heartbreak is something we all go through, but dont put up with things that hurt you.


1. Unknown

I’m not okay.

I’m not afraid.

That's what I keep saying, but you’re not listening


I’m okay with the distance.

I’m okay with your absence.

Yet, I cry about you every night.


The roses you sent are now dead.

Rotten like your heart.

Crumbling like my trust.


I’m not okay with how you used me.

I’m not okay with your lies.

I see right through your innocent disguise


Be brave for once.

Say what’s on your mind.

Say it verbatim.


I was the one who kept it real with you when everyone was fake

I was the one who had your back through everything..

Yet, you took advantage of me.


I will cut you off

If that's what I have to do.

You chose what you put in your body over me.


You want a high over my love.

Get out.

I don’t care anymore.


I’m okay with the distance.

I’m okay with the absence of you.

I’m not afraid, and i’m okay.


You made your choice when you left

You left me when you chose the product over me.

Now you're just unknown.

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