Smoke Me

I told him to smoke me...smoke me until he forgot about me//
chapters will be short


22. July 11, 2016

The following is an excerpt from the Journal of Ella Robins


July 11, 2016


Britney kicked me out because she found scratching and picking at the bugs. She told me that I was crazy because there weren't any bugs. But that's because she didn't see them Jack. Only I can see them. They were crawling all over me. And the drugs were the only things that would make them stop. So if I wasn't duped up then they would run wild all over me including my face. 

I saw Connor today and he said he missed me but I knew he was lying. He just wanted a smoking buddy. 

 So I told him to smoke me...smoke me until he forgot about me 

But I would try to go see him tomorrow. But Jack you're my one and only true friend. You never left me. Even though I forgot about you. You never left me. And that's why I love you. I love you for forever and a day. 


Love always Ella Marie Robins xx

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