Secrets (Jacob Whitesides)

Jacob Whitesides is a popular singer but doesn't tell the girl he loves.

Will she find out or will he tell her?


2. The Day

It's November 28th. And Jacobs coming and I can't wait he's not starting school until December 30th but I just can't wait. So he texted me all day yesterday and this morning as I was getting ready and I just can't wait to be able to hug him and maybe miss him too.

J: Hey Sirena.

S: Hey Jacob

J: so where am I meeting u after school I wanna pick u up!

S: um in the front of the school if u want.

J: okay I'll see u after school then just have somebody drop u off.

S: Okay but wait you're just picking me up in a car right.

J: You'll have to wait and see.

S: Damn okay.

J: well go get ready I'll see u soon. And remember ily.

S:okay and ily2!

I then got ready I wanted to look cute so I got a pair of

Black skinny jeans

A white tank top

A red ad black flannel

And I put on a pair of white hightop converse shoes and I was ready.

My hair was already straight and my makeup was just the usually foundation powder eyeshadow eyeliner and lipstick with some mascara. I was so ready to see Jacob.

Then as I was walking to school I saw people staring at me snd I was just like okay whatever but then I saw signs and they read will you be my girlfriend. I was so confused by who was asking. So I kept on walking and then they started to hand me roses. I got to the last person and they moved aside and said go to school.

I walked into the school and I saw the principal and he said have a nice day.

I went to class and everything was all good. It was finally last period. I went to my locker snd put stuff away and then I went outside and i saw a red convertible outside and then the door opened it was Jacob. I ran straight to him and I jumped on him and I asked

"Did u have people hold signs to ask me to be ur girlfriend?"

"Will this answer ur question!" He then kissed me.

"OMG yes I will be ur girlfriend. Ily!!"

Then we got in the car and he kissed me again.

I was so happy to be Jacobs and nobody else can have me or have him. He's all mine.

What will happen when he brings me home?

What will my mom say?

What will he say to have my mom when she asks?

Read the next chapter to finds out.

Sorry guys cliffhanger!

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