Last Texts (Horror and Morbid Stories Told Through Texts)

Your Fears in the Form of Writing


1. In The Air

Sandra:  Babe, im starting to miss u

Me: Hun, it's literally been 10 minutes xD

Sandra: Ik... but this is the first time we've been away from each other. I'm just worried.

Me: Don't be. It's just a business trip. I'll be back home in no time. Tell baby John hello from me alright?

Sandra: I will <3 He misses his daddy already too.

Me: So, you got any plans while im gone?

Sandra: Maybe some Netflix, you should've stayed and chilled with me ;) ;)

Me: Haha very funny. Sweetie, u know how important this business trip is for me. For us.

Sandra: Yea... 

Me: Hold up. Plane's taking off.

-10 Minutes Later-

Me: K, we're in the air now.

Sandra: Everything going fine?

Me: Yeah, why did u ask?

Sandra: Idk, i've always been scared to go in a plane.

Me: Babe, it's okay xD 

Sandra: mmm if you say so.

-5 Minutes Later-

Me: u want a souvenir?

Sandra: Sure!!! Bring me back a snow globe lol

Me: xD and a xx large t-shirt


Me: xD sorry. 

Me: THe plane's getting a lil bumpy

Sandra: Um, u ok?

Me: Yeah... i think, captain just said there's gonna be a lil turbulence.

Sandra: Oh... that's not that bad, is it?

Me: I suppose n

Sandra: n?

Sandra: What did you mean??

Sandra: Josh! What did you mean???

Sandra: Babe!! ANSWER ME

Me: Sandra

Me: The plane's going down. Idk what happened. Captain's trying to get us into water, but there's no form of water near us right now.

Sandra: NO! Promise me you'll make it out of this alive. Idk how im gonna survive without you.

Me: Listen to me, Sandra. U have to. John's counting on you to raise him. If I dont make it out of this, take care of our child. Tell him that his daddy didnt want to leave him. He had to.

Sandra: BABE NO! Don't leave me! Please don't leave me!

Me: I love you darling, and I love Jo



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