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Jasmine, a 15 year old sophomore who attends Los Angeles High School, is nothing but a normal girl who plays basketball and stays at home most of the time. She had only one real friend, and that was “Jessica.” She had good grades and was on the right track until she met him. The one and only “Justin Bieber”. He was one of the most popular boys at school…….scratch that he WAS the most popular boy at school and not too mention every teenage girls’ crush. Jasmine was different though. She didn’t care for Justin as much as everyone else, all she did was focus on school and basketball. She heard that Justin was no good and he’s known for breaking every girls heart that came across him and he sleeps with everyone...at least that’s what everyone says. So what happens when Jasmine comes across Justin’s path? Will she fall for him or will she get her heart broke in the end?


7. Ooops!

Jasmine’s POV


Our team was was winning  by 10. It was the end of the 1st quarter. I was sitting on a chair on the sideline. While I was watching the game I noticed Justin’s girlfriend slowly walking past me while mugging me. I guess Justin told her what happened but not what really happened. Not like she would care anyway.


“Bitch!” Emily whispered as she walked past.


I glared at her but ignored her and continued watching the game. Emily was gone for less than ten minutes and then I noticed her walking back with a nacho and a soda in her hand this time. She had a smirk on her face. As she walked past she pretended to slip and she spilled all of her nachos on my shirt and soda on my hair which also got on the basketball court.


“Huuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!” I gasped as the soda dripped down off my hair onto my face and the floor.

“Ooops!” Emily said sarcastically with a grin on her face.


At the moment, I lost it. I got off my chair and full fledge attacked Emily. I punched her in the face repeatedly. The referees has stopped the game to break the fight up and get the soda off the floor. I noticed Justin running over. When he reached us, he grabbed Emily off of the floor. He looked at me with so much anger in his face like it was my fault or something.


“What the fuck are you doing?” Justin shouted at me.


I couldn’t even think straight and I didn’t answer him.


Justin’s POV


I was watching the game when all of sudden everything stopped and the referees started blowing their whistles and running. I looked to see where they were running and I seen that Jasmine and emily were fighting. I quickly got up and ran towards them. I grabbed Emily off of the floor. Jasmine had soda and nachos all over her.


“Don’t ever touch my fucking girlfriend” I said as I  pushed Jasmine causing her to stumble back.

“That’s it.” Ms. Bitler said. “All three of you in my office. Now!” She demanded.

“But…..” Jasmine started  but was quickly cut off.

“No BUTS! In my office now.” Ms. Bitler stated.


We all walked to her office.  She made all of us take a seat.

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