Don't say goodbye, yet.

Who are you?

Come on Jas it's Niall

I'm sorry I think you have the wrong number

Wait who is this?


Omg I'm so sorry I guess she changed numbers or something.

It's fine. Hope you can contact your friend.


No problem. Bye I guess lol.

Don't say goodbye just yet.


~ short chapters for the sake of building a plot please enjoy! ~


7. Text 6

N - Wait how did you know the answer?? I've never told anyone about my first kiss so how could you know??


L - Well for one you weren't the only one experiencing your first kiss and two Diana was one of my best friends.


N - You know Diana?!


L - Yea...


N - I kno it's not my place to ask but does she ever talk about me.


L - Huh?


N - Does she ever talk about me or even think about me? Please tell me.


L - You don't know...


N - Don't know what?


L - Diana died last year in a car accident...


N - What...


L - I'm so sorry if I had know you were her Niall I would've mentioned it sooner but I didn't know I'm so sorry


N - It's fine... you had no idea who I was and I had no idea who you were let alone that you knew Diana


L - She talked about you all the time...


N - She did?


L - Yea. She always said how one day she would become famous just to be with you again

L - She really loved you


N - I loved her too.

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