Say you wont let go

Love, what is it? I don't know myself but all I can say is that it's a rollercoaster full of emotions. I would LOVE to find out what it actually means in this little story of mine!


3. the beginning

School. A living hell. Full of plastics and pinky dicks, it's a shit hole. The teachers are dumb fucks including the English teacher, miss Rasburg. All guys are horny pricks and the girls. Ha! Don't get me started. My little sister, Emily is the biggest slut bag of the school. I know what your thinking "oh my god you can't say that about your little sister" or "what has she done wrong?" Well I'll tell you what she's done wrong she slept with my boyfriend behind my back and then he got her pregnant, I don't want to say what happens next. It sickens me just thinking about it, poor soul being pulled apart limb by limb. So yeah that's why I hate the living guts out of her.

Tonight I'm going to a festival with some "friends" of mine, it's gonna be well, weed, alcohol. What else is there that is much more better! Apart from sex, but we all know that's not gonna happen...maybe. Almost every rock bands will be playing tonight like My chemical romance, sleeping with sirens, bring me the horizon, fall out boy, piers the veil and you me at six! I just can't wait.

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