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7. Hoist the Colours by Lady Christmas Panda


A/N: I have read and reviewed this story twice. This small review will be based off the most recent full one I gave. (To this date it was three weeks ago.)


5th Review




Title: Hoist the Colours

Author: Lady Christmas Panda

Date Published: Aug. 17th 2015

Last Updated: Dec. 8th 2016

Rated: Green

Genre: Action & Adventure

Chapters: 18

Approx: 1 hour

Status: In Progress

Blurb: I only have a limited amount of time to tell you this dear readers. I am Morrow. I am sixteen. And I'm a pirate. (Awesome cover by Lady Tatertot! Go check out her cover shop, guys! That is, after you're done reading this, :D ! And favorite if you like this, you guys!) Unedited spelling and grammar mistakes. They will be edited out when the story is finished.

Suggested By: BadassJem



At First Glance: The cover shows a promising story but the summary leaves you uncertain. It also has a Pirates of the Caribbean vibe about it.


Chapter One: A term of copyright for the author's protection.

Chapter Two - The Branding Iron: Morrow is a very troublesome but hilarious character. His personality certainly comes out in this chapter. But it also gives enough action and suspense that it keeps you interested. It's a great way to start a story!

Chapter Three - The Escape: There's a lot of grammatical problems with this chapter. Sometimes it's infuriating to read problems, but the new characters certainly make up for it. The three together are hilarious and make for a interesting read as they get in mischief.

Chapter Four - The Bloody Coast: This was a good character chapter. It adds more depth to Morrow's character as he saves his ship mates by taking a hit. The second character, Arverly also becomes more defined then he was. Though Torro is a still a bit quiet, it's not the same without the three.

The author does well in description with enough character interaction that it's not all you read. She mixes the two wonderfully and it's a great chapter because of it.

Chapter Five - I Take A Break From Pirating...Sort Of: It's clear that as you read further, the less you worry about grammatical errors. You become too wrapped up in the characters and their surroundings. Though this chapter is different it's still very funny as is the characters in it.

You get a bit more from Torro but not a lot. He's clearly a 'hide, then run' type of character. Which makes him hanging out with psychotic characters, all the more hilarious. But you clearly get more character bonding in this chapter. Which is great considering it isn't explained earlier in the chapters.

Chapter Six - The Brig (And My Annoying Ex-Girlfriend): A new character is introduced! She is by far my favorite character because she buts heads with Morrow. Giving them a tug and pull relationship which is always funny to read. Her personality is so bold and loud that it's hard to ignore her presence.

Morrow clearly still has feelings for her but refuses to admit it. Just like he refuses to admit he cried while watching his ship go down.

Chapter Seven - An Ugly Ship (JOY!): A fight ensues! An extremely funny one if I may point out. Though not all parts of it are realistic, it's still a fun read and shows you more of how the characters work together. You'll soon learn though that it's not well. We haven't really been given a lot of character background which would be nice.

Chapter Eight - Betrayal: We have a change of view in this one. Instead of the viewpoint of Morrow, we now get the viewpoint of Morria. She's a bit dramatic but she's certainly not giving in to Morrow sending her off. She promises revenge and she's doing exactly that by bringing in his arch nemesis.

Chapter Nine - Captured! WHY ME?!: This wasn't the greatest chapter. We're brought back to Morrow's POV and get brought up to present time. But really it's just more comical fighting and no real plot progress. I don't even see a lot of character bonding in this one. 

Chapter Ten - Do You Wanna Go?: We learn a lot about Morria's character in this one. Like how she's sadistic and too spoiled for her own good. There's a lot of comical banter between characters which makes it an interesting read. But aside from that there's no real character or plot development.

Chapter Eleven - Nearly Drowning: Another fight with humor! We're brought back to our trio getting back on their feet after all their misguided adventures. The author gives good description and great banter. 

But there's more unrealistic moments and childish character behavior. (Ahem, I'm looking at you Morrow.)

Chapter Twelve - Cat V.S Dog (And the Cat Wins).: This chapter is shorter than the others. But there's a long awaited fight between Morria and Morrow that raises some concern. But with our characters now on a boat and moving onward, maybe some plot progress will happen.

Chapter Thirteen - Sinking: I'm still curious how their ship blew up. But we finally got some character background and development. Very minor, but very overdue information in my opinion. We learn of Morrow's sister and Morria apologies for her betrayal. It's a great step in the right direction.

But I'd really like to know why their boat blew up.

Chapter Fourteen - Awakened: A new character is brought in. He's a very intriguing character as he's an older gentleman. I'm curious as to how he's needed for the story. It seems as though the old man has his priorities straight, but what does he plan on doing with the four of them?

Chapter Fifteen - Um, excuse me? 'Inspiring young man'? That is an insult! I am a jerk, I am a dunce, I am a son of a bi-oh whoa uh...: The old man's part is still a mystery. But he finally sits the lot down to have a talk after Morrow gets a look around. The author gives awesome descriptions while still getting in character dialogue so it's not all we're reading. It's another nice blend as a whole for the chapter.

Chapter Sixteen-Eighteen: Author updates for a new revision to the story and character changes.



Overall: I think this a great story. It certainly has room for improvement, but it's a good read and keeps you on your toes. The characters and the situations they end up in are hilarious and truly make the story.


Recommendations: If I had any it would be to watch the grammatical errors and to work on character development. There's also more side bumps than there is actual plot progression too. So I would work on that as well.


To Read Or Not To Read: It's a definite read. If only for the simply humorous characters. This truly is something like a Pirates of the Caribbean movie and aside from a few bumps makes for a good read. 


Next Up: The Last Moon Dragon by Queen Of The Dragon-Owls

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