Diary of a teen mom

Victoria Bridwell is a mom of 4, step mom of one and one time divorcee living in Modesto, California. Follow Victoria's story from her perspective and find out the ins and outs of her chaotic life.


6. Dream wedding?

On our 2 year anniversary, Alex and I got married in Long Beach, California and I thought it was my dream. We had Everleigh as flower girl, Lincoln as a mini page boy and all our family and close friends in attendance.

I wore a beautiful white lacy dress whilst my bridesmaids wore pastel dresses, Everleigh had a pastel pink dress and petals to scatter and the groom and groomsmen had pastel ties and waistcoats. 

We got married on Alamitos beach and had our reception back home in a fancy hotel where I'm pretty sure Aviana was conceived! We wrote our own vows and did a sand ceremony and it was so perfect in my eyes, I thought it would last forever.

Everleigh had the best day ever and the weeks after we're blissful, but as soon as I found out Aviana was coming along, the dream shattered. 

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