Not Yours, Not Mine, But Ours

They had both loved her. They had both tried to save her. Now that she is gone, a best friend and an older brother have to work together to raise the children that she left behind. As Shemar and Dr. Scotland "Scotty" Fields figure out how to be instant parents they find themselves falling in love.


1. Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not know Shemar Moore and nothing that happens in this story is true in any way, shape, or form. I also do not own nor do I claim to own the television show Scrubs. I am not making a profit off of this story.

Author's Note: This story deals with the effects of a drug addicted lifestyle and death on loved ones, a person living with a debilitating disease, a stay-at-home dad, and all around family related drama. Just thought that you should have a heads up. As far as I know, Shemar does not have a sister named Charlotte. I honestly just used the name of my hometown. This story cross's over with the television show Scrubs slightly. I am also not going to lie, I got the inspiration to write this after binge watching The Bernie Mac Show on Netflix. This story will crossover with my other story The Rapper and the Princess at some point.




"Tori! Get a move on! We're going to be late!" Scotland "Scotty" Fields yelled through the bathroom door to her twelve-year-old goddaughter.

Her godson Jaden, a royal pain-in-the-butt in his own right when he wanted to be, was seated at the kitchen table nervously going over his new student handbook. He was seven and always anxious about something.

Her other goddaughter, four-year-old Brittany was the easiest of the lot. She was dressed and happily eating her breakfast. She was excited for her first day of Pre-K.

Her biggest problem that morning was the pre-teen nightmare that had been locked in the hallway bathroom for over an hour doing her hair. She started pounding on the door. "Victoria Lynn Moore! You have no idea how big of a donation that I had to make to Sacred Heart to get you admitted on such short notice! You are not going to be late on your first day! Let's go! NOW!"

The Sacred Heart Convent School was one of the most elite private girls' schools in the country. The only reason, besides her hefty donation, that Victoria had even been admitted was because Scotland worked at Sacred Heart Learning Hospital, a private teaching hospital run by the nuns of Sacred Heart. Scotland was an emergency room doctor with a staff of interns that worked below her. That staff of interns would be left unsupervised for morning rounds if Victoria didn't get out of the bathroom!

You are probably wondering why Scotland was in charge of her godchildren, right? The answer was simple, she had adopted them six months earlier. They were the children of her childhood best friend Charlotte Moore. They had both come from the same rough area of L.A. Both of their daddies had taken off before they were born. Charlotte was raised by a single mother while Scotland had been adopted by her step-father when she was three. They had grown up living next door to each other and were friends from the word go. Their lives had only gone in separate directions after high school. Scotland had gone off the college and then to medical school. Charlotte had met the wrong guy during her freshmen year of college and gotten pregnant with Victoria. It wasn't long until she flunked out of school. Her continued downhill from there. She fell into drug abuse and a series of unhealthy relationships. Seven months ago, Child Services had gotten involved. Charlotte, who was a stranger to Child Services or the police, was given two options. The first option was that she could voluntarily sign her children over to someone she trusted to be adopted and enter a rehab program. The second option was a judge would terminate her parental rights and put the children into the foster care system and Charlotte into jail. Charlotte went with the first option. Scotland agreed to adopt the kids and Charlotte's older half-brother Shemar had paid for her to enter a rehab program.

The kids were still adjusting to their new lives and Scotland tried to go easy on them as much as possible but this would be her first day back at work since she had adopted the kids. She had taken a leave of absence to help them adjust. It hadn't been easy. Charlotte never attempted to contact the kids and they noticed and it hurt them.

FINALLY, the bathroom door opened and a put-out looking Victoria stood before her. "I hate my hair!" She stomped her foot.

Scotland couldn't understand why. It looked rather cute to her, tied back with a blue ribbon that matched her Sacred Heart uniform. That had taken over an hour?

Scotland moved to block the bathroom door just in case the girl tried to go back in. "Your hair looks great. I love your curls."

"My curls are the problem!" Victoria huffed. "I want to get braids or a blow-out." She demanded for the millionth and a half time.

Scotland put a hand on her shoulder and directed her to the kitchen table and her breakfast. "And as I've told you, once your attitude improves we will discuss a visit to the salon."

"So, in other words, NEVER!" Jaden giggled, making fun of his older sister.

Victoria reached over and smacked the student handbook out of her brother's hands.

"Hey!" Jaden yelled.

"Aunt Scotty," Brittany sing-songed in her baby voice. "Tory hit Jaden's book!"

"Brittany, don't tattle. Tori, pick up your brother's book. Jaden be kinder to your sister." Scotland ordered as she finished packing the kid's lunches for the day.

Scotland got the three kids to their three respective schools and made it to work with no time to spare. She's done morning rounds with her interns, run off a drug seeker, avoided her boss, Dr. Kelso, twice, and had stitched up the thumb of a construction worker. She was just about the take her lunch break when her friend, Carla, a nurse from I.C.U. caught up with her.

"Scotty, a guy claiming to be your kid's uncle came to the I.C.U. looking for you. I sent him to wait in your office."

Scotland only had sisters so she knew that the uncle had to be from Charlotte's side of the family. But which one was it? Charlotte's dad had gotten around over the years and had children with multiple women.

Thanking Carla, Scotland made her way to her office when she found Charlotte's oldest brother, Shemar waiting for her. The two had never met before. Shemar was an actor and Charlotte recognized him from his many television and film roles. He was seated in one of the leather chairs in front of her desk and stood to greet her when he noticed her enter.

"Dr. Fields?" He held out his hand.

There were times when being addressed as "Doctor" didn't feel right and this was one of those times.

"The name is Scotland or Scotty," She informed him with a welcoming smile as she took a moment to look him over and size him up. He was tall and very good looking but what caught Scotland's attention most and set her on edge was the bloodshot, haunted look in the older man's eyes. Whatever his reason for being there it wasn't good. She had a good guess what the news was. "She's gone, isn't she?"

Shemar didn't reply verbally. He just nodded his head.

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