I see you

I see you more than you think. I see you every time I blink.


1. I am closer

Sometimes you smile, other times you cry
Sometimes I hear you ask, Him, "Why?"
But I know you know that it all will fall
Together, one day it'll be okay, you'll stand tall
I see your eyes change with time of day
I wonder if your momentary happiness will stay
Sometimes you use your eyelashes as a curtain
They block out the world, stop you from hurtin'
Sometimes you glance quickly, wondering
Sometimes inside your head, rain and thundering
You run your hands through your hair
Asking, "What if this happens, then and there?"
Sometimes you glance for a sense of inspiration
Once in a while you'll find hidden motivation
You don't check as much as you used to
I wonder if you're getting better, becoming new
But then you stumble, and you let the tears fall
Don't forget, I know you've seen this wall
You've seen all of this, you know you'll push through
Every glance you remain tried and true
It feels as if we are playing the same game
It feels as if we are equals, exactly the same
Sometimes I look and I see fear
Sometimes I look and I see nothing but cheer
No matter what I see, I am always looking in the mirror

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