Winter Reading List (Closed)

Where I read stories for you and leave a small review for you to read. Submit your TBR list! // Jan. 28th, 2017 - Closed, but finishing up the list. //


2. List


Bold: Finished

Italicized: Currently reading


No title is removed from the list and I read them out of order. 



- Misfits by IAmYourNemesis

- Sapphire by Pianist1303

- Saving A Prince by BeautifullyMusicalNerd

- The Cold Skinned and the Warm Hearted by Aphlenchan

- The Last Moon Dragon by Queen of The Dragonowls

- such is the fate of heroes; by I C T E R I N E

- Wolves of Mateo by

- Hoist the Colours by Lady Christmas Panda

- Maria [Season 1] by Cangku Shisan (I still can't type this correctly, I apologize Sammy whammy.)

- Him by sarahandharry

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