For the Poetry Competition ~ I wrote this poem for an English assignment (Happy to say it got full marks) and thought it was nice enough to share. I'm also really paranoid, so I ask not to copy my work. With confidence, I share these pieces I wrote to represent myself. Not someone else. Just like to put that out there ;)


1. Earth


~ Earth ~



Stand on the shoulder of the mightiest giant

And look down upon everything that exists.

If you didn’t know that it was there, it would be impossible to see

Where our home floats in the endless abyss.


Our lives are lived on this tiny dot,

The flicker of blue against the background of stars.

The place that held every battle we fought

And stood tallest during the rage of our wars.


While we stomp on this fragile host of life

During each and every day,

We forget the rarity of our home

As it so kindly keeps the harsh beyond at bay.


So enjoy the heat of our perfect sun,

And the red glow of the planet Mars.

Take in the beauty of the printed moon,

Along with the endless sky of stars.

Because before you know it, it will all be gone so soon.


So let your love dance across every inch of existence

And echo through the entire universe.

Cherish the planet you call home,

Because heavens like this are widely dispersed.

Let the skies hear your ballad of adoration

And see your soul twinkle within every star in sight.

Have the greatest god hear every verse loud and clear

As you lament into the night.


Because soon our life giving star will make a turn for the worst

And take the rest of us with it as it dies.

No other life will know of this place called Earth

As we burn in the dying light of the skies...



~Kayle Majic


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