Canadian Stepbrother

Justin Bieber fan fiction
At the age of 5 my parents got divorced my Mom got full custody of me. With my Dad living in Canada and my Mom and I living in America it was easy for us to get out of touch. When my Dad goes for another custody battle 11 years later and wins. My life is suddenly changed with a step Mom and Famous step brother. Will the craziness ever stop.

Amazing Cover made by: NamesFromGraves


2. Chapter 2-

Justin's POV

About a month ago I was having the time of my life on my World Tour,never in my life would I of had dreamed of something that would make me postpone it. About a month ago one phone call changed my perspective on that drastically.

George my step Father called me up right before I was about to preform and told me I should probably sit down and cancel the concert, since he had some very important news.

Honestly I expected something like him and my Mom were going to have a Baby, or something along those lines. I guess I was sort of right, I was going to have another sibling, but the truth was I have had a sibling for a long time but never knew of it.

He told me her name Britannia Brightson, and how her Mother and him split a long time ago. Her Mother won custody and he had been working on getting her back ever since then.

Now around 11 years later he was going to see his Baby girl again. 

Him and my Mom already discussed on how she would live with us for a year and then hopefully convince her to move in with us.

Today is the day we pick her up from the airport:

"Mom i'm on my way to the airport where should I meet you guys" I asked over the phone

"Oh sorry Honey I forgot to tell you, I got called in to an unexpected meeting and won't be home till tomorrow" She replied

"wait how is that going to work she doesn't know who I am" I answered frantically

"Don't worry I sent Steve all the details for the pickup"

Steve is my head bodyguard since I was 14 my Mom has always insisted that they follow me around all the time for my "safety" 

"Sorry honey I got to go Tell you step sister I said Hi" She said before hanging up the phone

"Great this is just perfect" I muttered 

I mind as well figure out what the new plan is I texted Steve for the details of the pickup

It basically summarized as we would wait by the luggage area and I would hold up a cheesy sign George made and brief her on how a famous superstar is her secret stepbrother

What can go wrong with that........

"Mike about how much more longer till we reach the airport" I asked

"About 20 minutes sir" He replied

" okay thanks"

Yesterday I found her Instagram it was on private so I couldn't actually do anything.

Her username was Brits_Bear17 and had a profile picture of a girl holding a cute little black furred puppy. From what I could tell she had blonde long hair now. 

(Profile picture below)

"at least now I know what she looks like" I thought to myself

"Sir we are here" Said Mike pulling up to the airport entrance

"Okay thank you Mike, you can go home since I am driving my Range Rover home" I answered

I hopped out of the limo and slipped on my sunglasses and pulled on my hood hoping nobody would notice me.

I made it to the food court when I heard a girl yell "It's Justin Bieber"

Everyone then flocked toward me pulling out phones and papers asking for a picture and autographs. Don't get me wrong on any other day I would stay here and make sure every fan got a picture or something but today it was about her and her only.

Out of no where Steve and my body guard crew showed up shielding me from the screaming girls. 

one reporter had the nerve to come up and ask me stuff in the middle of this chaos 

"Justin what are you doing in the airport? Are you picking up a new girl friend? Are you finally moving on from Selena?" She fired questions at me

As soon as my fans heard girlfriend they started getting rallied up yelling how she is a piece of trash and how she should die.

"It's none of any of your business" I yelled as my body guards escorted me as close as they could get to the area where we were supposed to pick her up.

I was starting to get a headache from all the screaming, but then I heard an angelic voice behind me

"who is that" The girl behind me asked

I heard a loud annoying girl answer "IT'S JUSTIN BIEBER" yelling it at the top of her lungs 

I turned around and made eye contact with the girl, she had one ear bud in, a messy topknot, and wore a slouchy pink fleece top, black jeans,a black beanie and black tall UGG boots.

(Brits outfit below)

I looked down at my phone which still had Britannia's profile picture, this girl in front of me was her my stepsister.

"Steve that's her"I pointed towards the girl forgetting there was a mob of angry jealous fans surrounding us

Every person in the mob seemed to turn and look toward where I was pointing. It all happened in slow motion her sprinting off and quickly calling someone panicked and everyone chasing her.

In the chase she dropped her phone and it looked like it shattered, I picked it up and decided I would give it to her later.

She ran toward the exit I took a short cut and pulled her into a family bathroom and locked the door behind us.

"That was clos..."I was in the middle of thinking to myself before I was slapped across the face

"Hey what was the that for"I yelled at her knowing it was going to leave a mark

She then looked up a me and realization flashed into her eyes. In this minute a came to notice that she looked just like George they had the same high cheekbone face structure and bright striking blue eyes.

My thoughts were then cut off again when she said "Oh I am soo Sorr......wait a secound you were the one chasing me" she yelled back

"ugh I told George this was a terrible idea" I said speaking my thoughts aloud

"Wait your my Step brother" she replied finally getting from where I was coming at

"The one and only"I smirked back

"How What When Why"She asked adorably completely confused about everything that was going on 

"I can explain everything later let's just get you to my range rover" 








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