A Constellation's View

A poem that should be a short story.


1. A Constellation's View

I am enveloped in indigo and violet as the sky holds me in space. 
My many friends sit light years away in the distance. 
We’ll be together again soon. 

A comet I used to know dances past me in orbit.
She twirls in her colors of sunset orange and dandelion yellow.
I watch entranced as Halley pays no attention to anyone or anything around her.
Her only focus is in the dance she makes while whizzing past Earth.
I always loved that about her.
I smile as she drifts away then disappears.

My grandfather moon is hung high above us all.
He watches over us with an intelligence none of us can replicate.
I’m torn inside as his gaze lingers on the other end of the galaxy.
Where she lies.

Her heat radiates all around her and warming Earth from a distance.
How he wishes to be close to her.
She keeps a smile wide just for him but some days her anger cannot be hidden.
The humans made up of star dust and water below are the ones who pay that price.
Because some days even she cannot hide how she wants to be near him.

But now her smile is unrelenting.
It beams on her beautiful golden face entrapped by the reddish orange waves surrounding her.
She is beauty.
She is youthful.
She is the epitome of warmth.

My gaze drifts back to the grandfather moon.
His cold but gentle demeanor encircling my friends and I.
We remain chilled and frozen to the night sky.
Our minds alert and open to our surroundings.

We slowly age as he has.
I see it in his craters and brittle foundation.
But his mind and spirit remain young.
Just as the sun has all this time.

My children play in the milky way.
I watch as new stars emerge from the galaxy they pounce from.
Slowly they trail away from the constellation.
Creating their own dance and orbit as they fly.

Time passes below as it does above.
Earth loses and gains islands.
Souls depart and new ones are seeded.
Galaxies are broken and scattered.
New tiny clusters of stars take their place.

But I remain the same.
So do my brothers and sisters.
We stay constant and reliable so the humans below never lose their way.
As constellations always do.

My tendrils of stars stretch out.
I watch bits of asteroid crash by.
Even if I stretch I cannot reach out into the void.
My smile never falters though.

As I watch my children orbit further away it remains the same.
Even when some of them die and fall toward Earth my happiness lingers.
I am constant.
Just like millenniums from now my children may form to be constant.

Surroundings may change just like the colors of our sky.
Stars may fall or form to become something bigger.
I will watch the planets orbit and chase the sun.
Maybe even see Earth become all water as it once was.
But we will always be.

And I will be here. 

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