Two is Better Than One

Olivia is a forgiving girl; both a blessing and a curse. She is always seeing the best in people. But what happens when, time after time, people take advantage of that? Liv swore off of guys for good, but there's no telling how long that will last when she meets a guy who shows her that two is better than one.


2. Used to it

I stepped out from the drivers seat of my car and onto the grass patch that surrounded the mailbox of Daniel's house. Daniel has been my boyfriend for almost a year now, and even though we have most certainly had our ups and downs, he's always come through for me at the end of the day, and that's what matters the most.

I haven't seen Daniel in about two weeks. My mom and I decided we both needed a little holiday to spend some time together and just have some fun. We went to mainland Europe for two weeks to see some of our extended family outside of London. I hadn't told Dan that we had boarded the plane, had landed and were back in our hometown, let alone that I was visiting him. I decided that I would surprise him. I pulled out my phone and sent him a message, 'Hey baby, sorry I didn't text you earlier. Our flight was delayed and I'm only just boarding the plane now xx I'll see you tomorrow maybe, depends on how tired I am. Anyways have a good night, I love you!' 

About a minute later he replied. 'That sucks babe, hope you have an amazing flight. Can't wait to see your gorgeous self tomorrow! I love you baby xo'

I walked up to his front door, ensuring he couldn't see me through any of the front windows. I cautiously walked around to the back door and sneaked in that way. I heard a noise upstairs, so I slowly made my way up the stairs. His door was closed which was odd, but he was probably in the shower or something. I silently turned the door knob and was about to push it open when I heard a strange noise. I could've sworn I heard a girl giggling. I shook my head; 'he's just got the TV on,' I assured myself. I heard it again, but this time it was less of a giggle and more of a grunt or moan. I was beginning to grow suspicious, but I didn't know if I wanted to open that door or not. I didn't want to jump to any conclusions, but it wasn't sounding good and I've been in situations like this and I couldn't help but feel really anxious.

I hesitantly pushed the door open, and almost immediately I wished I didn't. Daniel looked right up at me, his face spilling with a look of remorse. He got up, wrapping a sheet of some description around him as he followed me out of his bedroom door. 

"Olivia! Baby wait, I can explain!" He shouted out to me as I ran down his stairs.

"How could you Daniel? You know how much shit I've been through with guys and how hard it was for me to trust you!" I screamed in pure hurt and anger.

"Liv, please," He whispered almost silently.

I ran out his front door, slamming it as I left. I got in my car and just sat for a moment. I expected to burst into tears, or a fit of rage, but I felt nothing. I sat there emotionless for a few moments before turning my key in the ignition and began to make my way home. My journey home was silent but full of thought. The last time something like this happened I broke down and stayed in my room for ages. This time I just felt used to it.

I pulled into my house and walked up to my room. I lived on my own so the house was nice and quiet. I decided to text my mom about what had happened, it saved me from having to telling her later. Once I placed my phone down I realised that I was sleepy, and hadn't slept since being in Europe. I plugged my phone in and rolled over in my bed, closing my eyes and letting myself fall asleep.




Hey Guys! So first chapter is up - Yay! I'm starting the second chapter right now so if you are intrigued or interested in reading I promise you that I'll update asap! If you have any ideas or anything please let me know x Anyway thankyou for reading and I will talk to you all soon, much love :))

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