The one that got away

This is a story about a girl whom I truly loved.


9. The one that got away



We still spoke but the conversations weren't the same. We had both changed. I promised her I was working on my flaws and that I'd be a better person towards her, but those things take time, I was trying really hard and still am. One day we had a massive fight and she blocked my number. I began having a panic attack and she told me she never wants to see me again. My heart exploded into a million tiny pieces. I had done the one thing I promised myself I wouldn't do. Screw up. 

After going to the hospital and getting medication she gave me another chance. I was extremely greatful. We spoke and tried to make things right but it just wasn't working. 

We had another fight and she blocked my number... this was it. She was done. She was done with putting up with my bullshit, my hurtful words and actions, that was it she was done for good. I had just lost the only girl who showed me I could feel and experience love. I couldn't believe it. 

P.S: Robynne, if you're reading this I turley love you and always will. I screwed up so bad. I should've treated you better and show you I really cared. I don't know why I didn't because I really did care and love you... I still do. 


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