Don't say goodbye, yet.

Who are you?

Come on Jas it's Niall

I'm sorry I think you have the wrong number

Wait who is this?


Omg I'm so sorry I guess she changed numbers or something.

It's fine. Hope you can contact your friend.


No problem. Bye I guess lol.

Don't say goodbye just yet.


~ short chapters for the sake of building a plot please enjoy! ~


4. Text 3

N - the guys at your school must be desperate if they have to pretend to fake text you to talk to you

L - doesn't that say the same thing about you?

N - I guess you're right

N - but I honestly have no idea who you are

L - and why do I find that hard to believe?

N - becuz your a big meanie pants and you jump to conclusions about people

L - I am not mean!

N - I find that hard to believe

L - I'm not I promise.

N - pinky promise?

L - pinky swear

N - you can't break a pinky swear! So if you are mean then you're a big fat liar and a meanie pants

L - I can accept that

N - your still texting me...

L - yea and?

N - I thought you would've gotten bored by now...

L - I'm not easy to bore

N - yea well just see about that.

L - yes we will

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