Secrets (Jacob Whitesides)

Jacob Whitesides is a popular singer but doesn't tell the girl he loves.

Will she find out or will he tell her?


3. Finally💞

My mom and Jacob are actually meeting for the first time ever. She's seen pictures of him but never on Skype or anything. Just pictures and videos lol. Well anyways were going to my house and he's finally gonna meet my mom, my dad, and my 3 sisters.

He's seen my sister Stephanie. But not my other two sisters. He's never seen my mom or dad snd my dad doesn't really know who he is. Which I am kind of scared about because I mean my dad doesn't live with us and my one sister doesn't live with us either but I'm still scared of what's gonna happen.


Well let's go. Me and Jacob got out of the car and he grabbed my hand and we walked to my front door. He was nervous but I was more nervous than him I think because I don't know what anybody's gonna say about him and me together.

We walked into the house and I saw my sister Stephanie and my mom was in the kitchen. So I said hi Steph and I walked into the kitchen with Jacob standing behind the wall. So I hid him.

"Hey mom!"

"Hey roo what's up."

"Somebody's here to see you and you've never really properly met."


"Come on out!"

Jacob then walked out and said

"Hi Mrs.Yorba how are you?"

"Hello. Wait a minute this is not him Sirena."

"Mom yes it is he's going to my school next month and I am really excited."

"OMG it's so nice to meet u. Wow come here give me a hug." My mom hugged him as she mouthed he's so cute Sirena!

I just started to giggle.

"Hey mom we kind of have to tell you something."

"You're not pregnant are you Sirena I'm gonna kill you go to your room now."

"No no no mom we just met in person we are actually...." I said.

"We're dating Mrs.Yorba." Jacob said.

"Oh wow I'm so happy to hear that Sirena always told me that she wanted to........ Oh nvm!"

"She wanted to what?" Jacob asked.

"She always wanted to kiss you and be able to date you but you would never date her she said."

"Wow I'm so embarrassed right now." I said blushing as I covered my face.

"Awe babe." Jacob said and came by me and hugged me so I hugged back.

I couldn't believe my mom just said that to him.

"Well we're gonna a go upstairs and say hi to Stephanie and everyone. Is dad coming today or no?"

"He's coming today he's coming at 6:30."

"Okay we will be down soon."

"Okay no fooling around up there okay."

So me and Jacob went by Stephanie and said hi then we went upstairs to my other sisters room and said hi to her. Then we went to my room and shut the door and started to you know make out a little bit. Then I pushed Jacob onto the bed and I went on top of him and started to kiss him. I love Jacob with all my heart and I will never stop until I have him forever and ever. I just want to be able to be with him every second every hour and every minute of everyday. I just want to have him here all the time like when we talked on the Internet and I just can't wait to be able to have him over all the time and we can just play games and swim and Netflix and chill lol. Maybe maybe not. Anyways back to the real shit that's going down at this very moment. Well the make out session started to get intense we started to take off our clothes I mean I left my tank top and shorts that I put on and Jacob left his tank top and his pants that he wore to school on. I love Jacob but we can't do anything dirty yet. I mean except for me and him getting it on but that just means making out and shit but no sex or jobs of any sort lmao.

Me and Jacob were on the bed making out until around 4:30. We got out of school at 2. Got home at 2:30 and then we went upstairs at 3 and made out until 4:30 that's a pretty good day to me. Well now it's time for him to meet my dad.

What will my dad say?

What will he do?

What is he gonna ask?

What is he gonna tell Jacob to do or not to do?

I'm so scared!

Read the next chapter for more on meeting the family.

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