A Sad Mean Trick

This poem is about the folklore of the goddess Artemis and her love, the mortal, Orion, but her brother, Apollo is disapproving.


1. A Sad Mean Trick

The night is bright

As they run in the sky

Holding each other's hand

Even though he is the only one she ever truly loved

Thy shall never be able to wed

Since she, Artemis, is the virgin goddess

And Orion a mortal

That she will never be wedded to

And since Apollo tricked Artemis

Into killing her only true love

She set him in the night sky

To his resting place

Still full of sadness 

She set Scorpio in the night sky

Behind Orion

Now still keeping watch in the woods

In the mountains

She looks up always to his resting place

In remembrance of her love, Orion

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