Not Yours, Not Mine, But Ours

They had both loved her. They had both tried to save her. Now that she is gone, a best friend and an older brother have to work together to raise the children that she left behind. As Shemar and Dr. Scotland "Scotty" Fields figure out how to be instant parents they find themselves falling in love.


6. Chapter Six

"We need to talk," Scotland turned to Shemar.

He nodded, "I know. I was hoping to get a chance to talk to you before you found out on the such luck." He laughed but there was no humor in it. It was more nervous than anything.

"What's going on?" She put her hands on her hips.

"You know you're sexy as hell when you do that, baby girl," He nodded at her stance.

Scotland dropped her arms. "Shemar, I'm being serious here. You quit your job? Why would you do that?"

"Because I need to be here for my family and I can't do that in L.A." He shrugged. "Because I've been playing the same character for eleven seasons and I'm bored...take your pick."

"So, you're staying in town?"

Shemar nodded.


He laughed. "I was hoping to stay here with you and the kids but I can get my own place if you'd prefer. I just figured it would be easier with all of us living together,"

"What would be easier?" She was so lost she could see Atlantis. It was right next to where Noah parked the Ark.

"Me taking care of the kids while you're off being a kick ass doctor," Shemar started ticking off reasons on his fingers. "Me and you dating. The five of us being a family,"

Whoa, hold the phone!

"Excuse me?" She tried and failed to sound offended.

The truth was that she found Shemar very attractive...who wouldn't? He looked like he had stepped right off the cover of a romance novel. The way he took care of the kids never failed to warm her heart. And she would be kidding herself if she said she didn't like having him around to talk to or cuddle up and watch movies with...wait a minute...

"Shit," She said to herself.

Shemar chuckled. "Finally figured it out, baby girl?"

"We're already dating," The realization hit her like a ton of bricks. She had been unknowingly dating her dead best friend's brother pretty much from the moment that Charlotte had died. This was sick!

She fled to the safety of her bedroom and into the ensuite bathroom. She turned the water on and undressed as quickly as she could. She had been in pain for over a week and she had done her best to hide it from Shemar and the kids but what had just happened in the living room seemed to push her over the edge and now even her hair seemed to hurt. Hot water usually helped when she was having a flare up and so she sunk to sit on the shower floor with the water beating down on her. She didn't know how long she sat there but the pain only seemed to grow worse, not better and it was almost impossible for her to move.

Just when she was starting to seriously worry how she was going to manage to get herself out of the shower, the glass door slid open and a dark hand reached in to shut off the water.

Before she knew it, she was wrapped in a fluffy white towel and laying in her bed while Shemar retrieved a nightgown for her out of her dresser.

He helped her into it and tucked her in, handing her two white pills (he must have been in her medicine chest) and a glass of water.

She took the pills without complaint and laid back on her pillow.

Shemar brushed a damp piece of her blonde hair behind her ear and then finally spoke. "I know you're sick, baby girl, and I know you haven't told anyone,"

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