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5. such is the fate of heroes; by I C T E R I N E



3rd Review

They want me to be their sun but they flew too close. They will fall.



Title: such is the fate of heroes;

Author: I C T E R I N E

Date Published: Aug. 31st 2016

Last Updated: Aug. 31st 2016

Rated: Green

Genre: Fanfiction

Chapters: 2

Approx: 17 minutes

Status: Complete

Blurb: "Tell me not of Helen of Troy, the woman whose beauty caused cities to burn at her feet. Tell me of Helen of Sparta, the one, true victim in a war of victims. For she was made the sinner when the devil walked free." The war of Troy, told through the eyes of its victim. | Winner of the Classics category in the Battle of the Fandoms

Suggested By: Striped Sweaters Forever



At First Glance: The cover isn't all too eye catching, but the blurb makes up for it. That quote is certainly something.


Chapter One - Introduction: A note of sorts from the author. A small glossary is made at the end so you can familiarize yourselves with the characters. It seems a promising opening.


Chapter Two - tell me of Helen of Troy;: Beautiful. The dialogue spoken, descriptions written and story told are all beautiful. Never in my life have I been one for Greek mythology or the stories told about them. But this fanfiction makes me want to read them. It honestly shows you a side of the stories that was never told. Never even touched upon in the movies created. It honestly is a beautiful work of fiction and I am glad it was written. 

Although the grammar could use some cleaning up.


Overall: This truly is a wonderful story that should be read. Aside from minor grammatical mistakes it reads beautifully and should be a must read on everyone's list. I wondered too as to why the title itself has a semicolon in it, but it becomes clear in the story.


Recommendations: The author tends to write some run on sentences and the semicolons are too often. But other than that there are no complaints.


To Read Or Not To Read: It's an obvious read. If you haven't already, read this story.


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