The Stars are Falling

A short story.


1. The Stars are Falling

They had been lying there on the beach for hours now. Their fingers were intertwined like threads, so close like they would never let go of one another; like they couldn't. Divine, divine, two angels in their own personal heaven with no God to dictate over their fragile, beautiful lives. Their hair blew in the wind, waves lapping onto the shore and splashing their bare legs, but they were too entangled in one another to care.


Of course, no one could hear what they said, in those minutes before the sun finally died and fell beneath the sea, but those treasured words were kept only in one another's hearts, locked away, key tossed into the water. 


Only a a few words could be heard, floating on the late summer breeze. "The stars are falling, love." And indeed they were.


"As long as we're together. I couldn't care less."


And their lips met again, sweet with the taste of a late summer romance.

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