On Top of Maddox High

Karma James is pretty, popular and rich. She is queen bee.
Natalie O’Riley is Daddy’s little girl. She can anything she want with a snap of her fingers.
Calum Wilson is handsome, dark and mysterious. He knows your secrets before you do.
Mason Taylor is bad-ass and athletic. He could beat you up with both arms behind his back.
Together, they make up the ‘Popular group’ of Maddox High. Sure, on the surface they seem calm, collected and cool but if you dig a little deep, you’ll be surprised at what you find.


1. O N E

Chapter One


I swiped the lipstick over my lips and then check my appearance in the mirror. I readjust the collar of uniform. I pull my black skirt higher up my thighs. Perfect.

“Karma! The car is here!”

I grab my freshly printed schedule and swing my bag over my shoulder. “Coming!”

I smooth my uniform out one last time before I head downstairs.

“Morning Darling.” Mother kisses my check. She passes me an apple.

I smile, “Morning Mother. Will you be back for dinner?”

She shakes her head and I sigh, “Okay. Love you.”

She gives me a hug, “Love you too.”

I walk outside to the car. Driver Sam is waiting for me, “Good Morning, Miss James.”

I flash him a smile, “Morning.”

He turns on the radio as we pull out of the driveway, “Are we picking anyone up today?”

“Just Cal today.”

He nods and I start humming along to the music.

A few minutes later, we pull into Calum’s house. He opens the door and slides in next to me, “Morning. How are we?”

I smile at him, “Wonderful. And how are you?”


I nod, satisfied.

“Do you have your schedule?” Cal asked.

I pull out the slightly creased paper from my bag and give it to him. He compares it to his, “So we have all our class together.” He grins. Of course, we do. We made sure that all four of us had the same schedule.

“I can’t believe that it is our senior year.” Cal says as we step out of the car. Everyone stops and turns our way. The part for us and on top of the stairs to the school sits our friends. Natalie races towards us while Mason takes his time. "Morning Babes." I kiss Nat's cheek. Mason laughs at the two of us.

"How are you going?" He turns to Calum.

Cal nods, "Better."

The bell rings and everyone, except us, rushes up the stairs. We smile at each other and head up stairs to the Cafeteria. Natalie pulls out one of her many credit cards and taps in on the machine. She presses a few buttons and moments later she has four diet soda and a chocolate bar for Mason. I groan went I see it, "You know Mas, it really isn't fair that you can eat what ever you want and not get fat." He gives me a shy smile and cracks his soda open. The tardy bell rings ans we laugh. We walk out into the hall way and someone coughs behind us. We turn to see a freshman standing there, "Aren't you supposed to be in class?" He laughs at us.

"Aren't you supposed to in class?" Calum asks him.

The boy holds up a late slip, "Well looks like I'll have to go tell the Principal."

Nat grins. Mason steps forward, "Come again?"

The boy smiles, "Oh you heard me."

Mason and Calum look at each other and nod, "Do you know who we are?"


Calum chuckles, "We are the Seniors that run this school. We will ruin you if you ever talk to us again. Got it?"

The boy nods and gulps, "Yeah. Uh sorry." He runs off.

We laugh loudly, and continue to class.

We walk into the classroom twenty-five minutes late. The teacher looks at us but says nothing. We sit up the back with a sigh. "This is going to be a long day." Mason says.

"Okay so today, I want you in groups of four please and work on the activities on the board." The teacher says and walks out. We all grin and Calum stands up, "Oi!" Everyone turns and looks at him, "Who ever does our work for us will be invited to hangout with us at our party." Everyone raises their hands. They all know that our parties are epic. Everyone gets to come but only a few get to hangout with us. Mason points at a group and everyone else groans.

Suddenly, the door opens and the Principal walks in. A new boy behind him, "Hello everyone. This is Kasey Lewis."

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