Rogue EIGHTEEN: A Star Wars Story

This IS NOT a parody of Rogue One, I just used the title as a parody, the rest of the story has nothing to do with the movie coming out soon.

Thanks for your understanding,
JigglypuffRevolution <3


1. My O.C.

My name is Janessa. Janessa Shadowhand. My experience with the force has been quite interesting for being an 16 year old girl. The force is an energy field that binds all things. My father, a force user, had tried to make me choose a side in the war between being on the light side, a.k.a the Republic, formerly known as the Galactic Republic which includes Jedi, padawans, and younglings, or the dark side a.k.a the Galactic Empire, formerly known as the Separatist Alliance which includes the Sith, their apprentices, and what they call "guardians", which can include anything from droids to stormtroopers. Long story short, I wouldn't tolerate being forced to do anything. Even though I was trained in the force already, I didn't want to take a side because both the light and dark sides have their flaws, so what did I do, I ran away, stole a ship, crashed it on the planet Tatooine and blew up the ship so I couldn't be tracked. I made a few friends on this planet, which leads to the question, "So where do you stand in the war?", the answer to that is simple. There are two other categories of sides in the war, congress or neutrality, I chose the latter option. Now within neutrality there are four other categories, bounty hunters, people who will do anything for the right price, slaves, see: Jabba The Hutt, peacekeepers who are usually exiled away from everyone else, or assassins, see: Asajj Ventress. I was already a trained assassin, thank my father for that, but eventually, I found my place amongst the bounty hunters, I am pretty good bounty hunter too, I take home probably twice as much as your average bounty hunter not just because I know how to use the force or because I know how to evade being killed when I know a deal is going to lead to that in the end and I'll end up penniless, but because I know how to compromise. I sat in my pretty high-tech bunker and decided to craft my own light saber, it was a black lotus style black light saber with a weathered hilt, and hot pink leather on the handle (if you don't know what that would look like, look at or google black lotus light saber and that should give you an example). Little did I know, that light saber would get me in lots of trouble. My attire was very simple, it includes a black body suit and a weaponry belt to hold my pistols, I have loads of packs that I attached by hand onto that belt that hold multiple types of explosives including C4, grenades (which I stole from the Jawas... Let's just say they don't like me anymore), and droid poppers (which I stole off various dead clone troopers... What? They weren't using them). Aside from that, I kinda stole a Sith's robe from what my dad calls his "trophy room" where he keeps everything from pieces of old Republic gunships to light sabers of dead Jedi or Sith Lords. As far as face goes, I keep most of it covered with a garb I hand stitched onto the robe. This covers all but my body (that's covered by the black body suit), my feet (those are covered by black leather boots), my hands (which aren't covered), and my deep blue eyes (one of them is partially covered by my bangs, but overall they're uncovered). I know my father sent search parties out for me a while ago on neighboring planets, however from here to my dad's base is anything but neighboring. 

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