Daddy Doesn't Know


My hands traveled down my swollen abdomen. Slowly. Surely. Parts of my body had began to feel awoken, like never before.

"How is this even real?" My fingernails scratched over the skin lightly, smoothing over the few stretch marks around my belly button. My...incredibly visible...belly button.

I smoothed my hair behind my ear and placed my hands back under my stomach, turning sideways in the view of the mirror.

I was giant.

I lifted my belly and let go it was as high as I could get it, watching it sink back to where it belonged.
Nine months along and a belly that had dropped significantly.

And my parents still don't know I'm pregnant.


3. 3.

Daddy left earlier than he needed to. I was alone today, all the easier to see Mac today.

Once again, I had driven to his blue apartment fifteen minutes away. It was a nice little neighborhood, mostly just teenagers who just moved and young adults.

As I parked on the street, Mackenzie came out to greet me with a kiss. It was a nice Saturday, nothing to do. It called for rain this afternoon anyway, so we decided to stay in.

We watched a few episodes of an ER drama and the blood began to get to me.

"Baby? When do you say we could have sex again?"

I laughed and cuddled into his arm. 
"Today marks six weeks exactly," I pat my bump. "Doctor Snow says at two months it's ok."

Four weeks later.

     "Mmm, yeah." I moaned. Sex while pregnant is the best thing ever. No need for condoms. What's the worst he could do? Get me pregnant?
I bit onto my tongue as Mackenzie thrust himself in me. He let go for the first time in two months.

"You're perfect," I swallow. "Keep coming. Please."

The bed shook along with me. Along with the thrusts of Mackenzie on top of me.

I moaned louder and louder. He came in me once more and he finished.

We lay side by side, covered in sweat. My bump continued to grow larger as this marked my second month.
I was told that growth went downhill from here, larger and larger every week. I liked getting bigger already. It felt good.

I've been managing to hide my bump with baggy clothes and sweaters. Soon that won't work.

A few people have noticed a weight gain already at school. So has Helena. Mom thinks she's paranoid.
I has gained seventeen pounds since conception. About two pounds a week.

Mackenzie slipped his arm around my abdomen, his hand resting on my stomach, rubbing gently.

"I love you."


   Taylor was out sick today so Fast & Frappé was up to Jarvis and I. Again.
I'd been sneaking bites of a blueberry muffin all morning. Then a carrot muffin. And another blueberry.
Craving things sucks. I can't hold all this food and two babies!

During closing, Jarvis seemed uneasy. He cleaned the sink quieter than usual until nobody was left in the café.

"Bate, are you pregnant?"

I stopped dead in my tracks. I gulped. Is it that noticeable? I cleared my throat before answering.

"No, why?" I giggled.

"Oh. Nothing, nothing."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, Jarvis. I'm positive I'm not pregnant." He knows.

I shook my head.

This is how it is at school. My homeschooling papers were already signed and mom was fine with it. Only a few more days. I was safe here at work. Jarvis was putting a notice in soon and Jessie was fired. Taylor doesn't know my parents so I'm fine if she finds out, which eventually she will when I'm huge.

My belly will definitely be noticeable at four months. Twin belly. Hmm.

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