Will it be the same

Camping trip! Lilly, Harry, and the Marauders escape voldemort! Or do they?


1. Tragedy

I was holding Harry while the boys set up camp. An owl flew over and held out a letter.

Dearest Lilly,

It is with a heavy heart I say this, but if you hadn't left when you did you would have been killed. Voldemort came by minutes after you left intending to kill harry. Your house has been blown up and only the beams are left. The order searched for any thing to give you and we found the marauders stuffed animals untouched. These will be sent by another owl. I understand how sad this is and welcome you to stay with me.

Yours truly,


I started crying and the marauders came over. " Lilly! What happened?" I held the letter out to James and they all read it. When they finished the boys looked at me with deep sorrow. James dropped the letter and Remus tried to console him. Sirius sat beside me and tried to comfort me, but their wasn't much he could do.

The owl dropped a package on my lap and flew away. I opened the parcel and saw a rat. Peter. Betrayer. Murderer. I took the stuffed toy and threw it. I threw it as far as possible. I fell to my knees and cried until it was impossible to cry anymore.

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