Benefits of Friends


1. introduction to the group

Author's note: hey guys I didn't know what genre this story was. It's like romance/friendship/realistic fiction.

Mandy's point of view:

I'm strange. That's a compliment for me. I collect seashells and hang them on my wall. I love school and am in almost every single club. I don't play any sports but I'm fine with that. I have friends, 5 actually. Taylor, Liv (her real name is Olivia), Jack, Max, and Nate.

Taylor's point of view:

I'm normal. As normal as anyone can be. I have friends. Liv, Mandy, Jack, Max and Nate. I have a great family. My mom and dad are happily married and I'm an only child. I love writing songs and I play piano, guitar, ukelele, and flute. I'm pretty musical. I love my friends and I care about everyone. I'm in lots of clubs and I like that. So that's Taylor Bethany Gerard. I play field hockey and love it.

Olivia's point of view:

I'm that girl. The "it" girl. The cheerleader. The pretty one. The blonde. But I don't see life that way. I'm optimistic and sweet. I love my family and my friends and love life. I don't care about boyfriends or anything like that. I play soccer and love it. I'm sporty but girly. I'm you know, Olivia.

Jack's point of view:

I'm not the popular guy. Or the nerdy guy. I'm the regular guy. I think. I hope. I have brown, short hair and wear basketball shorts almost every day to school. I have friends. Mandy, Taylor, Liv, Max and Nate. We are an awesome group. Anyway, I enjoy video games but don't hate school. I do my work and get straight A's. I play basketball after school once a week and sometimes go to the gym with my uncle. I like my life and enjoy the days I get to spend with my friends, and babysitting my little sister.

Max's point of view:

I'm Max. Just Max. Not Maxwell. Not Maximillian. Just Max. Anyway, I am awkward. I love science and studying and things like that. I love my group of friends. We are all so different. From the cheerleader to a math geek we hang out everyday. I love school and enjoy learning. I don't play sports but write for the school newspaper. I'm strange and no girl is ever interested in me. I'm interested in them, that will never change.

Nate's point of view:

The girls love me. What can I say? Ugh that sounds like a cheesy movie script. Im not like that. At all! Sure I play football and basketball and used to have a really cute girlfriend who moved to California but I'm not stuck up or anything like that. Kate still writes me even though she has a new boyfriend, Kevin. Whatever, that doesn't even matter to me. Well, barely. I have my good group of friends. Liv, Taylor, Mandy, Jack and Max. They're the best. Always there for me.

Author note: I'm so sorry this chapter was awful. Just an intro to all characters but next chapter will be the best. Might not publish it till tomorrow guys. Turkey makes me so tired. Anyway enjoy and sorry!

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