The one that got away

This is a story about a girl whom I truly loved.


2. Her


One particular day I was just browsing the app out of pure bordem when I came across this one profile. "Lunothielle" It read. Her name was awesome I thought. The picture was of a young woman with black straight hair, lots of dark makeup and trying to do a mini duck face sort of thing. "No ways this is her" I thought as I had come across many catfish on the app. I noticed she was wearing a pentagram necklace and I thought "whoa this girl seems amazing, she's beautiful and has a cool taste in jewelry. I had to get to know her.  Anyway I liked this profile. Match. She had also liked me. I smiled to myself "yes this is it... don't screw it up" I said to myself.

A few minutes later I received a notification. A message from her. "Hey" it read. I began smiling again and saying to myself "don't screw this up". I couldn't believe that beautiful mysterious emo/gothic girl was actually speaking to me, I had thought about messaging her first but she beat me to it. I obviously replied as I really wanted to get to know her. We chatted and chatted for a while, meaningless conversations really but they always put a smile on my face. 

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