Gay for the wrong reason?

Why cant we just be together?


3. thoughts

James pov.

When I got home I saw my talking to a woman. So I went over to see who it is.

" Hey James, meet Martha are new neighbor." My father said " I was just asking her if her and her family would like to come over for dinner? At 6 maybe?"

" Oh my family and I would love to Dan!" Martha said. " Well I guess I'll see you tonight then, nice meeting you James."

"Nice to meet you too, Martha." I replied.

And with that she was off.... but when I saw her walk across the street to her new house I saw.... Sam! Oml he lives right across from me... and that wasn't it, he saw my surprised face and smirked like crazy!


I know my chapters are short I'm sorry, the story's going to get better I promise! - your favorite girl Lennah -

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