried to keep her clean. I tried to get her back in contact with the kids but I couldn't help her," There were tears in his eyes but he didn't let them fall. "The second my back was turned she went running back to the needle. She took off a few days ago after I confronted her. They found her alone in a motel room on Skid Row."

"When?" She had tears streaming down her face but she didn't seem to notice.

"They found her yesterday." Shemar bowed his head.

"How do I tell the kids?" Scotland really didn't know what to do and was having a bit of an emotional breakdown. "They started school today. They still haven't completely adjusted to life with me. Brittany still asks for her mama, Tori's always angry, and Jaden's an anxious mess! How do I tell them that their mom is dead?"

"That's why I'm here, Scotty." Shemar wiped his eyes quickly. "I couldn't help my baby sister but I can be here to get my nieces and nephew through this."

The way he worded that snapped Scotland back to reality and back into overprotective parent mode. "It doesn't work like that," She shook her head. "You can't just pop in and out of those kids lives whenever you think they need you. They have had too many people yo-yo in and out of their lives. They've called too many men 'daddy'. If you are going to be a part of their lives, you need to be a constant presence. After this..." She choked up a bit and had to take a minute before she could continue. "After this, they are going to need as much security as we can give them."

"I'm game, baby girl," He nodded his head firmly. "Those kids are my blood. Living pieces of Charlotte. The only reason I haven't been a part of their lives is because it was always so hard to keep track of Charlotte at first and then when you took the kids, I figure I should focus my attention on getting her clean for the kids."

Scotland believed his explanation without any doubt. She had had great trouble keeping track of her friend over the years herself. The fact that Charlotte had six brothers and sisters and Shemar was the only one who ever showed any concern for her or the children said a lot about his character.

"Fine, you can be with me when I tell them," Scotland compromised. "I take it you are in charge of planning the funeral?" Charlotte's mother had been dead for going on five years, their father was forever in the wind, and of course, Shemar was the wealthy sibling.

Shemar nodded sadly.

"Need some help?" She offered. It looked like she was would be taking another leave of absence. Dr. Kelso was going to kill her.

Again Shemar nodded.

"You can stay with me and the kids." She offered. "I'll help. I knew Charlotte her whole life."

"Thank you, baby girl," He accepted.

"Now, I just have to go and tell my boss that I need another leave of absence. If I'm not back in half an hour...he's killed me and had the Janitor hide my body."

Shemar gave a forced chuckle as though he didn't know if she was joking or not.

Someone cleared their throat in the doorway.

"Don't worry about it, Ghetto Barbie," The man was close to middle-aged, tall, pale, and had curly red hair. The nickname obviously had to do with the fact that Scotland was a blue eyed blonde who hailed from the hood. The nickname should have been offensive but the man said it with such affection that it held no malice. "I heard a good portion of the conversation. I'll cover for you in the ER for however long you need me to. Between Neurotic Barbie, Newbie, his black wife, and of course, Carla, Blessed Mother of Idiots, they can handle the I.C.U. without me. I'll take care of Bob for you."

Scotland exhaled a breath that she didn't know that she had been holding. Dr. Perry Cox could be a right bastard when he wanted to be but he was always there when you needed him.

"You know Jordan, once she takes a break from eating puppies, of course, and I are around if you or the kids need anything...right, Scotty?" The fact that he used her actual name spoke to how serious he was.

"Yeah, I do," Scotland nodded. "Thank you, Dr. Cox,"

"I got the rest of your shift, Ghetto Barbie," He reverted back to her nickname. "It will keep me away from Newbie and the Janitor's latest battle...apparently, the Janitor doesn't like it when you trick him into lo-jacking himself." He shrugged. "Take off whenever you need to and give those kids a hug from their Uncle Perry." Dr. Cox disappeared down the hallway.

Shemar was staring ar the door with an incredulous look on his face. "Was that dude for real?"

That was most people's first question after meeting Dr. Cox and for the first time since Shemar had broken the news, Scotland laughed just a little.

"Yeah," She nodded. "Dr. Cox, Sacred Heart's own personal Professor Snape,"

He raised an eyebrow at this description.

She laughed again. "Jaden reads and watches A LOT of Harry Potter." She left out the part where she was the one who introduced him to the boy wizard.

"The kids seem like they are surrounded by people who love them," Shemar nodded approvingly.

Scotland was in the midst of gathering her things as she replied, "They really are. They have me, my parents, my sisters and their husbands, and my friends here at the hospital. All of them have stepped up to help since I brought them home."

As Shemar stood, he caught Scotland's hand in his own. "I want to thank you. You've given my nieces and nephew a home and a family...something Charlotte was never able to give them. I'll be forever thankful, baby girl."

Scotland didn't know how to respond so she just nodded her head and smiled.

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