She's Kinda Hot | 5SOS

When a girl turns up at their door begging for help after she came from a Broken Home what else can they do? They are too nice to turn her away but will she be more hassle than she is worth?

This is a 5 Seconds of Summer fan fiction, I will be using their song titles as the chapter names, it will give a clue what the chapters will be about as well. Enjoy


2. End Up Here

I stirred from my very uncomfortable sleep that I had on the bench, as my eyes opened slightly I was blinded by the burning sun on my face, that's when I remembered last nights events and a tear was brought to my eye.
I patted down my body to find a lump in my jean pocket which was my phone. I sighed with relief as I sat up right and checked the time only to find thousands of texts from my dad who I quite frankly never wanted to see again, the texts were mainly asking me to come home but I don't want to be in a house with a lier.
As I looked around the neighbourhood I noticed that there were cars missing meaning the the people who live there had seen me but had ignored the fact I was asleep on a bench and continued on to work. I knew that I had to decide what I was going to do with my life now, I either had to come up with an idea as to where I would go or wait for someone to offer me help which I knew wasn't going to happen.

??? P.O.V

"She is still out there!" Someone piped up as we all ate our breakfast getting ready for our busy day.
"Maybe she really is homeless?"
"Or maybe she is waiting to jump us as we leave the house!"
"Well only time will tell and we don't have a lot of that so everyone get your butts in gear and out of that door" I orders causing everyone to laugh and my outburst of authority.
We all left the house slowly walking past the girl sitting on the bench thinking that she would explode wth excitement and chase us but we was far from it, instead she looked up at us, smiled and then continued to flick through her lock screen texts. 
Once we was out of range for her to hear we all sighed "you was right, if she is there tonight we will invite her in because a pretty girl like that shouldn't be on her own, especially on the streets" one of the guys said.
"Did you see her tattoos!? They were amazing, she had a half sleeve by the looks of it dedicated to music" I said in awe as I remembered the look of them. "We need to keep moving, don't want to be late now" another one of the guys said and we all piled into our car. 
We were out for ages doing this photo shoot it felt like years had passed but it had only been 6 hours, that doesn't include the food stop on the way home either. This year we had been touring because we released our first album, the aim is to have another album released this year and soon! 
We pulled up outside of the house noticing she was still there as we exited the car. She looked upset and we could all see that as we walked past her to the house. "Who is going to do the inviting?" One of them asked. "I volunteer Calum, he has a way with the ladies" they all agreed with this statement so I left the house sighing at the stupidity of the guys. 
I walked over to her but she didn't look up at me, so I sat down on the bench trying to get her attention but she didn't look again so I spoke to her "hello I'm Calum" i had the biggest grin on my face ever as I spoke.
"I'm Daisy" she replied and pushed her phone into her pocket. "So the guys and I were wondering if you would like to stay with us, we noticed you last night and made a deal we would invite you in if you don't pay attention to us earlier" I said in a hushed tone because I didn't want to offend her.
"I would love that" she stood up and grabbed her bag as she done so. With my gentleman instincts kicking in I took the bag from her hand and lead the way to the house. 
As we entered the guys were separating the food onto 5 different plates, it's like they knew she would say yes to coming in. 
"So these are the guys" I pointed to the guy with the quiff "that's Luke" then the one with the red hair "that's Michael and this is Ashton" I said and pointed to the guy with curly hair.
"It's nice to meet you all, my name is Daisy" she said and looked at the floor for a second trying to cover her blood shot eyes from us.
"Okay let's eat, I'm starving!" Michael said rubbing his hands together. I placed Daisy's bag on the floor and we both crowded around our small coffee table.
"You all look really familiar" she mumbled as a spoon full of noodles met her lips.
Luke looked at me with a face that meant should-we-tell-her, my reply to that was indeed a shrug of the shoulders.

Daisy's P.O.V

Just looking at their faces was ringing a bell but I didn't know where the ringing was coming from. Maybe they are models....nah.
Maybe they are actors...nah.
Maybe a..... "Shit" I cursed out loud causing the four of them to stare at me with confused expressions. "I know who you are!" I said in a happy voice and looked at them, they looked worried. "Don't worry boys I won't tell anyone where you live or the fact that I'm eating dinner with 5 Seconds of Summer!" I honestly couldn't contain my excitement as I spoke. 
Everything was quite for a minute and then they all laughed, probably at my excitement but I didn't care. 
"So I noticed your tattoos earlier, what's the theme?" Ashton asked as he filled his mouth with chicken. "Oh" I lifted my sleeve up a little more and relived them properly "it's music, I've always been a huge geek for it and I didn't know a way to express myself so in the end on a drunk night out I got my first one which is this really shitty microphone" I ended up explain all of my tattoos and when it came to the last one I smiled "I have one on my thigh too, it's a special one for my brother, he was in the army and he always said that he would have a tattoo on his thigh so I done it to for full his dreams" 
"That's very touching" Michael said as he pushed the empty plate into the centre of the table and rubbed his belly. "I will go soon, than you for the dinner" I got up and was about to grab my bag but was stopped "hey stay with us, you clearly need a place to stay and I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for a pretty girl to sleep rough on a bench" Luke said as he grabbed the bag and gave me a cheeky smile.
"You can sleep in my bed" Calum offered.
"No don't be silly, I will sleep on sofa" I offered but they ignored and Calum carried my bag up the stairs. I followed him up the stairs, into a room that was black, grey and white, it was really clean. "How is this room so clean!" I gasped as my eyes scanned the room "I'm twenty, my room is my relax place and where I write our lyrics" he plopped my bag on his bed "well let's get to know each other" he gestured to walk back downstairs and I followed.

Luke's P.O.V

She was so pretty, dark brown hair, tanned skin, dark brown eyes that still had a sparkle in them, she wasn't thin nor was she big - the perfect size. Her tattoos are a bonus, she is just my type!
I could hear footsteps coming back down the stairs which broke me from my thoughts. "I think we should get to know each other more" Michael said as they sat on the sofa together. "Okay, I will start" I said "so my name is Luke Hemmings I'm twenty and have two brothers, Ben and Jack" 
"I'm Ashton Irwin I'm twenty-two and have a brother and sister, Lauren and Harry" Ashton spoke up, Michael then started his little introduction "so I'm Michael Clifford and I'm twenty, I also like dying my hair!"
Calum looked up and smiled "Calum Hood, twenty and I have one sister Mali" 
We all looked toward Daisy and she leant forward "my name is Daisy King-Black, my mother and father had a massive fight and I run away from home because he is a lying, cheating dick head who I never wish to see again. I'm also eighteen" she looked upset after speaking about her family but no one said anything about it. "You don't look eighteen" Michael mentioned with a puzzled look on his face.
"I get that a lot" she said an yawned "I think I will go to bed if you guys don't mind" she got up and left, Calum followed her up to the room.

Calum's P.O.V

"I will just get my pjs and be out of here" I said quickly and rushed over to my draws. "I feel bad" she said loud enough for me to hear "why?" I cocked an eyebrow "because I'm stealing your bed, you don't even know me well enough to let me sleep in your bed, please I will sleep on the floor it's no trouble, you guys have been kind enough to let me stay here" she looked determined and I could tell she wasn't going to let me off.
"I will get the spare mattress from under Ashton's bed, you can sleep on that if you don't want to sleep in my bed" I compromised and left the room. 
When I entered again she was in her pjs and fast asleep on my bed, this made me chuckle as I set the mattress down and laid on it. She is beautiful, just my type! I thought as I fell asleep.

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