Fantastic beasts and where to hide them

What happens when an oblivious little boy is shoved into the world of magic?
His great grandfather a famous wizard?
And the places he knew turned upside down... In just a couple of days...?


2. The Uncle

The Gretch was a tall and formidable looking woman, with her dark hair slicked back into a bun atop her head, her lips pursed and ruby red. Her face almost always seemed to be a scowl, yet it softened when she spoke to young Newton, somehow that boy gave her life.

And there she sat in her office, her hands planted on her lap, resting softly against the grey fabrics of her long dress. 

"Good morning Newton." She had stated when the boy had come through the door.

"Morning." Came his short reply as he placed the envelope and letter on her desk amongst this morning's newspapers. "... A letter came for me this morning." Newton said, missing out the part about him staying awake and receiving the letter at night... From an owl.

"Ah, did it now?" She muttered something, "I'll take a look shall I?" She said, pushing the papers away and studying the boy's letter.

"Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry." She mocked slowly, "Tell me Newton, do you think that I believe this rubbish?!" She huffed, throwing the letter back to Newton before the young boy could reply, "I don't, and so never be so stupid as to do that again."

Newton glanced at the floor sadly, but got a small shock as there was a sharp knock on the office door. 

"See to it Newton." The Gretch ordered, seemingly done with the boy and his letter.

Newton nodded once, twisting the handle around and pulling the door open, hiding the letter behind him a little and staring at the floor dismally as a tall looking man came through the doorway and greeted The Gretch.

He had bleach blonde hair that crept down his neck and curled at the ends, his eyes were the same pale brown shade as Newton's, and his teeth a shiny white to go with his odd yet somehow crisp looking appearance.

"Ah! Mr... Um... Mr...." The Gretch stuttered, looking at the young man in front of her. "You called earlier? About..... Adoption......?"

Newton glanced up for just a second, but that second was enough the catch the man's gaze an see a mischievous twinkle spur through one's brain.

"Yes," The man nodded, looking back to The Gretch. "That was me, you can call me Lorcan if you wish. Lorcan Scamander." He looked back at Newton, who stared up with a gasp.

"Y-your last name is Scamander?! Reall-"

Newton was cut off sharply by The Gretch. "-Newton please!! Keep yourself to yourself, if you would take your leave young man?" She looked down on him sternly.

The blonde man smiled, "So you're Newton...?" He knelt down ever so slightly, "You look just like your great grandfather when he was young you know?" He turned and placed some papers onto the Gretch's desk. "I filled them all out, every one of them. You can check, and meanwhile... Newton... Wanna pack your stuff?"

The Gretch gaped ever-so-slightly at the sudden turn of events, and Newton just stood there in awe. "You mean... I can come with you?"

Lorcan nodded, "What kind of uncle would I be if I said no?" He grinned.

"Newton... You can't... This can't be right..." The Gretch scowled, "Newton... You mustn't leave!!"

"I can and will. One thing's for sure, I'm not staying here. I'm going home.... Where people will actually care about things for me. Like letters." Newton scowled back before running from the office and up to the third room on the left.

He began to pack his case with ease, folding a few items of his clothing and laying them flat, placing his letter neatly atop his things and making his bed, even smoothing out the creases in the bed sheet and putting his pillow straight.

Lorcan was there in the doorway when Newton had finished, "Would you like me to carry your case?" He offered out a hand, smiling. "You're 11 today no...?" 

"How did you..."

"I know lots of things, even things about the letter in your case." Lorcan chuckled, leading Newton out of the building.

"I bet The Gretch told you about that." Newton mumbled under his breath.

"No, I know... That hogwarts is a real school... Your father and I went there you know?"

"Well no, I don't know." Newton huffed, "I thought my family was dead."

"Your father is..." Lorcan's face turned to slightly sad as he remembered his brother for a moment, "And your mother also..." He nodded, "But I know a lot of close friends that can become... Your new family." He grinned. "And I'm sure they'll welcome you as if you'd never left."

"You do ramble on... Uncle." Newton smirked at the ground, the title of 'uncle' still wavering on his lips. "I like it, it's not often I get to talk like this... Tell me more about this.... School of magic!?"

"Well, we'll send your owl tomorrow and you'll start term in September.... You'll like it there, I'm sure you will, the generations in our family go back pretty far and every member that I'm aware of has gone to Hogwarts, so.... Yeah." Lorcan grinned over at Newton almost nervously. "You're right, I do talk too much."

Newton laughed and grinned back at his uncle as they walked down the street, all the way back to an old and simple looking house, nothing special, nothing at all. It was just a simple, old house in London giving off a Victorian vibe.

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