The hidden one

Snape had a daughter.


1. School

"Let's go Boise high!" The crowd shouts at the top of their lungs. I'm on the soccer field of the boys soccer game for half time. I finish the tradition of singing The Star-Spangled Banner but break it at the same time.

Only boys or the choir are supposed to sing. I am Laeran Snape and I am neither of those. I run to the bathrooms and change out of my dress. I slip on a uniform that says #2 Snape Boise high Boys soccer. I am an amazing soccer player but coach Don doesn't think girls should play. So I put my hair under a cap, wore no makeup, and got dirty. I passed the tryouts and did so better than any of the boys. When I ran out to the field, the team was running into the huddle. I said to Carlo, "race ya!" And we tore the turf.

Let me give you a little recap.

I'm only eleven. I got my letter yesterday when I came back from the year round high school. I am extremely smart because I have what is called a photographic memory. My mother, Lara Snape, and father, Severus Snape, are both magical. I am too but I have to go to a muggle school.

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